November 17, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 9042

Sermon By Detroit Professor, Imam, And Interfaith Activist Dr. Achmat Salie: There May Be A Plot To Infect Muslims With COVID-19; Both Presidential Candidates Are Zionist Puppets; Masks Cause Illness; COVID-19 Caused By The Terrain

November 17, 2020
United States | Special Dispatch No. 9042

In an October 6, 2020 sermon at the Islamic Center of Detroit, Michigan, the imam, Dr. Achmat Salie said that both U.S. presidential candidates are Zionist puppets, and that all the decision-making in the world is done by tech companies in Silicon Valley and Israel. In addition, Dr. Salie rejected germ theory and argued that face masks cause illnesses. Claiming that Islam's enemies want to shut down mosques and keep abortion clinics and bars open, Dr. Salie suggested that there may be a plot to infect Muslims with COVID-19 and encouraged his audience to follow social distancing guidelines. In a sermon he gave on October 30, he said that billionaire philanthropists provide "fake philanthropy" by creating problems they can then can publicly solve. He said that it is naïve to think that there is no conspiracy, and that people who try to present alternative narratives are wrongly labeled as conspiracy theorists.

Dr. Achmat Salie, who immigrated to the U.S. from South Africa, is an Islamic scholar based in Detroit, Michigan. He founded Islamic Studies program at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan[1]the University of Detroit Mercy, and Marygrove college.[2] Dr. Salie has been involved in numerous interfaith events, including events hosted by the Detroit Interfaith Council,[3] the Kaufman Interfaith Institute,[4] Interfaith Power and Light,[5] Women's Interfaith Solutions for Dialogue and Outreach in MetroDetroit (WISDOM),[6]and others.[7]

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The following are transcripts from the MEMRI TV clips of his October 6 and October 30, 2020 sermons.

"The Jewish Holocaust [Is Considered] To Be The Ultimate Tragedy... Yet There Are Other Communities That Had 600 Million [Victims]"; Both Presidential Candidates "Are Puppets Of The Zionists"

Dr. Achmat Salie, November 6, 2020: "Unfortunately, when we look at many Muslims, even some of our imams that are popular, when we speak about tragedy, we bring the Holocaust— the Jewish Holocaust — to be the ultimate tragedy, the ultimate pain, and yet there are other communities, that had 600 million [victims], if you look at the global nation of the Muslims, and it is just counting, it is just continuing.


"It is impossible for me to go with either of these [U.S. presidential] candidates. Both of them are puppets of the Zionists, and they just hope that [saying] inshallah — which one of them said — or getting a few Muslim [supporters]... [They hope this] will fool Muslims.



"Most of the world, and the things that are happening in the world, are being controlled by the 1%, or what [we] can actually say is the 0.001%. Unfortunately, everyone is just following like sheep. And we have powerful groups, whether it is tech companies in Silicon Valley... There is another Silicon Valley that is twice more cutting edge, and it is in Israel... Most of the decisions are made there, most of the things are happening from there. So we need to be aware of how things are operating in this world, how Google has become sometimes a Gestapo in the way they censor things.


"The masks don't make sense to me. They create a lot more illnesses than they should be creating.



"It Is The Terrain That Is Dirty And Causes The Virus... Other People Plan And Make Muslims [The] Targets For These Viruses"

"So the 'terrain theory' by homeopaths — that it is the terrain that is dirty and causes the virus and not the germ theory, where the germ itself causes the virus... That is my opinion, and I don't want to force my opinion on anyone else. But it is also a hadith of the Messenger that those who frequent the mosques — Allah protects them much more. Unless, of course, other people plan, and they make Muslims targets of these viruses.



"There are so many enemies of Islam out there. They want to close down the mosques. They want to keep open abortion clinics, they want to keep open the bars — but mosques, they want to close down. Follow the [social distancing] rules just for that — I don't believe in much of it.


"It Would Be Very Naïve To Think That There Is Actually No Plot [And] No Conspiracy... People Who Speak The Truth [Are] Actually Conspiracy Realists, Conspiracy Activists, Or Researchers"

Salie, October 30, 2020: "We have billionaires, much of their philanthropy is fake philanthropy. Much of their philanthropy is just a veneer to cover all the evil actions. Whether it is Bill Gates, whether it is Rockefeller, whether it is George Soros, who sponsored the Black Lives Matter movement... Many of these philanthropists, they are working within a broken system, a system that they have broken themselves, ensuring that they stay in power and their wealth would be growing astronomically.



"So everything must be seen in the light of these fake billionaires and how they are actually controlling things behind the scenes. It would be very naïve to think that there is actually no plot, that there is no conspiracy. Today, all the people who speak the truth or present alternative narratives are suddenly called conspiracy theorists, whereas, they are actually mythbusters and conspiracy realists, conspiracy activists, or researchers.


"The people who created problems in the first place are the people who are now the problem solvers."



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