March 27, 2017 Special Dispatch No. 6845

Sensationalist Pro-Erdogan Turkish Daily Calls For Nuclear Weapons, A Stop To Fighting ISIS

March 27, 2017
Turkey | Special Dispatch No. 6845

In his March 27, 2017 column in English in the hardline pro-Erdogan Turkish daily Yeni Safak ("New Dawn"), the daily's editor in chief Ibrahim Karagul called on Turkey to cease fighting the enemies of the West, presumably the Islamic State (ISIS), and to acquire all sorts of weapons, including nuclear ones. The daily is notorious for its incendiary content targeting minorities and opposition figures and for fabricating material.[1]

In his column, titled "Why a Crusader Attack? They Know Anatolia, This Last Fort, is Going to Spoil the Game," Karagul repeatedly criticizes the "Western world" and the "Crusader" West, but is clearly focused on the actions of Western European governments, including their allowing of pro-PKK activism and their crackdown on propaganda by Turkey's ruling AKP party. The U.S. is never mentioned but "Germany and the countries on the German axis" are.

Karagul sees the West as both weak and as aggressive against non-Western powers. An "Atlantic axis" no longer capable of controlling the world is contrasted with its adversaries: "Not only Turkey, but the Muslim world reaching the Pacific coast, Russia, China, Latin America, Central Africa, South and Southeast Asia, which are outside the Atlantic region, may have to face this new craziness."

While focusing on the April 16 Turkish referendum which would give President Erdogan much expanded powers, Karagul calls for an essential change in Turkish foreign policy afterwards. In a relatively clear reference to the Islamic State, he says that "we must first put aside fighting against whatever there is that the West has declared a threat whether it be an organization or something else."

The second post-referendum change he calls for is to stop helping the West by no longer being "Europe’s border guard, counterterror team or refugee prevention force" and to reach "an extraordinary state to become adequate in all kinds of defense, including nuclear weapons."

Following is the column, in the original English:

"Following April 16, Turkey is obliged to start a new fight for its existence. It must redefine its founding philosophy, social solidarity, plans associated with the region, its take on EU accession, interpretation of its historical identity, political priorities, future plans, and make a radical change.

"It needs to lay on the table its international relations in their entirety and completely renew its definitions of threats. It needs to start questioning in-depth regarding its alliances and partnerships, even if it hurts. It needs to re-establish itself, redefine Turkey and draw the roadmap for an essential future plan in its clearest form.

"The Burden Of History Is On Our Shoulders Again

"History is back. That mission, that solidification, that showdown is back. Whether we like it or not, the region, our civilizational identity and the world's state of reformation is compelling us to this. With the return of history, fate has burdened our nation once again with a heavy, history-making responsibility.

"Those other than us are shaping other fronts, establishing other partnerships and identifying new enemies. They are carrying out a centuries-old plan against us and our region today. The Western world is establishing a new line on Turkey's European border, erecting thick walls that leave us outside.

"Founding Nations Are Taking The Stage

"It is not only us, all actors, founding nations that have changed the history of humanity are returning to their past. They are throwing aside supranational partnerships and bringing off dusty shelves the folders containing their old plans.

"While the network of relationships, which we call the world system and which has now turned into chaos, is being reshaped, separations stand out more than partnerships, and conflicts more than reconciliation. Not only Turkey, but all countries are trying to determine their position in this pro-conflict and pro-showdown world according to the new centers to be formed.

"The Western world is old now and has entered a period of stagnation. It is not as strong and determinant as it was after the two world wars. New centers and new powers have gained prominence. This is why a showdown in the reformation of the power map is so difficult. This is why it is much more dangerous. The Atlantic axis is no longer going to be able to determine the future of the world on its own.

"The West's New Crazy State Is A Threat For The Entire World

"The danger is that this is going to bring the West a terrible rancor and aggressiveness. Not only Turkey, but the Muslim world reaching the Pacific coast, Russia, China, Latin America, Central Africa, South and Southeast Asia, which are outside the Atlantic region, may have to face this new craziness. The future of the world can be shaped through the differentiation of the East and West.

"It is necessary to look at the entirety of this picture while discussing Turkey's fight and the new Western attacks aimed at Turkey. If not, determining a position for Turkey based solely on positions within the country is the indication of terrible blindness.

"We Know Why They Are Alarmed By April 16

"Why has April 16 alarmed Germany and countries on the German axis so much? Why have they started to resort to the ugliest form of enmity and evil? Why have they openly shifted their relations from Turkey to terrorist organizations? Why have they declared savage terrorists who have carried our massacres as their partners?

"Why have they taken those who took a role in a severe attack like July 15[2] under protection? Why are they trying to bring Turkey to its knees with subsequent attacks and operations? And why has Europe started a crusade-type mobilization against Turkey?

"Is it because as long as Turkey remains standing, they are not going to be able to easily invade the region? They are not going to be able to divide and share it. The stronger Turkey gets, the more it is strengthened and the more it says something to the region. Their hands will weaken and they will not be able to do as they please in our countries and cities. This is why, all together, they started an attack against Turkey.

"They Know The Last Stronghold Of Anatolia Will Resist

"They know that Anatolia is going to resist like during the crusades. They know that this country is going to resist like in Çanakkale.[3] They are attacking from all fronts to weaken the strongest, most powerful fort. While doing this, they do not care that we call them crusaders and racist. They do not hesitate to form open partnerships with terrorist organizations.

"Turkey must pass the April 16 threshold. This is not a matter of interior politics, it is a matter related to a historic movement that has been ongoing for centuries. We have to pass this threshold for Turkey to re-establish itself and for a truly new start so that the 21st century does not go to waste. They know this very well and are trying to prevent it, but our political blinds are yet to understand it.

"We Must Stop Fighting Their Enemies

"There is a major, historical plan behind the despicable attacks we see in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and in almost all of Europe. The enmity toward Turkey, which they started on top of enmity toward Islam, is not limited to elections alone. It will not get better after elections either. We must prepare according to this new situation.

"After April 16, we need to make a radical decision on two other issues. We must first put aside fighting against whatever there is that the West has declared a threat whether it be an organization or something else.

"We Must Activate The Region And Establish Islands Of Resistance

"We do not have to waste our strength on their enemies while these financiers of terrorism invade our country and cities through terrorist organizations. We should focus on our own priorities and our own definitions of threats. We are not Europe's border guard, counterterror team or refugee prevention force, and we should no longer act as such.

"Turkey is obliged to activate all those it can reach in its own region, as many countries, communities and individuals as it can, to activate them in the form of superb mobilization and form islands of resistance. While doing all this, it is necessary to reach an extraordinary state to become adequate in all kinds of defense, including nuclear weapons.

"Wait, All Hell Is Going To Break Loose Among Themselves

"Of course, while we are doing this, we are also going to carefully watch the fight among those who formed the crusader front and the big crises they are going through with other centers of power, because that is where actual hell is going to break loose.

"They might continue to strike Turkey, they might continue to activate the West against Turkey, they might try to form a new enemy and new fear, but we know that the big explosion will once again be the West's own civil war. It will develop as the clash of the Atlantic center with other centers of power.

"If history has made a turn, it has turned for everybody, for every country and nation. They will be facing exactly what we are facing.

"In this great fight, we have a word for those who find President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's words harsh and his essential stance dangerous: This is the first time something is being said in this country after a century. There will never be room for the weak in the, new multi-front, global showdown.

"From now on, you will only accept slavery. And that is if they grant you that."


[1] "Are Turkish leaders ill-informed about their own history?", October 21, 2016.

[2] Reference to the failed coup of July 15, 2016.

[3] Reference to the Ottoman Turkish Army resistance against the Western allies during the 1915 Gallipoli campaign.

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