Iranian Facebook Page Seeks Young Muslim Men 18-35 For Jihad In Syria

December 10, 2015

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An Iranian account on Facebook is recruiting Muslim youths from South Asia for jihad in Syria. The recruitment began after a user created a Facebook event from December 8-30, 2015, with the location of the event set at the holy city of Qom in Iran.

The account appealed in Urdu for volunteers who are aged 18-35, healthy, and with good eyesight. The Urdu text begins: "In the Name of the Lord of the Martyrs - The Pious Jihad" and goes on to ask: "What is the difference between Hezbollah and us?" and answers: "We ask: when will the path to Syria open for pilgrimage? And they [Hezbollah] ask: What can we do to open the path?"

It then states: "Aged 18-35, should be of healthy body, and the payment will be 120,000 per month [the currency is not indicated, but it could mean Afghanistan or Pakistan rupees]."

"If you are martyred," it adds, "the rights of the parents and the rights of the wife and children will be [financially] met separately. The family of the martyr will be sent on pilgrimage to Iran, Iraq and Syria every year. The education of the children will be completed. The training for the pious defence is 45 days."

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