March 12, 2024 Special Dispatch No. 11194

Poem Published In Qatari Daily In Response To American Initiative For Gaza Aid Port Calls On Palestinians To Perpetrate 'April 7 Attack In Tel Aviv'

March 12, 2024
Qatar, Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 11194

In a poem he published in the Qatari daily Al-Watan, Palestinian columnist Samir Al-Barghouti calls on the Palestinians to "cause the outbreak of an April 7 [attack] in Tel Aviv" (i.e., an attack similar to Hamas' October 7 massacre) in response to the U.S. initiatives of parachuting food into Gaza and of building a temporary port there for the delivery of aid. In the poem Barghouti writes that "nobody dies of hunger" and that the Palestinians must "blow up anything within reach," " fill the crossings with fire," and "set the waters of the Mediterranean ablaze, from Rafah [in the south] to Ras Nakura [in the north]." They must also teach their children to "carry gear even as they learn to speak," he writes.

The publication of this poem is part of Qatar's ongoing support for Hamas and of the incitement to violence and terror against Israel in the Qatari media.[1] It is also an expression of Qatar's displeasure with America's Gaza port initiative.

Samir Al-Barghouti (Image: Al-Watan, Qatar)

The following is a translation of the poem:[2]

"Continue The Storm

"O people of Gaza, surround [the enemy] and kindle

A storm in every city.

Do not agree to the sea pier [i.e., the temporary U.S. port]

Or to planes that do not help you [fight]

But only force food upon you.

Be bold and do not be afraid,

For they taught us: 'nobody dies of hunger.'

For [a dish] has already been prepared from the kosher four-legged beasts and the two-legged enemy.

Eat of what Allah wants [you to eat], and cause the outbreak

Of a storm in every town.

'Fear not the tanks.

Stand fast, even naked,

And block the crossings to them

And the villages, the beaches and the platforms.'

Cause the outbreak of an April 7 [attack] in Tel Aviv

And blow up everything within reach

That belongs to the reckless enemy, and rejoice in the storm.

O man of Gaza, fill the crossings with fire.

Set the waters of the Mediterranean ablaze, from Rafah [in the south] to Ras Nakura [in the north].

Arm yourself.

Teach your children to carry gear even as they learn to speak.

When emotions rage,

Do not be afraid! Do not be afraid!

They destroyed homes, schools, hospitals and institutions

So that you would die

But you remained standing.

They starved you so you would die, but you remained standing.

Tighten your grip on Beit Lahiya, Khan Younis, Gaza, Nusairat, Jabalya and Deir Al-Balah, and kindle the storm in Jerusalem.

The men of Hamas and [the Palestinian Islamic] Jihad are loyal to their commitment to Allah. They will not compromise for a piece of bread, even if their lips are parched.

Abu Obeida is well and [Muhammad] Deif is well,

The leadership abroad is well

And the martyrs are well.

Continue to resist and kindle the storm in Ramallah!!

Fear not! This is Gaza. It remains standing even as the fires of Hell pour onto it.

This is Gaza. Fate has never caused it to bend its back.

It bends [only] to help the struggling nation

Complete its goal-oriented task.

O Gaza, the nightingale coming from [Beit] Hanoun told me that victory is nigh, for nobody can defeat those whom Allah supports.

O Gaza, the nightingale coming from the Dahiya [in Beirut] told me

That South [Lebanon] of Nasrallah will meet the south of [Muhammad] Deif-Allah

So continue the storm."

The poem in the Al-Watan daily



[1] On the incitement in the Qatari press, see MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 11154, Incitement Against Israel In Qatari Press Continues: Only More Attacks Like October 7 Will Restrain It; The Conflict Will End Only With Disappearance Of Israel, February 28, 2024. For further examples of incitement by Al-Barghouti in Al-Watan, see MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 10915 - Article in Qatari Daily 'Al-Watan': The War In Gaza Is A War To End The Zionist State; Israel Is Attempting To Delay The Elimination Of The Jews, But Allah's Servants Will Be Victorious – October 29, 2023; Special Dispatch No. 10838 - Column In Qatari Al-Watan Daily: Hamas Attack On Israel – Like Prophet Muhammad's Attack On Jews Of Khaybar In 628 – October 9, 2023.

[2] Al-Watan (Qatar), March 10, 2024.

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