October 19, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10886

Urdu Dailies React To Israeli Response To Hamas Attack: 'After Being Beaten By Hamas, Israelis Have Become Bloodthirsty Like Wolves'; 'There Have Been Talks Of Establishing Diplomatic Relations For A Long Time; Where Do Pakistan And Israel Stand In This Regard?'

October 19, 2023
Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 10886

Since the October 7, 2023 Hamas attacks in Israel, Pakistan's Urdu-language newspapers have been publishing editorials and columns on the Israel-Palestine conflict. In two such recent articles, senior commentators wrote in support of Hamas and Palestine, while criticizing Israel and U.S.

In an article, titled "The Muslim Ummah Should Openly Support The Palestinians," journalist Zia-ur-Rehman Zia argued that if Western countries can support Israel, the Islamic countries also have the right to support the Palestinians. "America and Europe should be made aware that if they send military equipment to Israel, Muslim countries will also have the right to directly participate in this war and provide all possible assistance to the Palestinians and Hamas," Zia wrote in his column in the daily Roznama Express.

In an article, titled "Israel's Bombing Of Gaza And Then Palestinian Martyrs" and published in the daily Roznama Jasarat, columnist Qazi Jawed made early observations about the Hamas attacks in Israel and speculated about whether Israel and Pakistan have established secret negotiations regarding establishing relations, thereby recognizing the State of Israel.

Following are excerpts from Zia-ur-Rehman Zia's article:[1]

"America Is The Biggest Enemy Of World Peace, Which Has Always Worked To Set Fire To The World; Wherever There Is A War, Civil War Or Terrorism Happening Anywhere In The World, Its Links Somehow Connect To America"

"The oppressed fighting organization of Palestine, Hamas, carried out the biggest attack in the history of Israel, killing more than 900 Israelis and injuring more than 2,200, as of this writing. It is a major achievement of Hamas that it has made Israel lick dust despite having a superior defense and intelligence system.

"Israel's secret organization Mossad has an espionage network not only in Israel and Palestine but all over the world and is considered the best intelligence agency in the world. But God's strike has no sound. On such a large scale, Hamas, sitting in their homes, completed preparations, but their ears could not hear it, and Israel had to suffer a terrible humiliation.

"While the Muslim Ummah is expressing happiness over this success of Hamas, there is mourning in Europe and America. When America and Britain saw their grown-up child Israel crying in distress, they screamed. They are condemning Hamas by describing its retaliation as terrorism. Rather, such countries are also speaking up that have no role in the affairs of the world, they have no status in the world.

"Who knows the Czech Republic; does it have any role in world politics? Or, Brazil, etcetera, which never spoke about Israeli atrocities committed against Palestinians. All of them were blind at that time. Now that the Palestinians have taken their revenge, they have regained their eyesight and are condemning this attack, calling Israel oppressed and Hamas terrorist.

The article by Zia-ur-Rehman Zia

"While everyone knows very well that this is only a response to the atrocities that Israel has been inflicting on Palestinian Muslims for 75 years and the whole world is not only watching with eyes shut despite knowing everything but is also supporting the so-called defender of human rights Israel. They are also providing weapons and military equipment to Israel to inflict atrocities on the unarmed Palestinians.

"The U.S. has not only condemned the Hamas attacks but has also assured Israel of its full support. Now it has also announced that it will send a naval fleet to aid Israel. America is the biggest enemy of world peace, which has always worked to set fire to the world. Wherever there is a war, civil war or terrorism happening anywhere in the world, its links somehow connect to America.

"The United States had a direct hand in the establishment of the illegitimate state of Israel. Even after that, despite all the violations of human rights, it gave it immense aid and enabled it not only to manufacture dangerous weapons, but also to sell them to other countries."

"If The U.S. Can Announce That It Is Supplying War Equipment To Israel, Then Islamic Countries Also Have The Right To Provide Weapons And Military Aid To The Palestinians And Hamas"

"Now, once again, America, illegitimately supporting Israel, is jumping into its war and is openly supporting it in martyring unarmed Palestinians, which is the worst example of oppression. After being beaten by Hamas, Israelis have become bloodthirsty like wolves and have started taking revenge on unarmed people; and so far, they have martyred more than 400 Palestinian citizens while thousands of citizens have been injured. America, Britain, and France are still openly making announcements to support Israel, which clearly shows their hatred and bigotry against Muslims.

"Now the Muslim Ummah has a great responsibility to openly support the Palestinians and provide all kinds of aid. If the U.S. can announce that it is supplying war equipment to Israel, then Islamic countries also have the right to provide weapons and military aid to the Palestinians and Hamas. Muslim countries and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation have supported the Palestinians, but it is necessary that instead of giving verbal support, a meeting of Islamic countries should be called, and a joint strategy should be prepared to help the Palestinians.

"America and Europe should be made aware that if they send military equipment to Israel, Muslim countries will also have the right to directly participate in this war and provide all possible assistance to the Palestinians and Hamas. In this way, at least the morale of the Palestinians will be high and if the U.S. really does something stupid, then the leaders of the Islamic countries should not back down at all."

Following are excerpts from Qazi Jawed's article:[2]

"Whenever Muslim Countries, Softening Their Attitude Toward Israel, Play The Flute Of Diplomatic Relations, Exactly At That Time Israel Attacks The Palestinians Living In A State Of Despair On One Pretext Or The Other"

"The reality is always clear... that whenever Muslim countries, softening their attitude toward Israel, play the flute of diplomatic relations, exactly at that time Israel attacks the Palestinians living in a state of despair on one pretext or the other and kills hundreds of Palestinians and the entire Arab world remains a silent spectator.

"Israeli emergency services officials say that at least 22 Israelis have been killed and more than 500 injured in Hamas rocket attacks. Senior Hamas commander Mohammad Zaif said 5,000 rockets were fired at Israeli targets. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that Israel is at war with Hamas. Meanwhile, Israeli emergency services officials say that at least 22 Israelis have been killed and more than 500 injured in Hamas rocket attacks.

"The spokesman of the Israeli army has said that in response to these rocket attacks, the Israeli air force has started bombing against Hamas in Gaza. The attack took place at a time when Israel is celebrating the Jewish religious festival of 'Simchat Torah.' This is a celebration marking the end of the annual period of public reading of the Jewish holy book, the Torah. The power of all this mischief has been gained by Israel from the reports of Saudi Arabia's [move toward diplomatic normalization and subsequently the] recognition of Israel.

"A few days ago, Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said that if Saudi Arabia joins the Abraham Accords, 'six or seven' Muslim countries can also normalize their relations by signing an agreement with Israel. Israel wants to establish diplomatic relations with Pakistan and Bangladesh in South Asia. Pakistan currently denies any secret contacts with Israel, but the reality is that behind-the-scenes contacts continue.

"Reports received by the international press came after the Israeli military claimed on Saturday, October 7, that 'a large number of terrorists entered Israel' from Gaza after several rockets were fired from the Palestinian territory. In a post on social media, the Israeli army has asked residents of the area around the Gaza Strip to stay in their homes. In another post, the army said that Israelis across the country were 'awakened to the sound of sirens and Hamas fired rockets at them from Gaza.' Israel added, 'We will defend ourselves.'

"Hamas is recognized as a terrorist organization by the German government, the European Union, the United States and some Arab states. Senior Hamas commander Mohammad Zaeef said that 5,000 rockets have been fired at Israeli targets. The Israeli military said it retaliated by hitting targets in the Gaza Strip.

"According to a report by the German news agency DPA, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense said that Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has approved the mobilization of the army's reserve forces. Almost all Israelis who have completed mandatory military service are drafted into the reserve force to provide reinforcements during emergencies.

"Israeli areas Ashkelon, Gedera, and Ya'oneh have information about people being injured. According to an Israeli ambulance service, a 70-year-old woman was seriously injured when the rocket directly hit a residential building near Gedera. Medical experts added that 15 other people were also injured, two of them in critical condition."

"Secretary General Antonio Guterres Said He Condemned The Loss Of Civilian Lives In Israeli Airstrikes; However, It Cannot Be Denied That All Of This Is Nothing More Than The Voice Of A Parrot In Israel's Orchestra"

"This whole situation is not new. There have been talks of establishing diplomatic relations for a long time. Where do Pakistan and Israel stand in this regard? There is a lot hidden in it. According to Pakistan, it will not recognize Israel until the Palestinian issue is resolved, but the fact is that the 2020 Trump-Abraham Accords has paved the way for diplomatic relations between the two countries to some extent.

"Even before the Abrahamic Accords, Israel had contacts with the Gulf countries, but they were kept secret. On the other hand, these countries also benefited from Israeli cooperation in various fields and this secret relationship later became the basis of open diplomatic relations.

In 2009, it was reported in The Sunday Times that Saudi Arabia had expressly agreed that Israeli aircraft would use its airspace as part of a mission that would serve common interests. According to the Israeli think tank Institute for National Security Studies (INSS), diplomatic relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates were announced later, but the relationship between the two countries began 25 years ago.

"INSS has written in a research paper published in March that Pakistan is currently facing a difficult economic situation and terrorism. This is when Israel can covertly increase ties with Pakistan, provide counter-terrorism support, offer indirect economic support, and this can be facilitated through new Gulf allies like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

"In 2021, Professor Gadi Heitman and Moti Zwilling of Ariel University in Israel released a study on the website 'ResearchGate.' The study, which examined 150 popular Twitter accounts from the Gulf, revealed that the social media debate regarding diplomatic relations between the Gulf countries and Israel began as early as 2017, and Israel benefited from this. The Institute for National Security Studies has suggested that Israel should expand such discussions on social and traditional media to pave the way for diplomatic relations with Pakistan and should do so in Urdu.

"According to the UN News, the UN secretary general has said that he is reviewing the latest incidents of firing between the Israeli army and militants in the Gaza Strip. He expressed deep concern over the escalation of tensions and the 'risk of further casualties' and called on Israel to stop the bombing. In a statement issued by his spokesperson, Secretary General Antonio Guterres said he condemned the loss of civilian lives in Israeli airstrikes. However, it cannot be denied that all of this is nothing more than the voice of a parrot in Israel's orchestra.


[1] Roznama Express (Pakistan), October 10, 2023.

[2] Roznama Jasarat (Pakistan), October 8, 2023.

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