November 21, 2022 Special Dispatch No. 10329

Russian Nationalist Columnist: Popular Culture Including 'Peppa Pig' And 'South Park' Are Eroding Russian Patriotism

November 21, 2022
Russia | Special Dispatch No. 10329

The fallout of the withdrawal from Kherson continues and for columnist Alexandra Ganga of, an outlet associated with the nationalist ideologue Aleksander Dugin, the greatest shock has been the reaction of Russia's megalopolises to the event. They are indifferent to this tragedy. For Ganga as for Dugin, the problem is that Russia has lost its cultural moorings and is still enslaved to Western cultural values. In perhaps a criticism of Putin, Ganga while praising the legislation on cultural values, notes that state channels in pursuit of ratings are still screening programs that debase moral values. She warns that unless censorship is enforced, Kherson will be merely the prelude to further Russian defeats and Russia's national extinction.

Ganga's column follows below:[1]

A South Park episode in 2012 calling for the freedom of the punk rock group Pussy Riot who received sentences for "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred" after they staged a prayer at a Moscow cathedral calling for the ouster of Putin (Source:

Kherson must become the point of no return for every Russian. But in the meantime, we are forced to observe Russia's largest megalopolises live as if there were no SVO [the Special Military Operation]: against the background of the battles and deaths of our heroes, large cities are mocking the SVO and behave outrageously.

The SVO in Ukraine continues, bringing both good and bad news each day. The [Russian troops'] retreat from Kherson, which is a Russian city not only historically, but also legally, came as a true blow and tragedy for many. And while some fight spilling their blood, volunteer or relentlessly worry about events at the front, others frankly don't care. This is Russia's problem, and it must be addressed immediately.

Save Our Souls

Hostilities in Ukraine began not today, not yesterday, and not on February 24th, 2022. They have been ongoing since the coup d'état in Kyiv, since the Donbass uprising against the new incarnation of Nazi ideas, i.e., against those who dreamed of exterminating the Russian population, after failing to conquer it.

But, as it turns out, for a part of contemporary Russian society, even such a proximate war has proven to be very a distant one. Today's events should've affected all of us, should've facilitated a consolidation against a backdrop of threats, which have been delineated so clearly as never before. But, in reality, this didn't not happen to a sufficient extent.

Recently, State Duma deputy, Alexander Khinstein quite aptly noted that the SVO is being conducted not only on the battlefield, but also in people's minds. What can we expect from citizens who are being shown only obscene low brow shows on television and the Internet expanses?

For instance, actor, Vyacheslav Manucharov in his social networks drew attention to one of the "TNT" TV channel's airs. The channel has long been pushed to shut down the odious "House-2" reality TV show, and when, so it seemed, children and adults were finally safeguarded from such a humiliating show, a new project appeared on the air.

Qausi-family show simply got rebranded, and viewers [had a pleasure to watch during one episode] as a mass braw, erupted between several men accompanied by a flood of obscenities and insults.

Are such scenes on the air presumed to be part of civic identity education and unity among young people? Seriously, though, this is some form of horror and nightmare. It seems to me that such ardor and spunk, would come in handy on the front lines today, noted Manucharov.

TNT, as well as other assets of the Gazprom-Media holding, which have been long promoting non-traditional values and "below the belt" humor, has been repeatedly criticized. However, one can find vulgarity and immorality also on other, federal channels. Only a few sane people have not been horrified and clutching their heads at at the sight of shows on the state-run TV channel "Rossiya 1". Fights during [presenter] Andrei Malakhov's broadcasts are not a rare occurrence, but rather the rule.

Andrei Malakhov (Source:

The problem doesn't lie with television alone. The streets of megalopolises are covered with advertisements for dubious shows and "phenomenal" commercial projects? For instance daughter of singer, Dmitry Malikov opened a boutique, yet another "patsanka" [i.e., tomboy] is being reeducated during yet another TV show on "Friday" TV channel (naturally the show is full of incessant swearing on part of this "actress." It's time to sound the "SOS" signal, i.e., save our souls.

To Oppose The SVO, For The Sake Of Mockery?

The so-called "millionaire-views bloggers" are also not always aware of their responsibility for the content they promote. Young and successful, they become an example for young people. Children watch their lives and listen to the opinions of their "idols."

The Internet spawned [rapper Alisher] Morgenstern, [singer] Instasamka, [actress and presenter] Nastya Ivleeva, and many other "stars," mostly infamous for scandals, disputes with the Roskomnadzor [The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media], complaints from parents of schoolchildren, and foul language used during the airs. Ivleeva, who was one of the first to declare her categorical disagreement with the SVO, before that having ignored the murders in Donbass for 8 years, and managed to receive a portion of criticism for her dubious projects as well.

Alisher Morgenstern (

How much did the show about transvestites "Royal Cobras," cost where men in female dresses performed on stage. Many domestic artists expressed their negative attitude towards such "content." For instance, producer Maxim Fadeev wrote that he could not recall a more tasteless, ugly, and disgusting show in his life.

However, this project was supported by Ksenia Sobchak, who is a longtime supporter of everything non-traditional and Western. She is also infamous for her kiss with Ivleeva.

The scandalous drag show, naturally, failed miserably, but it made a lot of noise, which may have been yet another "straw" in the [recently passed] decision to completely ban perversions in Russia. (We've highlighted in detail this struggle, which was underway for several years, in a special section on the "First Russian" website).

But failure and public bad-mouthing of her country didn't stop the blogger from continuing to earning money in Russia. Recently Ivleeva has turned to TV, where she decided to look for a husband in a new project. The bloggeress will choose among 50 men. And this is happening against the background of the President's approval of the "Fundamentals of State policy on Preservation and Strengthening of Traditional Spiritual and Moral Values..."

As the philosopher, Alexander Dugin stressed, establishing a state policy to preserve Russian values is an important step. He elaborated it with the idea that Russia's salvation lies in its own ideology, not on an ideology imposed from without.

"Provided we want to win this deadly war against the ultimate adversary, i.e., the West, we must pull ourselves together and feel the pain. If we won't feel the pain, we'll receive another blow. If we fail to realize what is happening this time, it means that we await the next blow. We will retreat, surrender our positions, our cities, lose our people, betray the people, who believed in us," stressed Dugin.

We need to understand an important point that was made in the State Duma: there are no plans to introduce censorship and bans (although we, often, need them more than ever), but the need to regulate the information space is apparent. The West, in its schizophrenic fear of appearing intolerant, has gone beyond all bounds of reason and tolerance.

Scenes promoting same-sex marriages and even pedophilia have already been recorded on our television, what's more, they have been shown not in 18+ programs, but in children's programs and cartoons. For instance, the cartoon titled "Pepa the Pig" demonstrated a family of bears consisting of two mothers, and in "South Park," which, although aimed at an older audience albeit still minors, a pedophile chef works at the school.

During the period of total liberalization and attempts to imitate the US and Europe after the collapse of the USSR, delay-activating "time bombs" were covertly planted in Russian society, corrupting new generations and destroying a healthy attitude towards their own values and traditions.

Why is it that since the launch of the SVO, some people became ashamed of being Russians? It's exactly because of what they have been told for years, isn't it? "To be a patriot is shameful, you are a vatnik [a slur identifying people, who strongly believe Kremlin propaganda], to be Russian is shameful, you are an invader."

Already today. the fruits of such policy are visible. And, as Dugin noted, if Russia follows a criminal path and advances ever further upon it, until everything collapses and doesn't return to its own ideology, failures will follow, not only on the battlefield under the SVO, but the country itself will cease to exist. And the loss of Kherson will seem to be only the first step into the abyss.

Alexandra Ganga (Source:


[1], November 17, 2022.

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