March 11, 2024 Special Dispatch No. 11188

Saudi Journalist: October 7 Caprice Brought Destruction Upon Gaza, But Hamas Leaders Will Surely Declare Victory Again

March 11, 2024
Saudi Arabia, Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 11188

In a sarcastic article in the Saudi daily 'Okaz, senior journalist Muhammad Al-Sa'ad predicted that, when the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza ends, the leaders of Hamas and Hizbullah will declare a divine victory amid the ruins of Gaza and the numerous dead. As far as these leaders are concerned, he said, victory is just managing to survive and to evade Israel's efforts to target them, and they will continue to grow richer and to live in luxury at the expense of the shattered residents of Gaza. He added that the term "defeat" does not exist in the lexicon of the Muslim Brotherhood and the resistance axis, with which Hamas is identified, and they present every defeat as victory while sanctifying the dead and abandoning the living.

Muhammad Al-Sa'ad (Source:

The following are translated excerpts from Al-Sa'ad's article: [1]

"Once the agreement to end the conflict between Israel and Hamas is signed, which is expected to take place in the coming days, the coffee-shop fighters will go back to playing backgammon,  smoking hookahs and exchanging tips about emigrating to the U.S. or Britain, which they had cursed in the previous weeks. As for the wearers of the Palestinian scarves – which have been brandished for five months at sports fields and unpublicized parties where quiet music was played – they will return to the closets until the next war, [in which] populist slogans will [once again] flourish and another imaginary victory [will be achieved] …

"The journalists who filled the television screens with yelling, commentary and eulogies will return to their spacious villas in the capitals of the Arab diaspora [i.e. Western countries where numerous Arab emigres reside]! And they will plan their next holiday in Beirut, London, Paris or Canada…

"[Hizbullah leader] Hassan Nasrallah will go back into hiding with his four wives in his comfortable basement, and his stupid message – the threats [to fire rockets at] Israel, far beyond Haifa – will melt away. The fact is that all he did was send the Al-Manar and Al-Mayadeen [television] channels pictures of the coffins of his operatives, one after the other, so as to cover up the disgrace of the collapse of the resistance axis.

"Khaled Mashal, Isma'il Haniya and Moussa Abu Marzouq will emerge from their hotels in the region and declare a divine victory, making sure to beat Sinwar to it, lest he steal the historic moment. As for Sinwar [himself], he will come out of his basement carried on the shoulders of his cronies, who will protect him from the fury of the Gazans who lost their loved ones, their homes, and their peaceful lives due to the caprice of October 7. His supporters will carry him on their firm shoulders after the Gazans carried 30,000 corpses on their weak shoulders.

"This is an imaginary victory, but believe [me when I say] that, in the lexicon of the Muslim Brotherhood and in the absolute [terminology] of the resistance axis, defeat means victory, disappointment means joy, the dismembered corpses on the roads of Gaza are a bridge for the [Palestinian] cause, while the donations go to the senior officials and life [is meant] for them, whereas everyone else [is doomed to] death.

"Sinwar will return to his beloved orange grove in the center of Gaza, along with his children and grandchildren, and will spend the weekend at his holiday home on the coast while delivering speeches to the dead before he speaks to the living, explaining that Gaza was victorious because he wasn't killed or imprisoned. Naturally, he won't say that Israel kept him alive – because, whether he knows it or not, he did Israel a greater service than its most loyal [supporters].

"In the eyes of Haniya and Sinwar all of Palestine, and its men, its women, and its children, dead and alive, are not worth a toothpick, as their spiritual leader [Mahmoud] Al-Zahhar once remarked in conversation.[2] Next, Haniya will take his private plane and leave for Tehran, where he will kiss the hand of the Supreme Leader, visit the grave of [slain Iranian general] Qassem Soleimani, praise both of them and declare that he accepts their authority and is loyal to them…

"The other Hamas commanders, who hid behind the civilians, will race each other to employ their contracting companies, for which they are famous [in Gaza]. The market in Gaza is enormous and the reconstruction [of Gaza] is about to begin. The Arab billions are at the door, and it is best that the ones to receive will be… Hamas' internal [i.e., Gaza-based] leaders, who hope that Israel  will destroy homes so that they can rebuild them, at the donors' expense, and thus increase their wealth.

"As for the rest of the crushed and injured Gazans… those who remain will return to the ruins of their homes and lose their way on the abandoned trails of pain and in the alleyways brimming with death. [They will find] paths that have lost their clear [course], houses that are no longer there and neighborhoods that have been wiped out forever.

"In conclusion, Gaza is dead and Sinwar and Haniya are alive: Long live Sinwar, long live Haniya."


[1] 'Okaz, March 4, 2024.

[2] In a video that was leaked to the Al-Arabiya news channel and released in June 2019, Hamas leader Al-Zahhar said that, for them, Palestine is just a toothpick and their plan goes far beyond Palestine itself., July 11, 2019.

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