October 29, 2003 Special Dispatch No. 598

Syrian Ramadan TV Series on Hizbullah's Al-Manar: 'Diaspora,' Episode I

October 29, 2003
Syria | Special Dispatch No. 598

During the month of Ramadan, Hizbullah's Al-Manar satellite television channel, which is viewed worldwide, will broadcast a 30-part antisemitic Syrian-produced series titled Al-Shatat ("Diaspora"). The series purports to tell the story of Zionism from 1812 to the establishment of the state of Israel. Like the Egyptian series Knight Without a Horse [1] which aired last Ramadan, this Syrian series also depicts a "global Jewish government" similar to that described in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. MEMRI will be releasing a subtitled video of the series once it has completed its airing. The following are excerpts from the first episode of the series, [2] broadcast October 27, 2003:

Prologue, Sources, and a Disclaimer

Episode 1 is preceded by the following statement in text: "Two thousand years ago, the Jewish sages established a global government, aimed at ruling the world, subjugating it to the precepts of the Talmud, and segregating Jews completely from the other peoples. Then, the Jews turned to inciting wars and internal strife and the [various] countries condemned them. They falsely presented themselves as persecuted, and waited for their savior, the 'Messiah,' who would complete the vengeance upon the 'gentiles' that their God Jehovah had begun. In the early 19th century, the Jewish global government decided to escalate the conspiracies. It dissolved itself in order to create a new secret Jewish global government headed by [Mayer] Amschel Rothschild."

The text continues as the Israeli national anthem "Hatikva" plays in the background: "The content of this program is based on over 250 historic sources and authentic and well-known Jewish and Zionist documents, and it is completely unconnected to the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion.' Among the sources are: the Torah, the Talmud, the memoirs of Theodor Herzl, Jewish anthropology, the Babylonian Talmud, [a book called] 'Religion from Zion,' Herzl's 'The Jewish State,' [the book] 'The History of the People of Israel,' [the books] 'The First Israelis', 'The New Israelis,' [the religious tract] 'A Letter to the Pagans,' the treasure trove of Talmudic law, and [a tract called] 'The Debate on Zion.'"

Rothschild's Will

Following these two announcements, the series begins. The first scene, set in Frankfurt in 1812, shows the death of Amschel, the patriarch of the Rothschild family. Amschel Rothschild lies on his deathbed in what appears to be a cave illuminated by candles in Jewish candelabra. He instructs his "illegitimate" son to summon his four brothers, and when he leaves to call them, the following narration is heard: "Kill the best of the non-Jews, destroy their religion, annihilate their lands. Israel will not survive if the foreign peoples survive, the Jews are the offspring of God like the child is the offspring of his father. As man has hegemony [over the lower animals], thus the Jews are superior to all the peoples of the world, because the seed of strangers is like the seed of the ass. The delivering Messiah will not come until the peoples that are not Jews are extinct and control will be in the hands of the Jews alone."

Enter Rothschild's five sons. The dying patriarch says to them: "The non-Jewish nations – they are all of the filthy seed of the ass. Rule over them secretly and publicly, by force and by repression, by deceit and by trickery. Do not let any nation share power over this world with you… God has honored us Jews with the mission of ruling the world through money, knowledge, politics, murder, sex – by all means… God promised us that he would take vengeance on those who exile us and would triumph over them, and therefore he has ordered us to establish a Jewish state in [audio unclear]. He gave me the honor of being the most important man in this government. The mission of the government is to preserve the Jewish religion and to rule the world, the entire world, by means of faithful agents who will infiltrate the foreign governments and force their positions and views upon them… My role is over, and now your turn has come. Europe is not going to be easy; thus you must all cooperate in order to strike country after country and land after land. It [i.e. Europe] must be burned by wars and internal strife… I have left each one of you a sum of money that will make him among the richest men in the world."

Rothschild then explains to his sons that money is not enough, and that they must also use wisdom: "Each of you must know how to exploit circumstances and events and the weak points of others, by using the most perverse methods. In this way, you will rule the world…"

Rothschild then proceeds to divide the responsibility for destroying Europe among his sons. To Anselm, he says: "You are responsible for Germany. I want you to not let it finish one war without causing it to enter into another war." To his son Solomon, he says, "You are responsible for Austria." To Nathan, he says: "I have left you the most contemptible country - Britain" To Karl, he says: "I want you to mobilize all your genius to harass the Pope and destroy Rome over his head." To James, he says: "You must be France's ruler more than its own king." To all of them, he says, "I want you to swear on the Torah that you will carry out God's will."

After the sons swear on the Torah, Amschel Rothschild speaks his dying words: "The secret leadership has decided that one of you will be the general leader of all the Jews in the world in my stead. Of course, this will not happen before you carry out the missions I have given you. I want you to contact Mr. [audio unclear]. He will take care of you and will present the candidacy of the best among you. I want you to trust him and not oppose the one he chooses."

Paris 1894: A Meeting of the Secret Jewish Government

Eighty-two years later, in Paris, the global Jewish government convenes. "Admor [Rabbi] Shilotka" suggests "assassinating Alexander III, the filthy czar of Russia."

The prime minister of the secret Jewish government rejects the objections of Admor Yoscha, another participant in the government meeting, who fears that this would lead to another massacre of Russian Jews. The prime minister explains: "The Russian czar Alexander III is planning, with the stroke of a pen, to unite the Orthodox Church with the mother church in Rome. You know what this means, Admor Yoscha? It means that two thirds of the Christians in the world will unite." The mission of assassinating the czar is given to Admor Shilotka, who is asked to carry it out "without noise."

In his concluding remarks, the prime minister says: "Before we conclude the meeting, I want to remind everyone that the present period of international balance must not continue. Do all you can to incite the Germans so that they start a war. Any questions? In the name of the global Jewish government, it has been decided to execute all the matters discussed in the meeting. This year here, and next year in Jerusalem." All those present say: "This year here and next year in Jerusalem," and the meeting is concluded.

A Scene from a Whorehouse: Herzl and Dreyfus

A month later, after the czar has been poisoned, the Jews plot to send Alfred Dreyfus, called "Dreyfus" in the series, to infiltrate the French government in order to destroy the rapprochement between France and Russia. Dreyfus is seen making marks on maps in his home, and he shouts at his wife who enters the room while he is working on them.

The next scene is set in a whorehouse. A Jewish prostitute is lying sick in bed, and the madam, Jeanne, sits beside her. The sick woman thinks that she is terminally ill, and tells the madam: "I implore you, send me only Christian clients. I don't want any Jew to be infected by me."

Then Jeanne meets with Herzl, who is waiting for her on the ground floor of the whorehouse. While they talk, Alfred Dreyfus enters the establishment and asks for Christine. While Dreyfus is with Christine, Herzl leaves in frustration because no one has given him an affirmative answer to his letter on establishing a Jewish state. In the meantime, Dreyfus hides an envelope in the bathroom containing the maps that he drew; later another Jew collects the envelope.

Herzl, Madam Jeanne, and the Jewish State

The next scene shows Jeanne and Herzl sitting at home. Jeanne asks Herzl why he is depressed, and he answers, "The wealthy Jews and their idiotic and contemptible leaders. They do not understand the words of reason that I wrote to them." Herzl explains to Jeanne that there are only three truths in his life: "The first truth is that I love you. The second truth is that I must marry a wealthy Jewess who will raise me to the level of which I dream. The third truth was put into my head by Samuel Montague, and it is that all the Jews in the world will not live in safety until they join hands and establish a state for themselves."

Jeanne then states: "Theodor, what if I give you a state whose area is the biggest house in Paris, a state in which your people will be me and the children, and you can be our president." Herzl is not interested.

Meanwhile, a man is shown giving evidence to the police. He has just returned to Paris from Switzerland, where he was investigating a disease causing damage to the forests. He is recounting how he saw a man in the forest – Yaakov, who picked up the envelope that Dreyfus left in the whorehouse bathroom – attacking a girl. The attack on the girl is shown, with the girl and Yaakov conducting the following exchange:

Yaakov: "Contemptible, abhorrent!"

Girl: "Jean, I beg of you. You don't understand."

Yaakov: "What I understood is sufficient. This is the fate of the traitor."

Girl: "But I did not betray you all."

Yaakov: "No. You are a traitor, a traitor, a traitor; [he then stabs her several times in the abdomen and blood spurts].

The forest inspector attests that he saw the assailant in a Paris hotel and that the police arrested him. While looking through Yaakov's belongings, they find Dreyfus's envelope with the maps, and Yaakov commits suicide by swallowing poison.

The episode ends with Jeanne and Herzl again talking:

Herzl: "You can really buy a big house in Paris?"

Jeanne: "Of course. You have considered my offer."

Herzl: "I have a great plan that needs funding."

Jeanne: "A private newspaper?"

Herzl: "No. Building a big home for the Jewish people."

Jeanne: "They don't deserve it. Herzl, my dear, you know that I am willing to sacrifice anything for you. But for this particular project, I am not willing to pay even a single franc."

Herzl: "Enmity towards us is a hereditary disease, and the only solution for it is that we have a state."

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