Hizbullah Secretary General Nasrallah Highlights The Importance Of Social Media In The Campaign Against U.S. Hegemony And Israel

July 20, 2021

On July 5, 2021, a conference was held in Beirut called, "Palestine is Victorious, Renewing the Media Discourse and Managing the Conflict." The conference was organized by a body known as The National Media Gathering, and Hizbullah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah opened the proceedings with a speech delivered, as has been his custom in recent years, via video conference. Nasrallah spoke about the importance of social media and communications in the overall campaign against the enemies of the axis of resistance, and urged that this sphere be developed just as military capabilities are developed.

Nasrallah spoke about the television channels, radio stations newspapers, and social media of the resistance axis, saying they have played a significant role in recent years in the creation of its victories and in its achievements, and not only in the reports about them.

Referring to 33 websites related to the axis of resistance which were recently seized by the U.S., Nasrallah claimed that this is proof of the efficacy of its media efforts: "If these websites did not have any influence, the enemy would not make the effort to close them down."

Nasrallah called "to strengthen these media and to integrate them and create positive competition among them. We must learn from the experience of others in the media sphere as we do in the military sphere. One of the strengths of the armed resistance today is the exchanges of knowledge. The military front is not divided, rather there is a continuous military front which cooperates and is integrated and this will only increase, with God's will. This is also how it should be in the media sphere."

Addressing his listeners personally, the Hizbullah secretary general said: "Today we need your knowledge and guidance. We must derive maximum benefit from the tremendous opportunities which exist today in social media, regardless of the purpose for which the enemy initiated this possibility… We can transform the threat into an opportunity… It is a tremendous opportunity that every person in this axis and this nation can become an ambassador to the entire world, share photographs, facts and viewpoints… Today you are invited to examine this discourse based on these strengths, to develop and renew it on all levels, in a way that correlates to the developments in our region, and our capabilities in the military, security, media, cultural, etc. realms… We must reexamine our discourse, its expressions, the means [at its disposal], the tools and the ideas, in other words both its form and its content."

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