February 28, 2023 Special Announcements No. 1319

MEMRI Russian Media Studies Project (RMSP) Offers Free Subscription To Translated Reports, Analyses, And Videos On The Latest Developments – Including Ongoing Russia-Ukraine Crisis

February 28, 2023
Russia | Special Announcements No. 1319

WASHINGTON, D.C., February 28, 2023 – As the Russia-Ukraine war rages on, we would like to remind readers about the MEMRI Russian Media Studies Project (RMSP). The project publishes up-to-the-minute translations and analyses of statements by Russian political and military officials and leading figures from Russian media and think tanks. Register today for a free subscription to the MEMRI RMSP to follow the latest developments in Russia and Ukraine.

The MEMRI RMSP, launched in 2016, publishes translations from Russian into English and other languages as well as original analysis, in addition to translations of Russia-related media content from Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, Urdu, and Pashto – all with the aim of informing governments, legislatures, media, academia, and the public at large.

Over the last seven years, the MEMRI RMSP has monitored, 24/7, topics including Russia's foreign and domestic policy: Russia-U.S. relations, anti-U.S. indoctrination, cyber war, the rising U.S.-Russia military tensions, Russia-China relations, Russia-Turkey relations, Russia-Iran relations, Russia-NATO relations, the Russia-U.S.-NATO clash over Ukraine, Russia's intervention in Syria, Russia's geopolitical interests, Russia's influence in Europe and its potential allies, Russia's return to the developing world including Latin America, Russia's vision of the post-coronavirus world, Russia's rivalry with the U.S. in the former Soviet republics and in the Arctic, and energy and arms shipments as force multipliers of Russian diplomacy.

On the Russian domestic front, MEMRI has reported regularly on the regime's perception of itself and its domestic critics' perception of it; on the state of the Russian economy; and on the nature of the domestic opposition and the regime's efforts to throttle it.

Examples Of Recent RMSP Reports And Clips:

Russian Arms Control Expert Arbatov: If The START Agreement Collapses, We Return To The Nuclear Uncertainty That Prevailed During The Cuban Missile Crisis - 02/27/23

Members of Russian Christian Orthodox Designated Terror Group Conduct Target Practice, Combat Tactics At Center Providing Training For Civilians To Fight Alongside Russian Forces in Ukraine - 02/22/23

A Video Circulated Online Shows Wagner Fighter Shooting Pictures of Senior Russian Generals to Protest Ammunition Shortage: The Generals Suck – Where Is the Ammunition? - 02/22/23

Leading Russian Economist Nikolayev: Russia Burning Through Its Finances At Alarming Rate, May Soon Have To Take Money From Citizens - 02/21/23

Russia's New Romance With Africa – Major Opportunity Or Consolation Prize? - 02/16/23

Retired Russian Colonel-General Ivashov: One Year Ago, I Warned That Invading Ukraine Will Hurt Russia; The Current Reality Is Much Worse Than I Predicted - 02/14/23

Kommersant Columnist Gurevich: Russia Has Altered The Internet From A Source Of Information To An E-Commerce Venue - 02/14/23

Valdai Think Tank Director Bordachev: China And The US Are Irrevocably Headed To War, But Russia Cannot Dictate Its Timing - 02/13/23

War Propaganda And Ideology At The Edge Of Oblivion - 02/13/23

Russian Journalist And Sociologist Valery Korovin: We Irrigated All Of Europe With Russian Blood, It Belongs To Us; The West Convinced Ukrainians They Are Not Part Of The Russian Nation - 02/03/23

Russian Political Scientist Trukhachov: Austria And Switzerland Are No Longer Neutral – They're Now Part Of Anti-Russian 'Collective West' - 02/10/23

Senior Russian Columnist Rostovsky: Budanov's Appointment As Ukrainian Defense Minister Presages Further Escalation By Ukraine - 02/09/23

A New Segregation: Russians Living Abroad Are Becoming Russia's Lower Caste - 02/09/23

Russian Columnist Popov: Unleash The Russian Bear To Strike Fear In The Enemy So That Even The Americans Hasten To Return Alaska - 02/06/23

Russian Military Expert Konstantin Sivkov: 90 Percent Of All The Difficulties Encountered In The Ukraine Campaign Were Caused By The Politicians - 02/03/23

Commanders Of Muslim Units Fighting Against Russia In Ukraine: We Have A Common Enemy With The Ukrainians; Russia Plunders Our Land, Kills Women And Children - 01/31/23

Wagner Group Recruitment Video Addresses U.S. Veterans: You Gave Your Best Years To America, But Realized That It Is Evil, Destroys The World; Russia Is The Only Country Fighting Evil – Join The Ranks Of Its Warriors Before It Is Too Late For Everyone - 02/01/23

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