July 9, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 8161

Yemenite Journalist: The Real 'Infidels' Are The Islamists Who Violate Allah's Laws By Killing The Other, Not The West Which Produces Achievements And Inventions

July 9, 2019
Yemen | Special Dispatch No. 8161

In an article titled "Who are the Infidels?", posted April 27, 2019 on the Aden-based news website, which bills itself as "independent," 'Ali Al-Bukhaiti, a Yemeni journalist and politician and a former official of the Houthi movement, attacked the Islamists who claim to fight on behalf of Islam and call the West "infidel." Al-Bukhaiti asked who needs faith if the "infidels" – i.e., the West – are the ones that produce  inventions and achievements whereas "faith," as the extremists understand it, produces only death and destruction. He added that progress and development have no religion, and that countries that pursue religious agendas are generally backward, whereas countries that give priority to the wellbeing of their citizens are the ones that benefit the citizens and move ahead.

'Ali Al-Bukhaiti (source:

The following are excerpts from his article:[1]

"I want to know who the [real] infidels are. Is it those who build their countries, improve the lives of their people and provide their citizens with wellbeing, health insurance, progressive education, good services, a developed infrastructure, and honor and respect for their humanity? Or is it those who are fighting in Taiz and other cities in Yemen, [as well as in] Libya and Syria, in defense of what they believe is the true Islam? Who are the infidels – us, or the Europeans and the developed world? And if it is heresy that produces all the human achievements and inventions and improves peoples' lives, then who needs faith? [Who needs it] if those who represent us are [Muslim Brotherhood leader in Yemen 'Abd Al-Majid] Al-Zindani; [Houthi leader 'Abd Al-Malik] Al-Houthi; [the leader of the Al-Islah Party, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen, Mohammed 'Abdallah 'Ali] Al-Yadumi; [Yemeni Salafi leader 'Adel Abdu Fari' Al-Dhubhani, aka] Abu Al-'Abbas, and [deputy chairman of Yemen's Southern Transitional Council, Hani] Ben Breik?

"By Allah, faith which does not develop societies is clear heresy against the Creator. Allah supports everything that is beautiful and which helps man and eases his sorrow. Faith is connected to beauty, love, tolerance and acceptance of the other, not to killing, destruction, and the booby-trapping of homes and minds. Faith is expressed through respect for the other and through good deeds in the service of society and humanity. This [kind of] faith is consistent with God's laws. Heresy is killing, destruction, and incitement against others, for these contradict all laws and all that is beautiful in life.

"Progress in the lives of nations does not depend on the type of religion [they follow], but on the relationship between religion and the state and politics. Countries which enlist their laws and legislation in the service of religious agendas – whatever they may be – mostly fail and ultimately collapse, due to internal sectarian struggles between groups and streams over which is the true religion. [Conversely,] countries which do not tie themselves and their laws and policies to religious agendas, [but are] concerned with the interests of their residents, are the ones that benefit their people and make progress.

"Religion belongs to the people. [The job] of the state is to protect the freedom of religion and of belief while maintaining an equal distance from all religions and schools of thought. Its job is to organize and care for its citizens and to meet their needs in terms of security, services, healthcare and any other needs [they have] in every period, in exchange for the taxes it collects from them. These are the functions of the state. It should not interfere with people's beliefs. Any party which includes religion in its platform is [essentially promotes] a program for sectarian fitna [strife] and a way to rob the citizens of their rights and limit their freedom."



[1], April 27, 2019

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