Ghost Squad Hackers Explain Their #OpSyria Activities

October 20, 2016

In an interview with AnonHq, s1ege_ of Ghost Squad Hackers (GSH) discussed recent war crimes in Syria and said that GSH had launched OpSyria because of "chemical weapons and bombing children, and breaking ceasefires," and added that "[t]he Syrian government needs a form of justice and not support. I am aware of the situation with NATO and Russia along with U.S."

He said that GSH "take[s] no side, we are speaking for the casualties of war and innocence we continue to see struck [by] Bashar Al-Assad's regime; we do not support the Syrian rebels either. We support peace, and there are better tactics of war than killing children. This being said, we declare war with the Syrian government until the war on innocent children is stopped also. There is no excuse for killing children under any circumstances, this goes for all corrupt governments [that are] bombing children. But specifically the amount of children dying since the start of the Syrian war is disgusting; we will no longer tolerate it #OpSyria Engaged... Stop killing children, if you continue to kill children we will continue to kill your servers and publicly embarrass you, these are war crimes, not war. You are a regime and you are not welcome on our internet. Expect chaos."

AnonHQ also retweeted items from GSH's Twitter account linking to Syrian government websites that had been allegedly hacked by the group:

1020 1020110202Source:, October 18, 2016

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