December 8, 2022 Special Dispatch No. 10367

Video Shows Armed Taliban Officials Flogging Afghan Women In Stadium, Taliban Judge Says: 'It Is A Matter Of Happiness That [Islamic Punishments] Are Being Implemented After 20 Years Of Occupation'

December 8, 2022
Afghanistan | Special Dispatch No. 10367

A recent video shows Taliban officials flogging crying Afghan women in a public punishment given in a stadium for going out without a mehram (i.e., a male relative as a guardian).

A screenshot of the Afghan women being flogged.

The government of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA, the Afghan Taliban) is yet to be recognized by the international community. Recently, its Logar provincial government published a statement saying Tajiri Hudud (i.e., Islamic criminal law) had been applied to 12 convicts. Afghan media reported that among those 12 convicts were three women who had been flogged 21 to 39 times on charges of committing adultery, robbery, and homosexuality.[1] It is not clear whether the women whom the Taliban flagged in the video were the same as those who were among the 12 mentioned in the Logar province statement. 

Following is the translation of the statement issued by the Islamic Emirate regarding the Islamic punishments delivered in Logar province:[2]

"The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan        

"Media Center of Logar

"Serial No. 207

"28/4/1444H [November 23, 2022]

"In Logar, Taaziri Hudud [i.e., Islamic criminal law] Were Applied On 12 Convicts

"Today, Taaziri Hudud was applied to 12 convicts at Logar Stadium in the presence of Deputy Governor of Logar, Al-Haj Maulvi Inayatulah Shuja, officials of the three courts of Logar province, officials of government departments, tribal elders, and hundreds of people.

"The assembly started with the recitation of verses from the holy Quran by Qari Zakirullah Jannati and was followed by a welcome [address] by Director of the Information and Culture of Logar province Qazi Rafiullah Samim to officials, tribal elders, and guests.

"Head of Civil Appellate Court of Logar Mufti Gul Rahman Akhundzada, speaking on behalf of the Logar court, said it is a matter of happiness that the Hudud is being implemented after 20 years of occupation of Afghanistan.

"He said the implementation of Hudud punishments and Shari'a is one of the aspirations of the martyrs [of the Afghan Taliban]. He said Islam is the religion of peace, brotherhood, and pardoning, and Allah does not like people who damage peace.

"Director of the [Ministry of] Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice Maulvi Ibrahim Haqqani spoke in detail on Islamic orders and the implementation of shari'a punishments.

"Deputy Governor of Logar Maulvi Inayatullah Shuja said in his address that the goal of the Islamic Emirate is the strengthening of Islamic system and implementation of Shari'a. He also said that the Islamic Emirate is committed to [the implementation of] Shari'a.

"The Deputy Governor of Logar said that the solution to the major problems of Afghanistan lies in the implementation of shari'a, and shari'a must be implemented.

"Logar Media Center"


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