November 8, 2018 Special Dispatch No. 7756

Russian Senator Kosachev: The West's Behavior Towards Russia Is 'Akin To The Classic Racism... In The Era Of Colonialism'

November 8, 2018
Russia | Special Dispatch No. 7756

In an article titled "Racism At The Time Of Colonialism," Russian Senator Konstantin Kosachev, chair of the Russian Federation Council's Foreign Affairs Committee, stated that the vis-à-vis Russia, the West acts like a colonialist power. However, he stressed, the world is changing, and that the West should start worrying because the ground is beginning to crumble under its feet.

Below are excerpts of Kosachev's article:[1]

Konstantin Kosachev (Source:

The Ground Is Crumbling Under The West's Feet

"By and large, the reaction of the West to Russia (and China) is akin to the classic racism seen in the era of colonialism, when the Anglo-Saxons and other 'enlightened' Europeans, in the name of their nations' superiority, bent the rest of the world to their will by doing whatever they pleased. Then, for a long time after that, they would become indignant when colonized people returned to their own societies, claiming in turn for themselves the right to shape the world and be equal [to their colonizers].

"However, in the long run, white Americans had to come to terms with the fact that other races in the United States had equal rights, and likewise the Europeans had to accept equal rights for their former colonies.

"Now the Westerners are experiencing another breakage. Their domination of the world economy, of world politics, and of the world's information space is becoming a thing of the past. For a long time they have been shamelessly doing the very things of which they are now trying to accuse us – dividing societies, manipulating people's minds, interfering in elections, practicing economic blackmail. But as soon as others emerged on this scene that they once completely owned – emerged without any claims of exclusivity or crossing of 'red lines' – mass hysteria immediately ensued.

"It appears that it is vitally important for them to keep 'their world' afloat by whatever means necessary – the world in which their media is telling the truth and nothing but the truth, whereas ours is filled to the eyeballs with fake news; the world in which NATO's military operations in other sovereign countries serve to restore peace, whereas our country's response to the Ukrainian crisis only confirms that Russia is preparing to occupy all of Europe; the world in which no one bats an eyelid when it is proven that Americans bugged Merkel's and other Europeans' phones but allegations of Russia's and China's activity vis-à-vis Trump's phone (recently in the news) immediately become indisputable proof of Moscow's and Beijing's 'aggression and savagery'; and the world in which the Sea of Azov is 'pan-European' while Lake Geneva is nothing but Swiss and French.

"By and large, everything that is happening now between Russia and the West is but a perverse reaction on the part of the colonialists, who are used to owning the world, at a time when the world is changing. And by definition, it is changing for the better, as it is becoming more just and democratic.

"However, the ground is crumbling under their feet. And that is not their only problem."


[1], October 26, 2018.

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