Al-Qaeda Video On E-Jihad Released June 2011 Raises Fresh Concerns In U.S. Senate

May 23, 2012

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A video released by Al-Qaeda a year ago was discussed in a recent meeting between Senators Susan Collins and Joe Lieberman, who chairs the Senate Homeland Security Committee, and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, sparking a wave of concern in the U.S. Senate over the threat of electronic jihad. Neither the FBI nor Homeland Security commented on why the video had not been flagged as a matter of importance until now.[1]

The first part of the two-part video, titled "Do Not Rely On Others, Take [The Task] Upon Yourself" and released June 3, 2011, by Al-Qaeda's Al-Sahab media company, is devoted to the topic of al-jihad al-fardi ("individual jihad") - that is, jihad operations carried out by a single individual or by a small group[2] - while the second part focuses in part on the next jihad battlefield, namely electronic warfare. MEMRI's JTTM project analyzed the video the day of its release, along with translated excerpts and stills of the video footage.

It should be noted that apart from emphasizing the growing importance attached to electronic jihad on the various jihadi web forums at the time of the video's release, MEMRI's JTTM project has covered the issue in a number of reports, including a report, issued a week following the video, on the establishment of an Al-Qaeda "Center For Electronic Terrorism."[3]

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