October 13, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10862

Poem In Qatari Daily Praises, Encourages Hamas Terrorists: 'Rise Up, Oh Resistance Fighter… Victory Is Nigh; Saddle Your Horses And Charge'; 'Spill The Blood Of Sacrifice For [Islam's] Sake'

October 13, 2023
Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 10862

One day after the massacre carried out by Hamas in southern Israel, in which over 1,300 people were murdered and over 100 Israelis, including women, children, infants and elderly people, were abducted, the Qatari state daily Al-Sharq published a poem glorifying the "resistance" fighters (i.e., the members of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas) and encouraging them to continue fighting for the sake of Islam. 

Titled "Rise Up, Oh Resistance Fighter," the poem, by Al-Sharq columnist Ibrahim bin Hashim Al-Sada, extols the "honorable" and "heroic" actions of the resistance fighters against the "wicked nation." It urges them to "charge" and not to "soften" or "compromise," but rather to "teach the cowards a lesson," "violate the agreements of surrender" and "curse normalization," while stressing that they are shedding their blood for the sake of Islam and that "Islam lives."

The poem in the Qatari daily

The following is a translation of the poem:

"Rise up, Oh Resistance Fighter

Rise up, oh glorious resistance fighter

We award you the medal of heroic combat

Rear up like the terrifying mountains

Be a thorn in the eye of the maligners

Do not heed those who circulate lies

And capitulate to the usurpers

Rise up, oh glorious resistance fighter

Rise like a glowing lamp

To illuminate the darkness

Your struggle has already troubled

The peace of the wicked nation

Your struggle has strung together the [different] peoples, from the Gulf

To the ocean, and nobody could have done it but you

Rise up, oh glorious resistance fighter

Rise up and defend your rights, and do not stop

Do not soften and do not compromise

Violate the agreements of surrender

That were signed by the criminals

Rise up and teach the cowards a lesson

With heroism and honorable deeds

Rise up, oh glorious resistance fighter

Rise up and curse the normalization

And capitulation, for victory is nigh

Saddle your horses and charge

Glory lies at the tip of the sword

Write us a page of glory that will live forever

In the annals of heroism

Rise up, oh glorious resistance fighter

Rise up. This despair

Was caused by turban-wearers[1]

Who deceived their peoples like cattle

The people of destruction that led them to surrender

Rise up, oh glorious resistance fighter

Rise up, this wound will not

Be healed with soft fingers

It is a wound that pains the nation

Of the Islamic religion, but Islam lives

And we spill the blood of sacrifice for its sake

This sanctity is defiled by a group of wretches

Rise up, oh glorious resistance fighter


[1] The reference is to the establishment clerics who serve the Arab regimes and who provided religious sanction to the peace agreements and normalization with Israel.

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