September 28, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10816

Russian Media Outlet 'Logical Response' To 'Washington-Seoul-Tokyo' Alliance Is Creation Of 'Moscow-Beijing-Pyongyang' Alliance, Hopes For Alliance With Iran

September 28, 2023
Russia | Special Dispatch No. 10816

Commenting on the recent visit of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to Russia, nationalist Russian media outlet suggested that the "logical response" to an "Eastern NATO" formed by the Washington-Seoul-Tokyo is the creation of a Moscow-Beijing-Pyongyang alliance. expressed a hope that this anti-West alliance will also be joined by Tehran: "If a similar alliance will be concluded in the south with Iran, whose objective interests coincide with ours almost completely, then we can be calm about the Transcaucasia as well. And everything will be much safer in Syria. Turkey will certainly not go to war against Iran and Russia. Then, we will see who gets whom."


Below are excerpts of's article:[1]

"Only A Unified Eurasia Can Resist The Expansion Of A Unified West"

"The first thing the Western media started talking about when they learned about Kim Jong-un's upcoming visit to Russia was (oh, horror-horror-horror) North Korean arms supplies to Russia for the special operation in Ukraine. It is only South Korea that can supply weapons to Poles targeting Russia and Belarus, and the West that can send a flood of military aid to Zelensky. Well, that is clearly something 'different.' And DPRK cannot do anything like that. Why? Because they cannot.

"The DPRK has a lot to offer. 'They have a huge stockpile of ammunition. From bullets to tactical missiles. We could use 155-caliber shells, some guns, barrels. After all, our artillery is firing with exorbitant intensity,' says military expert Viktor Baranets.

"Any barrel is designed for a certain number of shots and needs to be replaced. The DPRK has all this in abundance: you can shoot as much as you want. And we could also use unrivaled North Korean self-propelled guns and ultra-long-range modernized Chinese MLRS with a range of up to 400 kilometers.

"However, the main topic of the talks [that took place between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Korean leader Kim Jong Un] is not military supplies, but something more. There are two more important aspects. The first is the creation of a fundamentally new geopolitical reality in Southeast Asia. 'Of course, this is not about selling shells... but about the fact that, in the current political turbulence, the creation of an "Eastern NATO" is underway: Washington – Seoul – Tokyo. The most logical response to it may be the creation of the Moscow-Beijing-Pyongyang alliance. And there is no doubt that Russia and North Korea, equally demonized by the West, are objectively allies. It should be noted that Kim's first visit, after his Covid self-isolation, was not even to China, but to Russia,' Konstantin Asmolov, a senior researcher at the Center for Korean Studies at the Institute of China and Contemporary Asia of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said.

"Let us add to this, the highly publicized summer visit to North Korea by our delegation headed by [Russian Defense Minister] Sergei Shoigu, who handed Kim a personal message from President Putin. About what? Apparently, about the same thing – the need to create a military-political alliance of the three countries. For... only a unified Eurasia can resist the expansion of a unified West. The above-mentioned alliance could become the basis for it."

"Our Western Partners... Have Become Our Worst Enemies"

"And now about the second aspect. Do you remember an Odessa joke? Sarah asks her husband at night: 'Abram, why do you keep tossing and turning?' – 'I borrowed money from Monya, and I'm too sorry to give it back.' The wife knocks on the wall: 'Monya! Abram borrowed money from you. Well, he won't give it back to you!' Sarah then says to her husband: "Sleep, darling, now let Monya toss and turn!'

"So, if you do not want to toss and turn at night from the problems created by someone else, then create problems for him, and let him toss and turn. Note where exactly Kim Jong-un met with Putin: at the Vostochny Cosmodrome.

"They familiarized themselves with the characteristics of the Soyuz-2 and Angara launch vehicles, inspected the launch and assembly and test buildings. Our President said that the DPRK has a serious interest in the development of not only the space program, but also in the corresponding development of rocket technology. For example, Korea can launch its satellites from our space centers using our carriers.

"Now pay attention! By 'rocket technology' we can mean not only space. So why not help the DPRK in this useful endeavor? Especially since we will respond to any Western claims: 'What's the big deal? We are helping our neighboring country to develop its space program.' Let the Americans and their Japanese allies tense up in anticipation of when Kim will test some kind of super-rocket. And who's going to help him make it? You guessed it. And if he does, Kim can strike with it, too. And Russia? Russia will have nothing to do with it, like NATO is doing nothing in Ukraine.

"The prevailing perception of North Korea as some kind of Mordor [within Tolkien's fiction, Mordor is where most of the evil in 'Middle Earth' comes from], where starving people eat grass and the government builds missiles to bomb everyone around them, and the fear of offending the West and the UN are the main reasons why Russia has not yet withdrawn from the idiotic sanctions imposed on North Korea. 'Many aspects of potential cooperation are bogged down in the demonization of North Korea. Take Kim's train with armored cars, which everyone calls an 'armored train'. When Biden rides in an armored Cadillac, we do not say that 'the American dictator moves around the country only in an armored car'!' Konstantin Asmolov rightly remarks.

"But now our Western partners, whom we were so afraid of offending by our friendship with the DPRK, have become our worst enemies, and the UN, which was honored as a guarantor of international law, has become a puppet in their hands. The time to start cooperating with those who want and, moreover, are interested in going so..."

"It Is Time To Finally Break With The Approaches Of The Yeltsin Era"

"This means that it is time to finally break with the approaches of the Yeltsin era and start building our own geopolitical reality – the one we and those with us need. At least, 'Comrade Kim' and 'Comrade Xi' seem to be much more reliable and useful allies in the long run than many of our 'multi-vector' The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) members.

"Kim's visit is turning out to be even worse for the West than it feared. Supplies of North Korean ammunition, Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) and even soldiers are just incidental. Russia will finally stop participating in the idiotic sanctions against the DPRK imposed by the West and will build open allied relations with both North Korea and China. Thereby it will close our eastern borders from any 'second front' and will be able to concentrate its efforts on the Ukrainian direction.

"If a similar alliance will be concluded in the south with Iran, whose objective interests coincide with ours almost completely, then we can be calm about the Transcaucasia as well. And everything will be much safer in Syria. Turkey will certainly not go to war against Iran and Russia. Then, we will see who gets whom."


[1], September 14, 2023. The article was written by Vladimir Khomyakov.

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