ISIS Supporters Communicate, Compete On Encrypted Discord Channel; TikTok Account Which Promoted Server Recently Suspended

February 1, 2024

ISIS supporters from around the world learned about a jihadi encrypted Discord server from a TikTok account, which was recently suspended by the platform; however, the Discord server remains active.

TikTok Account

On December 17, 2023, the TikTok account posted a short video promoting the Discord server. The song accompanying the video is the ISIS nasheed, "Qariban Qariba" (soon soon).

The lyrics in one TikTok video included: "We are at war with NATO."

A TikTok post on November 30, 2023, stated: "Become part of the state. Join the Pixel Dawla." The TikTok account was seeking ISIS supporters, since one of the hashtags used in this post was the ISIS slogan "baqiyah," or remaining.

Discord Role Playing

The Discord server allows users to role-play and choose to be a kaffir, or unbeliever, or a mujahideen.

For example, an Albanian user has a picture of a former leader of the Islamic State caliphate, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. His profile indicates that his role is "mujahideen."

Another user has a quote on his profile which references jihad. It states: "Let the Kuffar know, despite all their money and wealth, jihad will continue until the arrival of the hour, by Allah's permission, and that their lives will be disturbed as long as there is Jihad."

One user profile lists multiple roles which include: pixel jihadist level 2, honorable jihadist, and trusted mujahideen.

A player called wrote on their profile that they support Hamas and Shari'a. They assume the role of mujahideen and honorable jihadist.

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