English-Language Preaching Project Associated With Michigan-Based Pro-ISIS Cleric Describes Its Efforts To Circumvent YouTube Censorship, Embrace Odysee Platform

December 23, 2022

An English-language Telegram channel believed to be operated by a British jihadi preacher primarily shares videos and posts by a Michigan-based pro-Islamic State (ISIS) preacher. On November 30, 2022, the project published a long post on its Telegram channel claiming that YouTube's limiting of "almost all of our videos" is a blessing, as it "purifies our intentions."

The post encouraged "everyone, especially the Muwahideen" (monotheists), to use other platforms such as Odysee, which "claims to be free-speech," and adds that the channel will continue to upload videos to YouTube. On December 1, 2022, another post forwarded by the channel claims that "YouTube has shadow banned our channel, so our content no longer shows up in the YouTube search results." The post urges followers to subscribe to Odysee and provides a link.

On December 13, the group published another post explaining how it is trying to circumvent the YouTube limitation on its channel. The post, encouraging followers to subscribe to the channel so that they can receive notifications of new uploads, includes links the pro-ISIS preacher's official channel and to two channels of his students. It explains that new content will appear as full-length videos on YouTube, Odysee, Instagram and Telegram, and be broken up into shorter videos for Twitter. In addition, links will be posted for HD download and resharing. The stated "long-term goal" is to establish a "centralized platform where the Muslim can go to, to find the most up to date Manhaj [Religious methodology] content." The post calls on app developers to contact the bot of the project for further discussion.


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