July 27, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10727

Palestinian Columnist: Arab Media Would Do Better To Examine Suppression In Their Own Countries, Rather Than Gloat Over The Political Crisis In Israel

July 27, 2023
Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 10727

In his July 25, 2023 column in the Palestinian Al-Quds daily, Hamdi Faraj addressed the Arab media's coverage of the protests in Israel, describing the coverage as bordering on gloating and expressing hope that the situation in the country will deteriorate into civil war. He urged the Arab journalists to examine the judicial systems in their own countries rather than echo the reports about the Israeli judicial system. He also suggested that they consider how in 30 weeks of demonstrations in Israel not one protester has been killed, while in demonstrations in Arab countries dozens, if not hundreds, are killed, and why in the Arab world not one leader or relative of a leader has ever stood trial for corruption, as happens in Israel.

Hamdi Faraj (Source:

The following are translated excerpts from Faraj's column:

"The Arabs' jaws drop in amazement at what is taking place in Israel, the country of their enemies. They lift their arms to the sky [in supplication to] Allah to sow ever more division among [the Israelis], to destroy their unity, to divide their ranks... to usher them into the furnace of a civil war, as have been experienced for many decades in many of their own countries, and are still ongoing in some, such as Sudan, Yemen, Libya, etc.

"The Arabs refuse to examine the reasons for these protests and demonstrations – [now marking]  about seven months, [that is,] 30 weeks – which are connected to what the [Israeli] government calls judicial reform, while the opposition calls the destruction of democracy. Almost all the Arab media echo these reasons [for the protests], but forget or ignore the situation of the judicial system in their homelands, which is closer to divine decree and to an obedient servant dragged behind the ruler...

"Over the past century [in the Arab world], we have never heard of a ruler or any of his relatives being brought to trial despite his multifaceted corruption [as happens in Israel]... The Arab media – broadcasters, reporters, commentators, and editors – speak extensively about the Israeli Supreme Court and the blow to its authority, while never once asking themselves: What about our Supreme Courts, in numerous Arab countries?

"Have the Arabs asked themselves, throughout the 30 weeks of these protests, why not one demonstrator has been killed, as happens when our protests are suppressed? Why does suppression [of protests in Israel] end with water cannons – while in our [countries] it is the cannons on tanks that are responsible for suppressing our demonstrations, felling dozens if not hundreds; [additionally,] a curfew is imposed and campaigns of arrests, imprisonment, and torture are launched, [to the point where] participating in a demonstration becomes a kind of enterprise of mortal danger..."[1]


[1] Al-Quds (East Jerusalem), July 25, 2023.

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