November 28, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 5069

Muslim Brotherhood On Operation Pillar Of Defense: Antisemitic Statements, Calls For Jihad Against Israel

November 28, 2012
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 5069

Following the assassination of 'Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades Commander Ahmad Al-Ja'bari and the launch of operation Pillar of Defense, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (MB) were prominent in leading popular anti-Israel sentiment and calls to sever diplomatic ties with Israel,[1] in contrast to President Morsi's commitment to the peace agreement.[2] The MB staged protests outside mosques throughout Egypt in solidarity with the Palestinians.[3] In the Al-Qalyubia governorate, for example, the MB and its political party organized a protest at which participants bore anti-Israel placards and preacher Muhammad Ragab called "to raise the banner of jihad against the tyrannical, invading and wicked sons of apes and pigs [i.e., the Jews], and to unite against the enemies of Allah."[4]

The MB's official website took part in this campaign in two main ways:[5]

  1. Publishing articles and reports calling to wage jihad against Israel and follow in the path of the martyrs, and to prepare for attacking Israel and expelling the residents to the countries from which they came.[6]
  2. Publishing articles with Western and Islamic antisemitic motifs that describe the Jews as agreement-violators who deceive the entire world. Some articles referred to the "Zionists" but described them in terms usually applied to Jews, such as "apes and pigs," "infidels," "scum of the earth," or "prophet murderers."

Calls for jihad and antisemitic motifs were also heard from MB General Guide Dr. Muhammad Badi', who quoted the hadith of "the rocks and the trees" – a known Muslim antisemitic motif that is included in the Hamas charter, according to which the Muslims will fight and kill the Jews before the Day of Judgment.[7]

The following are excerpts from some of these publications by the MB and its general guide:

1. Calls For Jihad Against Israel

During Pillar of Defense, the MB thanked Allah for the death of Israelis killed by rockets, and called for jihad against Israel. The official MB Facebook page reported joyously on the deaths of Israelis. On November 15, 2012, the official MB Facebook page celebrated the death of three Israeli civilians killed by a rocket that hit a house in Kiryat Malakhi: "Allah akbar and praise to god, three Zionists were killed and five others were injured in a blast at a three-story building in Kiryat Malakhi from resistance rockets."[8]

MB General Guide: "Jihad To Liberate Palestine Is The Duty Of Every Muslim"

In his November 22 weekly sermon, published on the MB website after the declaration of the Gaza ceasefire, MB General Guide Muhammad Badi' said: "The Palestinian cause is one of the most important causes, and it is not just the business of the [Palestinian] Authority, the Palestinian [people] or the Arabs. Rather, it is the most crucial matter in the life of every Muslim, one which unites all Muslims regardless of the conflicts between them – [for] every Muslim [is willing to] fight and to sacrifice his life and his property for the sake of restoring it [to Muslim hands]...

"Oh Muslims everywhere, oh world! Hear us when we make a clear and resounding declaration: the Palestinian cause has [several] clear and well-known parameters that are not subject to bargaining, negotiation or concession, [namely] four principles that cannot be changed, as follows:

"1. Palestine and Jerusalem are sacred Muslim land and part of the faith of the Muslim ummah. Giving up any part of them is giving up the culture and faith of the ummah and is a great sin.

"2. The Palestinian cause has been given as a trust to every Muslim; defending it is a religious duty while neglecting it is a crime against the faith and a mark of shame on the brow of humanity...

"3. Relinquishing any part [of Palestine] to the Jews, or to anyone else, or even granting any non-Muslim rights [in it, is also forbidden], for it is not the property of any man, element or state since the Muslims conquered it and Allah confirmed [our possession of] it.

"4. Waging jihad to restore it is a personal duty incumbent upon every Muslim, Arab or non-Arab, for all [Muslims] are required to protect the holy places, chief among them [Jerusalem]... That is agreed among all the Muslim scholars..."

"The Tree Of Jihad Bears Fruits Of Heroism, Honor, Freedom, And The Restoration Of Land"

"Oh world, since the state of the Zionist entity was founded, much blood has been spilled in the region, and this stream of blood will not stop as long as [Israel] continues usurping Palestinian land. Know that the Muslim and Arab nation will not rest until it wins back all of Palestine, no matter what price it must pay in lives and money. Oh Zionists, do not be misled by your own might, for it is an illusion that will bring you no benefit whatsoever. Don't think that killing a commander will bring you security or plant despair in the hearts of the jihad fighters. On the contrary, every time a hero dies, you realize his noblest wish [namely to become a martyr], and a thousand [other] heroes take his place. The blood of the martyrs waters the tree of jihad, and it sprouts new branches and leaves and bears fruits of heroism, honor and freedom, [heralding] the restoration of land and the sanctities and the protection of honor... The Muslims must act to win back Palestine by every means, chiefly by preparing force...

"Oh Muslims, let us unite and purge the land of the imperialist oppressors and win back the holy places and the stolen land. Oh Muslims everywhere, support your brothers in Palestine, give them what they need and help them in all the international forums. Be careful not to fall for the great game of deception called 'peace agreements.' It should be enough for you that decades of negotiations have yielded no recognition of the [Muslim] presence in Palestine, because your enemy knows nothing but force…"[9]

Articles On MB Website: We Must Prepare To Attack The Zionists In Their Home

The MB website also published articles calling for jihad against Israel. Khalid Ibrahim, a regular columnist on the website, wrote: "I say to you, residents of Gaza and all Muslims, that the Zionist tide has peaked and turned, and it will never again be able to do what it did in the Al-Fourqan War [i.e., the Gaza War] of 2008 and in Operation Stones of Shale [i.e., the recent Gaza offensive] in 2012. Therefore, we can now say what our commander, [the Prophet Muhammad], said during the Battle of the Tribes: 'Today we attack the Zionists, instead of them attacking us.'[10]

"Therefore, we now have no choice but to take the initiative and attack them in their home, for the best form of defense is attack. We have no choice but to give serious thought to how we can attack the Zionists and liberate Palestine – that Muslim waqf [land] left to us by our mighty forefathers – and how we can liberate our Al-Aqsa Mosque, the first of the two qiblas and the third [most important mosque] after the two holy mosques [in Mecca and Medina]... This question should concern anyone who believes in the Koran and in the sura of Al-Isra, which promises a second attack by the Muslims on the Jews in which they will destroy all that [the Jews] have conquered [Koran 17:7]...

"I myself cannot supply a sufficient and adequate answer to this question, but nothing prevents me from raising a few ideas that might benefit those in charge of these matters, or, [more accurately,] those whom Allah has placed in charge of these matters. We should consider the following issues:

"The heroic jihad fighters – their number and their psychological, academic, practical, physical and weapons training.

"The necessary assault weapons – the kind and amount of weapons necessary to achieve a decisive victory in this crucial war, and the possibility of supplying the mujahideen with these weapons.

"An ingenious strategic plan to surprise the enemy, paralyze his ability to think and crush his forces so that he is easily eliminated and driven out of our land in a state of wretchedness and defeat.

"Supplying [the forces with] ammunition, fuel, vehicles, communication devices, etc.

"Dealing with the international community and neutralizing it during the battle, or else ending [the battle] before the traditional enemies of our ummah can act.

"Ways of evacuating the Zionists from Palestine and returning them to the lands from which they came, [such as] Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Ethiopia, etc.

"Finally, let me point out that this article was written during Operation Stones of Shale, not after it ended."[11]

2. Antisemitism On MB Website

Badi' Cites Antisemitic Hadith Of "The Rocks And The Trees"

In his November 20, 2012 weekly lesson at the 'Amr bin Al-'Aas Mosque in Cairo, MB General Guide Dr. Muhammad Badi' cited the hadith of the Rocks and the Trees, which is a recurring motif in antisemitic Muslim discourse. This oft-cited Prophetic hadith states that, before the Day of Judgment, the Muslims will fight the Jews and kill them, and the fleeing Jews will hide behind rocks and trees, which will speak out and say: "Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah – there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him."[12] Badi' said: "We strengthen the pure hands of the jihad fighters in Gaza and we stand behind them. We stress that the victory Allah promised will be achieved with His help. We must have total faith in Allah's promise regarding defeating our enemies in order for this promise to be fulfilled, just as the Jews believe that the rocks and trees will point to them and tell the Muslims that a Jew is hiding behind them, except for the Gharqad tree, which is why they plant many of them. That is why Muslims must trust Allah's promise…"[13]

Articles On MB Website

The Jews Are Violators Of Treaties

In an article on the MB website, Dr. Muhammad 'Ali Dabour, a researcher of Islamic history and culture at Cairo University and a member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), wrote: "Throughout all of history, the Jews have failed to keep their word. They always employ a double standard and act in their own interests, even if it means destroying the entire world. That is what history has taught us… Breaking agreements and treaties is easier for [the Jews] than drinking water or breathing air. Such are the Jews. Such is Jewish nature. Though they flatter, act hypocritically, and embitter the entire world, we Muslims must not be deceived by them...

"How can the Zionists expect us to keep our agreements with them when they are the first to violate their agreements with us, attack our soldiers and borders and kill our sons in Egypt and Gaza?... Since the revolution, the situation has changed, the positions have changed, and the Egyptian people has taken on [the role] of decision-maker, and it does not accept humiliation and shame. The Zionists must understand that the new Egypt is not like the old. They must think a thousand times before angering the Egyptians, and if they still do, they must face the consequences of their actions...

"This reminds us of the Prophet Muhammad's position on the Jews… He remained beholden to and upheld the agreement [he made with the Jews], but the Jews of the [Banu] Qaynuqa break the agreement with the Messenger of Allah, as a result of which he exiled them from the city [of Medina]. The same was the case with [the Jews of] the Banu Nadhir tribe… and the Jews of the Banu Qarayza tribe, who betrayed the Muslims…[14]

"Today the situation is different. Since the revolution, we have said more than once that the Camp David Accord is not sacred, and that many of its articles must be reexamined in order to make it benefit both sides..."[15]

Article On MB Website: The Koran Indicates That The Sons Of Zion Are Murderers Of Prophets, Destroyers Of The Land, Traitors And Cowards

Walid Shalabi, former head of the da'wa section on the MB website, wrote: "The bloody and racist history of the Zionist entity is known to all… The actions of the sons of Zion in Gaza come as no surprise. The Holy Koran already told us that [the Jews]:

- "Are warmongers who corrupt the land – 'Every time they kindled the fire of war [against you], Allah extinguished it. And they strive throughout the land [causing] corruption, and Allah does not like corrupters.' [Koran 5:64]

- "Murder prophets, preachers and decent people – 'Those who... kill the prophets without right and kill those who order justice...' [Koran 3:21]

- "Violate agreements – 'The ones with whom you made a treaty but then they break their pledge every time, and they do not fear Allah.' [Koran 8:56]

- "Are traitors – 'And you will still observe deceit among them, except a few of them.' [Koran 5:13]

- "Are cowards – 'They will not fight you all except within fortified cities or from behind walls.' [Koran 59:14]

"This is how the Holy Koran described them, and this is how they are known to every Arab and Muslim who loves his homeland and defends it and its causes, and to anyone who defends truth, justice and equality among those who seek freedom in the world. Allah honors the martyrs by letting them give their lives and climb the ladder of glory and majesty. Every one of us awaits his turn to join the procession of admirable martyrs who etch their names and histories in glowing letters, eager to please their maker..."[16]

Article On MB Website: The Zionists "Have Gathered From All Over [The World] and Come To This Blessed Land [Palestine] So As [To Enable] Their Mass Killing"

Journalist 'Omar Shamakh wrote on the MB website: "Due to my concern and sorrow at what is happening to the residents of Gaza... I am happy about what will soon happen. I am sure that the end of the criminal Zionists is near. I have no doubt that in a few years they will be gone from our land, the land of our sons and fathers, the land to which the Prophet Muhammad arrived on his Nightly Journey. [This is] a people cursed by Allah, [who said]... 'Cursed are those who disbelieved among the Children of Israel by the tongue of David and of Jesus, the son of Mary. That was because they disobeyed and [habitually] transgressed. They used not to prevent one another from wrongdoing that they did. How wretched was that which they were doing' [Koran 5:78-79].' Even if they have the upper hand today, tomorrow they will surely be defeated... They have gathered from all over [the world] and come to this blessed land so as [to enable] their mass killing, so that not [a single] Zionist will remain on the face of the Earth to spread corruption. Allah does not like corrupters.

"The Zionists... rejoiced in America's support for them, and consequently considered Arabs and Muslims to be weak, and struck the Palestinians with their advanced weapons. This is no wonder, since they have neither a heart nor a faith. They are used to sparking fitna and war. But Allah lies in wait for them... and this assures us that they will ultimately meet the same fate as all arrogant people who do not believe in the Day of Judgment.

"I am certain that Allah supports his soldiers and servants, the jihad fighters... and that He will grant His might and grace to His righteous servants who have believed and been patient, and who have carried out jihad for the sake of Allah with their property and lives... [The Zionists, who are] the scum of the earth, akin to apes... and who now harm the descendants of Muhammad in this world, will return to their situation of old and [suffer] what Allah decreed for them: humiliation, degradation, persecution and abandonment. This is because they are hypocritical infidels... Therefore, [the Zionists] will not last in the face of the mujahideen's strikes. We will soon hear that many of them died from the Qassam rockets. They will scatter like rats to the countries from whence they came, and we will not hear of [a single] one of them [managing] to withstand the mujahideen.

"All these quotes [from the Koran] herald the complete end of the Zionists and the return of Palestine and Jerusalem to its people, the Muslims. The U.S., which unconditionally supports this orphan state, will not continue to exist, and the world will change with every passing minute: What was acceptable yesterday will not be acceptable today or tomorrow... The revolutions in the Arab world have brought with them an abundance of faith in Allah – enough to topple ten states, not [just] one state that is [as weak as] a spider web..."[17]

Article On MB Website: Muslim Preachers Must Expose The Jewish Plots Described In The Koran

In an article posted November 21, 2012 on the MB website, Sheikh Ahmad Hassanein urged Muslim preachers to join the struggle against the Zionists in Palestine and described what they must do to this end. He wrote: "Today our nation is in crisis, and our war against the enemies of Islam, especially the Zionists, is at its peak. Every Muslim must do his part in the struggle against the enemies of Islam, who deceive us night and day. The role of the preachers is to wage verbal jihad, which is one of the greatest duties...

"The duties of the preacher in [promoting] the Palestinian cause are [the following]:

- "Do not ignore Palestine in your sermons...;

- "Follow the daily events and refer to all the [hardships] suffered by our [Palestinian] brothers, such as siege, deportation, killing and incarceration;

- "Explain the dimensions of the problem and the conflict...;

- "Explain the duty of the Muslims and their role in helping our brothers in Palestine, and teach them how they can help, for instance by waging jihad through [the donation of] money...;

- "Explain the religious laws regarding surrender and explain [the nature of] unjust agreements with the Zionist enemy that is not committed to any agreement. What can be expected of a people that sold Allah's verses for a small price? They distorted their scriptures with their [own] hands and violated their covenants with Allah. [So] do you [Muslims] think they will keep their promises to you? That is impossible;

- "Expose the plots of the Jews, for the Koran is the most reliable source explaining them;

- "Describe their crimes and their ambitions to take over the entire world;

- "Explain that the Palestinian cause is an Islamic cause and part of the foundations of our faith, and clarify that our struggle with the Jews is a struggle between truth and falsehood.

- "Answer the dubious claims of the enemies of Islam who call to leave the Palestinian cause to the residents of Palestine [themselves]... and claim that every Islamic state should deal [only] with its own internal problems.

- "Call to boycott Jewish and American products in order to declare economic war against them..."[18]


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