January 30, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10446

Russian Foreign Ministry Diplomatic Academy Vice Rector Oleg Karpovich: Russia Will Not Meekly Wait For Western Tanks To Cross Its Borders

January 30, 2023
Russia | Special Dispatch No. 10446

Oleg Karpovich, the Vice Rector Of Russian Foreign Ministry Diplomatic Academy reacts to the U.S. and German decision to supply modern tanks to Ukraine. For Karpovich, this decision is part and parcel of the Western plan to promote Russia's disintegration. According to Karpovich, the West needs a triumph over Russia to offset its massive internal problems and restore confidence in U.S. hegemony.

The article, titled "Tank Adventurism," states that the West is woefully mistaken if it believes it can dictate the rules of escalation to Russia. Alluding to former President Dmitry Medvedev's warning that the West risks nuclear war, Karpovich declares: "We won't wait meekly for German and American tanks to cross our constitutionally established borders."

The full text of the article follows below:[1]

German Leopard tanks (Source:

"The simultaneous decision by the U.S. and the FRG to supply Ukraine with 'Abrams' and 'Leopard' tanks is definitively changing the nature of the Ukrainian crisis. The numerous statements by the Western representatives that, ostensibly, they still observe some 'red lines,' are shattered by reality's harsh truth. All the new hysterical efforts to inflict on Russia 'defeat on the battlefield' as promised by Josep Borrell, the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, are woven into the fabric of a coherent concept, whose essence is absolutely clear.

"Western leaders aren't prepared for peaceful coexistence with Moscow and see in maintaining the viability of Kyiv's project a clear path for promoting the disintegration of the Russian state. The voices of the few nominal pragmatists, like French President Emmanuel Macron, are drowned out by a harmonious chorus of Russophobe politicians, who see the conflict as a chance to achieve the dreams that have been ripening for centuries, not just a few decades.

"The forcefulness with which the most radical part of the anti-Russian coalition is promoting this 'tank adventurism' is no coincidence. The current confrontation is taking on an existential character for the U.S. and Europe. The backlog of accumulated internal problems, clearly manifested in the political crisis in Britain, in the panicked evacuation from Afghanistan, as well as in the storming of the U.S. Congress by the supporters of Donald Trump, is such that a collection of slogans and public relations tricks won't change the course of events.

"The collective West needs a unifying triumph that will, at least temporarily, force critics of the old globalist paradigm to make their peace with the rigidity of the system built by Washington. In this respect, Ukraine proved to be a convenient tool that can be used creatively in attempts to restore the unipolar world order.

"The continuing deliveries of heavy weaponry to Vladimir Zelensky's regime have a simple tactical goal, i.e., to build up the capacity of the Ukrainian armed forces to be able to break through to Crimea and occupy the peninsula, which, according to the authors of the corresponding plans, should lead to a crisis inside Russia. In the following stages [of this plan], the main burden will fall on the national traitors and 'useful idiots' within the country, after which the Russian state will cease to exist—this is discussed almost explicitly—while remaining parts of Russia will be led by members of the 'governments in exile' that are already being gradually created. We often underestimate our geopolitical opponents' determination to implement the seemingly most irrational and absurd policies. The desire, as they sometimes put it, to 'reformat Russia' prevails over common sense and the voice of reason.

"But our former pseudo-partners forget that, as Dmitri Medvedev rightly pointed out, nuclear powers do not lose [wars]. The strange attempts to raise the stakes to the limit and to conduct the conflict in keeping with the mid-20th century rules ignore the fact that only the infinite patience of the Russian people and leadership, coupled with a fraternal love for the residents of the historical Little Russia [Ukraine], have so far prevented Moscow from taking more decisive steps.

"Without a doubt, Russia's traditional strength lies in its ability to avoid succumbing to provocations and to evade risky escalation, which could endanger thousands, if not millions, of civilian lives. However, we won't wait meekly for German and American tanks to cross our constitutionally established borders. If the West plans a transition to fighting without rules, it is worth recalling that in this discipline Russia, as everybody knows, is without equal. They expect to see an inter-state 'tank biathlon' tournament, but, in the end, will get an asymmetric response that will settle the matter of restoring Pax Americana forever, while simultaneously putting an early end to the epic of the disgraceful Ukrainian project that has only brought pain and suffering to the inhabitants of the native Russian lands."

Oleg Karpovich (Source:


[1], January 26, 2023.

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