Kuwaiti Professor And Sheikh Dr. Nabil Al-A'oudi Issues Fatwa In Support Of Online Attacks On Israeli Sites: "This Jihad Should Be Expanded And New Methods Should Be Created"

May 9, 2013
1 On January 21, 2012, on the Zawaaya program on Kuwait's Al-Watan TV, host Sheikh Dr. Nabil Al-A'oudi received a call from Kuwaiti professor Shafi Al-'Ajami asking: "Sheik Al-'Ajami, many people are asking about what (the hacker) Omar did. It is said that he broke into many financial institutions in the so-called Israel, causing them great financial losses. He didn't steal anything for himself. What is the shari'a ruling on this?" In response, Professor Al-'Ajami, said: "This young man broke into the accounts of enemy fighters. This Jihad should be expanded and new methods should be invented, in order to cause them damage, because they do not hesitate to harm the Muslims." Al-A'oudi concluded the interview with the following question: "You are openly calling upon anyone capable of harming the Zionists in Palestine this way to do so, as it is considered jihad for the sake of Allah?" Al-'Ajami responded, "Absolutely. Anyone capable of supporting his Muslim brothers in any way has a duty to do so."   Source: YouTube

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