Iran-Backed Islamic Resistance In Iraq Claims Drone Attack Against Palmachim Airbase In Central Israel

March 20, 2024

On March 14, 2024, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, an Iran-backed joint operations group of Iraqi militias, published a statement on Telegram claiming a March 14 drone attack against the Israeli Airforce's Palmachim airbase, south of Tel Aviv. A 30-second video was also published, showing the launch of a drone at dawn.

No attack on the Palmachim airbase was reported in global or Israeli media.

This alleged attack of the Islamic Resistance follows a similar attack on Ben Gurion Airport, Israel's main civilian airport, on March 12. No news of such an attack was published in Israeli media, and the airport has continued to operate as usual. However, the London-based Al-Araby Al-Jadeed quoted Iraqi security sources as assessing that a fallen drone retrieved by the Jordanian authorities in Irbid governorate is the drone launched by the Iraqi group, and that it was fired from Syria, not Iraq. According to Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, the drone seen in the video is a "second generation, one-way fixed-wing drone, meaning that it is bomb-laden and flies on a single path."

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq has claimed several attacks on Israeli military and civilian targets since the beginning of March 2024, following a two-week hiatus. According to the pro-Hizbullah Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar, the current, "second stage" of attacks against Israel will include attacks on more than 50 targets within the country.

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