November 16, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 9034

Qatari Journalist: Normalization With Israel Furthers Zionist Goal Of World Domination

November 16, 2020
Qatar, United Arab Emirates | Special Dispatch No. 9034

Following the normalization agreements signed recently by Israel with the UAE and Bahrain, Qatari journalist Jaber Muhammad Al-Marri published an antisemitic column in the daily Al-Sharq, claiming that the agreement  serves the Zionists' goal of taking over the world and warning Arab countries to resist the any attempts by the UAE to seduce them into signing similar agreements with Israel. To illustrate the cunning of the Jews, Al-Marri told the story of a rabbi who showed one of the kings of France how the weak Jewish rooster defeated its enemies, the strong roosters: he let them exhaust one another and then subdued the last remaining rooster, who by that time was tired and bleeding. Al-Marri added that the strategy employed by Israel in the peace agreements with the Arab countries proves that the Jews are no different from their descriptions in the Quran as violators of agreements who aspire to sow destruction and corruption throughout the world.

(Source:, August 18, 2013)

The following are translated excerpts from the article:[1]

"They say that one of the kings of France heard that there was a Jewish rabbi who predicted that one day the Jews would rule the world. The king summoned him and said to him, 'You who are oppressed throughout the world and scattered among the countries, how could you take over the world? Give me some proof [of what you say].' The rabbi replied: 'If you will permit me, your highness, I will ask the ministers and the princes of your kingdom to arrange a cockfight, and for my part I will bring my rooster, who will defeat all the others!' The king was impressed by the Jewish rabbi's confidence, but wanted to [hear] the end [of the story] and to see how the Jews would take over the world, so he agreed to the rabbi's request and commanded all the ministers and princes to each bring a strong rooster to the cockpit so that the gamecocks could fight each other and he could verify the Jewish rabbi's words and pretentious claims.

"Three days later the fight was held. The ministers and princes brought their roosters. The Jewish rabbi arrived with a weak and scrawny cock and place him in the ring along with the others. A fight commenced among the strong roosters, but the rabbi's rooster hid and stayed far away from the fighting, leaving the strong cocks to battle each other until one had beaten all the rest. This rooster [now] stood victorious and swaggered around the ring, [but] his body was exhausted and wearied by the fighting and bleeding. Suddenly, the rabbi's thin and weak rooster emerged, approached the victorious but worn-out cock, leapt at its head, pecked at it forcefully and killed it. [That is how] the rabbi's scrawny rooster won. The Jewish rabbi stood up overjoyed, and said to the king, 'Do you see how we will take over the world?'

"This is the strategy that the Zionist entity employs against our 'mighty' Arab states. The Zionist rooster is scrawny, weak, and bereft of feathers, but he is exempt from every battle with the Arab cocks. [The latter] fight over the chickenfeed in anticipation of the Arab rooster who will achieve first place and win a meeting with the golden Jewish rooster, who spares no effort to drag him into protracted peace negotiations. During [these negotiations] the Arab rooster will share the chickenfeed of his brothers, the Arab roosters, with the Jewish rooster, whose feathers have re-grown and is no longer plucked clean.

"We have not, and [apparently] will not learn our lesson from our past wars with the Zionist entity and from the surrender agreements we signed with [the Zionists] since the Camp David Accords [between Egypt and Israel], the Oslo Accords, and the Araba Peace Treaty [between Israel and Jordan], which proved that the Zionists will never deviate from their description in the Quran as violators of agreements and treaties who constantly strive to [spread] fitna, destruction and corruption in the world. Do the propagandists of surrender fully understand the lessons of the past, or can it be that their hearts are sealed against [these lessons] and we cannot expect honor or good deeds from them?!

"If only the Zionist Arabs could be satisfied with this, and refrain from hurting their religion, their lineage and their principles. But it has come to the point where they harm the countries which have preserved their original identity, their principles and their critical decision not to recognize the Zionist entity, not to normalize relations with it and to demand the establishment of a Palestinian state whose capital is Jerusalem. It seems as though the [Arab] countries that have become Zionist are saying openly, without shame, 'There is no choice but for everyone to become Zionists and renounce their principles,' and make peace [with Israel] in return for nothing but peace, which is what Israel wants, otherwise we [the pro-Israel Arab states] will serve as 'Israel's stick' in the region and [punish] whoever refuses.

"We are at the dawn of the age of sickening Arab 'Zionization' led by the wicked neighbor – the UAE – [in an attempt] to seduce additional Arab states to normalize their relations with the Zionist entity."


[1] Al-Sharq (Qatar), September 22, 2020.

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