November 11, 2001 Special Dispatch No. 299

Saddam Hussein Meets with Heads of the Iraqi Nuclear Program and Defense Establishment

November 11, 2001
Iraq | Special Dispatch No. 299

On November 7, 2001 the Iraqi newspaper Babil, which is published by Saddam Hussein's son Udai Saddam Hussein,reported on his father's meeting with heads of the Iraqi nuclear program and defense establishment. The following areexcerpts from the article:[1]

"The President/Leader, Saddam Hussein, may Allah protect him, held a meeting with Dr. Fadhl Muslim Al-Janabi, head of the Nuclear Energy Authority (NEA), and a selected group of outstanding researchers and engineers from among the warriors of NEA and from the military industry."

"At the outset, Dr. Fadhl al-Janabi, submitted to his excellency, may Allah preserve him, greetings bounded by love and loyalty from the NEA's warriors and their commitment to remain forever loyal to the source of their inspiration, the light of their brains and the guide of their innovations, the great leader, Saddam Hussein, may Allah render him victorious. They expressed their willingness to continue giving with great energy, solid faith, and steadfastness to resist aggression and the forces of evil and vice, and consecrate themselves and the fruit of their brains to Iraq, its leader and the proud Iraqi people."

"His excellency, may Allah protect him, praised the initiatives of those warriors present at the meeting and their innovations in the areas of their specializations in line with the other warriors/fighters in the service of the principles of the great Iraq and the glorious Arab nation."

"His excellency, may Allah guide him, told those present and through them the Iraqi people: 'When the human brain is alive, and has a big objective, it will not be diverted from its goal when constrained, but will search for more effective means to reach the goal.'"

"The aggressors tried through our containment to harm Iraq. They have killed many young people as well as many older people who are dear to us. But when the Iraqi spirit was focused on an objective at hand, and as long as there was someone who held it dear, the resurrection will continue in the future and will not be derailed, Allah willing. One of the main objectives of the aggressors was to prevent Iraq from becoming a model in the ocean of humanity. Therefore, the progress has continued and will accelerate, Allah willing, to please the Merciful and put to shame the depraved and the enemies. My greetings to all your brothers."

[1] Babil (Baghdad), November 7, 2001.

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