December 20, 2022 Special Dispatch No. 10387

Russian Political Scientist Bavirin Pans Biden's Antisemitism Task Force: 'Biden Remembered About Protecting Jews Due To Money'

December 20, 2022
Russia | Special Dispatch No. 10387

The Biden Administration reacting to the spike in antisemitism has set up an interagency task force. White House Press Secretary Karin Jean Pierre explained how the new body will function: "The President is establishing an inter-agency group led by Domestic Policy Council staff and National Security Council staff to increase and better coordinate U.S. Government efforts to counter antisemitism, Islamophobia, and related forms of bias and discrimination within the United States. The President has tasked the inter-agency group, as its first order of business, to develop a national strategy to counter antisemitism. This strategy will raise understanding about antisemitism and the threat it poses to the Jewish community and all Americans, address antisemitic harassment and abuse both online and offline, seek to prevent antisemitic attacks and incidents, and encourage whole-of-society efforts to counter antisemitism and build a more inclusive nation."[1]

Russian political scientist and columnist Dmitry Bavirin took note of the announcement, and found it strange that the US had to cope with the old hatred at a time that "the protection of dozens of new genders is on the agenda". In a column titled "Biden Remembered about Protecting Jews Due to Money", Bavirin expressed skepticism that solicitude for Jews was the driving motive. There were two major motives. The main motive was to prevent the defection of wealthy Jewish political donors to the Republican Party. The second motive was to use the new body as a "whip" to constrain the likes of House Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, on the Democratic Party's left, who pose a threat to Biden and centrist political core of his administration.

Bavirin's article follows below:[2]

President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff mark the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana (Source:

US President Joe Biden set the government the task of developing a national strategy to combat anti-Semitism. The step has an ulterior political purpose. But how could it ever be that anti-Semitism has once again become a domestic threat to America, as it was back in the 1930s?

"An inter-agency group charged with developing a national strategy to combat anti-Semitism" this sounds significant but also curious, since we are talking about the US. It turns out that in a country where being a minority is "not a bug, but a feature" and where the protection of dozens of new genders is on the agenda, rather archaic anti-Semitism presents such an acute problem that requires an entire national strategy.

But such a problem does exist, and the ministerial [agency] commission is not being set up just for show, but to deal with the really important tasks at hand. True, not all of them have to do with anti-Semitism. Far more often they are connected with the vested interests of the Irishman Joe Biden and his Democratic Party.

American Jews have been giving their votes to the Democrats since the 1930s, when anti-Semitism was an even more serious problem. Believe it or not, fully respected members of society and universally recognized national heroes like the industrialist [Henry] Ford and the aviator [Charles] Lindbergh openly supported Hitler and financed "pogrom [inciting] media."

Around the same time, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who genuinely despised Hitler but felt threatened by him, reshaped the former party of racist planters into a party that defended minorities. The "minority palette" was not as heterogenous back then as it’s now, and by no means all were actually protected by the Democrats. But it was a conscious bet on attracting the votes of Catholics, Jews, blacks and women in the northern US states.

The isolationist stance of some Republicans also played a part: the Jews were voting for Roosevelt, among other reasons, as someone, who was prepared to take military action against the demoniacal Führer.

This political nexus has lasted a long time and has been electorally significant for the Democrats: it was not very long ago that the Jewish population of New York City outnumbered that of Tel Aviv. But in recent years it has weakened, as Jews are increasingly supporting the Republicans.

If one to perceive them only as voters, the loss is bearable: most Jews live in liberal states, where Republicans cannot win anyway. But Jews are also significant donors to the party, and the redistribution of cash flows to conservatives [the Republicans] presents a truly painful problem for the Democratic Party.

The roots of this change vary. They relate both to foreign policy (for instance: the pro-Israeli Trump vs. Obama, who was disliked in Israel) and to the fact that the Jewish community is no longer as cohesive as it used to be. But the main reason is that today’s Democrats, especially their left-wing shahada [fanatical religious zealot] like "BLM, LGBT, feminism," are, simply put, too much for many Jews (especially for the older generation).   

What’s even worse, the anti-Semites that Biden wants to fight are entrenched in this very left wing. They have adapted the anti-Israel and pro-Islamic rhetoric of the European leftists.

Thus, the Biden government (provided it continues to pursue current national strategy) will literally be engaged in friendly fire. Media, loyal to the Democrats try to portray a [typical] American anti-Semite as a white nationalist, a moronic backward "hillbilly," however the typical carriers of this form of xenophobia are the blacks.

This is a legacy of the ‘60s, the era of the civil rights struggle, when some black activists converted to Islam as the "true African religion" and berated Israel in order to acquire international recognition from its enemies in the Arab world. 

Nowadays, Kanye West, one of the richest, most famous and influential black men in the world, for reasons only he understands, has decided to become the face of American anti-Semitism.

At the beginning of December, he revealed his sympathy for Hitler, and the day before he stated that the Chinese Communist Party was controlled by Zionist Jews and that an open war would break out between the US and the PRC in the next five years.

However, Kanye is such a peculiar black man that he is much closer to the Republicans than to the Democrats.

But, the same cannot be said of Ilhan Omar, an immigrant from Somalia, who became one of the first two Muslim women to be elected to the US Congress (to be more precise, to its lower house, the House of Representatives). The first Muslim, Keith Ellison, who was elected back in 2006, is also a black man and a neophyte (in American-style) came from a Catholic family.

Omar, who is considered one of the "most progressive" congressmen (meaning leftists to reds]), has via her statements been responsible for some of the highest-profile anti-Semitic scandals on Capitol Hill in the last few years. But each time, due to her affiliation with the "progressive wing" of the Democrats and black women, she got off with a slap on the wrist.

However, the Biden commission may well have been created with her [Omar] in mind as well. In fact, reining in the internal party radicals, who threaten to become the vanguard of a transformed Democrat Party, is its second important task.

The White House will give cover to people like Omar against fire from the Republicans, if need be. But the game is much more devious: Biden, his inner circle and most of the party elite are moderate centrist Democrats, while such cadres like Omar are at best inner opposition to them, and at worst - dangerous radicals, whose views are gaining popularity among the American youth.

Biden’s Commission, with its [current] national strategy, is sure to be a kind of "whip" for politicians like Omar, her friend Rashida Tlaib and other black radicals. In worldview of some of them, the African American community has been ripped off by the Jewish community, but in the public sphere, their claims more frequently revolve around the anti-Arab policies of the Israeli state.

Usage of the "whip" will also facilitate the number one objective of dissuading investors of Jewish extraction from switching parties. American politics is a space, where trying to solve any problem (through the creation of new policies, or otherwise) almost certainly has a double bottom, a hidden agenda and a vested interest. It’s a funny coincidence that anti-Semites – past and present – attribute the same qualities to the Jews.

Dmitry Bavirin (Source:


[1], December 12, 2022.

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