Iranian Navy Unveils First Drone Carrier

July 18, 2022

On July 15, the Iranian Army's Navy unveiled its first drone carrier, which reportedly holds a variety of drones, all manufactured by the Iranian military and Ministry of Defense, including Pelican, Homa, Arash, Chamrosh, Jubin, Ababil-4, and Bavar-5.[i] The event also featured displays of vertical take off and landing (VTOL) combat drones, which took off from Iranian Fateh and Tareq submarines.

Speaking at the event, Army Commander Major General Abdulrahim Mousavi stated that Iran's drones and reconnaissance planes have increased the intelligence and monitoring capabilities of Iran's ships in international waters. Mousavi said: "Given the aggressive tendency and authoritarian spirit of the aggressors [against Iran], we had to increase our defensive capabilities in all fields. Reconnaissance planes have increased our ships' monitoring capabilities to cover hundreds of kilometers outside the country's borders." He emphasized the important role of the drone industry in the expanding capabilities of the Iranian Army.

Iranian Armed Forces Chief of Staff Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri was quotes as saying that Iran faces "tough and complicated hybrid warfare" waged by Iran's enemies, which forces Iran to continually enhance its power of deterrence.

Earlier on July 13, Iran's Army Ground Force unveiled plans for establishing five new military unites equipped with unmanned aerial vehicles, pointing to the cruise drones and Heidar drones housed in the Army's Drone Base 313.


[1] Tehran Times, July 16, 2022.

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