December 28, 2001 Special Dispatch No. 321

Saudi Government Daily: The Jews are Taking Over the World

December 28, 2001
Saudi Arabia | Special Dispatch No. 321

The Saudi daily Al-Watan published a two-part article on "The Jewish Sense of Superiority in the World." The articlepresented a study conducted by the "American-European Center for Security and International Studies."[1]

The articles were written by Abdallah Aal Malhi. The first part was entitled "Israel, the governess ofterrorism, rewards terrorists by appointing them to top posts in the Jewish state."[2] This "study" attacked Israel andits leaders, accusing them of racism. Part two was titled, "The Jewish organizations are implementing their strategichellish plan to take over the world."[3] The following are excerpts from the article:

"At the end of the last century, the Jewish organizations consolidated a hellish plan to take over the world by sparking revolutions or taking control of the keys to governments in various countries, first and foremost the U.S. and Russia."

"At the beginning of the twentieth century, the goal of the Russians, and with them the Jews and their global organizations, was to topple Russian imperialism, which they considered antisemitic. To this end, the Jewish organizations across the world sought to create a Jewish socialist system. Most of this system's leaders were Jews, and they financed the Russian Revolution, which if truth be told was more of a Jewish revolution than a Russian one. This revolution's main financier was the well-known Jewish capitalist Jacob Schiff of New York."

"Let us show one example of this first Russian government. It is a terrifying example of Jewish hegemony. This [information] can be found in the American National Archives [sic]. According to the information in these archives, out of the 384 members of the first socialist parliament, 13 were Russians; the number of Jews was greater than 300. The London Times correspondent in Russia described this government as the Jewish conquest of Russia. The American ambassador to Russia at that time, David Francis, used the same terms, as did American intelligence officers in Russia. Even Winston Churchill himself described the Russian Revolution as an occupation by the Bolshevist Jews, 'who held capital and became the rulers of a great Russian empire."'

"The Jewish sense of superiority is typified by hypocrisy and zeal… The Jews are incapable of actualizing their influence and control for a simple reason, and that is that they are a demographic minority in every society in the world. For this reason, the Jews are trying by means of their trickery to weaken the national identity [of the non-Jews] and thus take over affairs and direct them to serve their interests. This is obvious everywhere in the world where there is a large community, both in Arab societies and in American society, such as the European-American community or African-American and even among the Muslims in the Arab world, where the Jews act by means of their control of the media, politics, and the economy in order to weaken the non-Jewish groups and bring about their disintegration, in order to secure their goals. How is this carried out?"

"It is carried out by the principle of 'divide and rule.' The Jewish zealots fear, and fight, any racial non-Jewish coalition. In the Western countries, the Jews fight all the organizations attempting to safeguard European interests and tradition. In the non-European countries, the Jews constantly act to fracture and weaken the coalitions and the homogeneity of the main racial groups."

"In America, for example, the Jews did not act merely to weaken the homogeneity and the coalition of European-Americans, but also fought other coalitions, such as the black national movement, the Nation of Islam, and other movements. All these African-American organizations wanted was to preserve the traditions that they had lost in the multicultural society – but the Jews, due to their well-known sense of superiority, did not want anyone besides themselves to preserve their traditions and collective interests. Therefore, they always try to make other societies feel guilty, even about their pride in their culture. They present this interest and sense of pride in the culture of those non-Jewish organizations as a racist tendency."

"The Jews also act to weaken loyalties and other coalitions by using an expression that has been made familiar by the Jewish media to describe these organizations: antisemitism. This charge serves two goals. First, it reinforces the [Jewish] connections across the world, thus obtaining support for the State of Israel. Second, this expression incites anyone not Jewish to collective hatred of the Jews, thus preventing the Jews from assimilating into other peoples."

"Let us take an example of the hypocrisy of the zealous Jews [regarding] intermarriage between the Jewish race and other races. During President George W. Bush's election campaign, Bush found himself subject to great media criticism because he gave a lecture at the Bob Jones [University], which is opposed to the principle of intermarriage. The contradiction is that every Jewish synagogue in America and every leading Jewish organization in America fights Jewish intermarriage. What is strange is that the media has never addressed this well-known fact, and never mentioned this duplicity at all – in a society that one assumes enjoys freedom of speech such as American society."

"When we realize that the American media is controlled by the Jews, we are no longer surprised. Presenting this obvious fact does not suit Jewish interests, and damages the Jews' relations and interests with the American people. For this reason, it is concealed, as are the daily Jewish crimes against the Palestinians."

"On the other hand, we now find books and films, most of them written and produced by zealous Jewish hands, condemning any racial movement that is not Jewish. At the same time, only a very few books have dared to write against Jewish racism. Since the big publishing houses are at the mercy of the Jews, only a few of these are published – and if they are published, their distribution is extremely small… If these Jewish zealots were credible, they should have written about the Jewish racism they know so well."

"After discussing the global Jewish agenda and the well-known Jewish policy of divide and rule, let us conclude this limited study about Jewish racism and their sense of superiority with another tactic of the Jews, one no less important than what we have already mentioned. This is the policy of silencing those opposed to and critical of the Jews and their racism."

"The arrogance and tyranny of the Jews, who manage to hide it from the Western public, has reached such proportions that anyone who talks about them, their hegemony, and their racism knows that he will pay a high price. In America, for example, anyone who dares to talk about this in public has his good name smeared in the media, and declares bankruptcy if he works in commerce. If he is an official, he loses his job. When anyone dares to state a fact that does not please the Jews or does not suit their interests, the Jews' methods of silencing him range from threats to physical harm, in addition to damaging his capital and transferring him to the rolls of the unemployed if he is an official or a businessman. If he is a politician, he is completely done for, and is flung aside. This task is being carried out by the Jewish media, the Jewish lobby, and the Jewish defense team, which always accuses its adversaries of intolerance towards other ethnic, religious, and racial groups."

"If only it would end with accusations against their [the Jews'] critics. But the situation is worse than that. The Jewish zealots, with their great monetary, media, and political influence, can have them imprisoned. The Jewish zealots have already managed to jail many of their critics in many European countries – perhaps because they are incapable, at the moment, of assassinating anyone who criticizes them and exposes their racism in the countries of the West. But they are capable of silencing him in other ways. Anyone who desires to present the words of the racist Jewish leaders as testimony finds himself in prison – this is due to their influence. The Jews do not leave out any charge they can fabricate so as to leave anyone who has dared to speak the truth behind prison bars for many long years."

"What we say is happening [in reality] is hundreds of those who deviated from the outline laid out by the Jews, and who dared to go beyond the red lines drawn for them, find themselves behind bars. These red lines are none other than saying and exposing the truth – something in which the Jews are not interested. [In the prisons] there are hundreds of people who spoke of the Holocaust and exposed the truth about falsified Jewish propaganda."

"In conclusion, the reader is likely to wonder about the extent of the Jews' control … So as to prove our words, we will not address Jewish control of the media in Western countries, primarily in the U.S.… but we will give an example of the Jews' infiltration and control of the top positions in the American administration. This control aroused astonishment in the days of the Clinton administration…: Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, FBI chief George Tenet, Defense Secretary William Cohen, Clinton's national security advisor Sandy Berger – all Jews. Through this infiltration of the various American administrations, and through controlling the media and money, the Jews impose their agenda on the other peoples, and the Jewish sense of superiority, whose aim is to recruit the peoples and their resources for the good of Jewish interests and their racist state Israel, remain unchanged."

[1] Neither the center nor the study could be found on the Internet.

[2] Al-Watan (Saudi Arabia), December 8, 2001.

[3] Al-Watan (Saudi Arabia), December 9, 2001.

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