August 20, 2004 Special Dispatch No. 768

Saudi Armed Forces Journal on the Jews: 'The Fabricated Torah, Talmud, and Protocols of the Elders of Zion Command Destruction of All Non-Jews for World Domination'

August 20, 2004
Saudi Arabia | Special Dispatch No. 768

A journal titled "Al-Jundi Al-Muslim" (The Muslim Soldier), which is published by the Religious Affairs Department of the Saudi armed forces, published an antisemitic article in its "Know Your Enemy" section. The article was written by Ma'ashu Muhammad and was titled "The Jews in the Modern Era." The following are excerpts from the article:

'The Majority of Revolutions, Coups D'etat, and Wars … are Almost Entirely the Handiwork of the Jews'

"The majority of revolutions, coups d'etat, and wars which have occurred in the world [in the past], those that are occurring, and those that will occur, are almost entirely the handiwork of the Jews. They [the Jews] turned to [these methods] in order to implement the injunctions of the fabricated Torah, the Talmud, and the 'Protocols [of the Elders of Zion'], all of which command the destruction of all non-Jews in order to achieve their goal - namely, world domination.

"In addition, they aspire to dominate the world in material, cultural, and spiritual terms in order to annihilate it. They own property and gold and they control the banks and other financial institutions, which [in turn] control the economies of the powerful countries. In this way they controlled the most [influential] people in the world, in whose power it was to entangle their countries in wars that resulted in benefits only for the Jews. Among the enticements [which the Jews used] were: 1) cash incentives; 2) offering jobs; 3) the introduction of religious elements into terrorism.

"The Jews managed to receive the support of groups of individuals in the world through the means of religious distortions, whereby they deceived their victims [into believing] that they are the chosen people and that God wants them to once more take possession of Palestine, the promised land. [The Jews] also conduct acts of terror and assassinations against the world's politicians who oppose them, as in the case of the assassination of Count [Folke] Bernadotte, who was sent by the U.N. in 1948 to serve as a mediator between the Arabs and the Jews to solve the problem of Palestine. The Jews got mad at him, killed him in that same year, and acted to exonerate the murderers on the pretext that they were insane.

"[Another example] is the assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olaf Palme, who attempted to prevent bloodshed between Iraq and Iran. He learned Islam and was quite interested in it, started several Islamic study groups in Stockholm, and encouraged the Swedes to familiarize themselves with Islam. When the Jews came to the conclusion that his behavior and policies were not in accordance with their evil goals, their intelligence assassinated him. No leads were found for this crime except for a bullet which the Zionist intelligence is known to use."

"World Jewry has Established a Shadow Government Run by 300 Satans Who Call Themselves 'Elders'"

"World Jewry has established a shadow government run by 300 Satans who call themselves 'elders.' They always choose one man who is considered to be a king and to be the successor to King David and [King] Solomon. They do not reveal his name in public, and each time he dies they appoint another of the rabbis in his place. The Jewish millionaire Walter Rathenau told the German newspaper The Weiner Press [meaning the Wiener Freie Presse ] on December 25, 1909: 'There are 300 people, all of whom know one another. They have arbitrary rule over Europe's fate. They choose people to do their bidding from among those who surround them. These Jews have the means to annihilate any government that doesn't satisfy them.'"

'The Jews Caused the Outbreak of World War I and World War II'

"The Jews caused the outbreak of World War I and World War II, after they deceived the English into believing that they would be the sole beneficiaries of the First World War. The wealthy Jews made fantastic profits, paid for by the blood of millions of Englishmen, Americans, French, etc.

"The proof of this is to be found in the Jews' words themselves: the Romanian Jew Marcus Ravage, who said, 'We are behind all of your wars, and the first war [apparently meaning WWI] broke out in order to establish our domination over the world,' and the Jew Oscal Levy [sic; Oscar Levy] said: 'The Jews are at the root of capitalism and communism. We are the ones who invented the story of a 'chosen people' and we established ourselves as saviors of the world, and we are the ones who take pride in the fact that the Messiah will be from among us. Today we do nothing but disseminate corruption in the world; we obliterate and destroy the world. We are the ones who promised to lead you to the Garden of Eden and to happiness, but in fact we have led you to a new hell.'

"The Jews succeeded in preventing Turkey from exiting the war before its final defeat. Chaim Weitzman, Herzl's successor as leader of the Jewish Zionist movement, admitted that he prevented Turkey's exiting the war before the final victory."

The Jews and the Islamic Caliphate

"… Abd Al-Hamid's reign was under pressure from World Zionism, under the direction of Theodore Herzl, who came to visit him in the years 1901-1902. [Herzl] proposed that Abd Al-Hamid agrees to the immigration and settlement of the Jews in Palestine, in exchange for which he would receive large sums from the Jews, [but] Herzl found that the Sultan scorned the Jews' gold, their voracious appetite, and their insolence. Sultan Abd Al-Hamid said in this context: 'Advise Dr. Herzl not to take any serious steps in this matter. I can not relinquish a single inch of the land of Palestine, which is not my personal property … but rather the property of the Muslim nation. Let the Jews keep their millions. If the Caliphate is to come apart one day then they will be able to take Palestine for free…'

"When the Jews understood that the Sultan opposed their voracious appetites, they hastened their plot to dethrone him. They were aided by the forces of evil in the Arab homeland and in the world, who dedicated themselves to breaking off lands from [the realm of] Islam. The most important among [the forces of evil] are the Masons, the Dunmeh, [1] and the secret societies of the 'Committee for] Unity and Progress,' among whose principle members was Kemal Ataturk, the man who personally destroyed the Islamic Caliphate and deposed Sultan Abd Al-Hamid II in March, 1909…

"The Masonic, Crusader, nationalist propaganda produced in the Jewish factories of intrigue succeeded in sullying [the reputation of] Sultan Abd Al-Hamid II with all sorts of abominations. In addition, it succeeded in glorifying all of the pictures of bravery surrounding the Jew Mustafa Kemal, who represented the head of the Jewish snake, and caused it to bite deadly bites which brought on the destruction of the Islamic Caliphate. This fiend used to present himself as religious, as someone who believes in Islam, all the while inveigling the gullible, errant, and hypocritical ulama and taking advantage of them so that they might goad the laymen into doing his bidding. After his rule was well established, he began to implement the scheme which the Jews had outlined for him for the destruction of the Caliphate and for sowing division in the ranks of the Muslims…

"After Ataturk's death … rule fell unto his successor Ismet Inonu, who continued to implement the disgraceful policies of Ataturk, which destroyed the [Islamic] countries and turned them into a tool in the hands of the Jewish worldwide order…"

The Jews Created Every Scientific or Philosophical Principle or School

"Every scientific or philosophical principle or school was either created by Jews, or else Jews were behind them:

"The Jew Karl Marx was behind communism and socialism which destroyed human nature.

"The Jew [Emile] Durkheim was behind the science of sociology which destroyed the family unit.

"The Jew [Jean-Paul] Sartre was behind licentious existentialism.

"The Jew [Sigmund] Freud was behind psychology which established the principles of wild sex and immorality.

"The Jew [Benjamin] Disraeli was behind the policy of 'the ends justify the means.'

"The Jew [Rene] Cassin drew up the program for human rights.

"The Jew Leon Pavlovski drew up the Charter of the League of Nations. The Jews established the League of Nations in order to ratify the Balfour Declaration and to impose the British Mandate on Palestine as a preparatory measure to the founding of Israel. In addition, they established the U.N. in order to declare the founding of Israel, to protect it, and to expand it."

The Jews and the Arab League

"When the Jews took control over Eastern and Western Europe after the French, English, and Communist revolutions, they turned to the building of their state in Palestine. The Islamic Caliphate was an obstacle to this and so they turned to harassment, scheming, and a 'divide and rule' policy, and they promoted the slogan of nationalism. They said: 'Islam is the cause of your misery and suffering. If you wish to live in honor there is no escape from nationalism and from abandoning Islam.' [As a result] the riffraff called for nationalism. In this manner Britain, by order of the Jews, succeeded in 1945 in establishing the Arab League under the leadership of Egypt. So instead of their being one [Islamic] state from the [Atlantic] Ocean to the [Persian] Gulf, we became 22 countries…

"In summary, the Arabs will never have honor, unity, and strength until they return to the fulfillment of the Islamic Shari'a. Then they will speak with one voice, the Arabs will unite, and they will be under one banner, the banner of: 'There is no God other than Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet.'" [2]

[1] A sect of Sabbateans in Turkey whose members ostensibly professed the Islamic faith.

[2] Al-Jundi Al-Muslim (Saudi Arabia), May 1, 2004.

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