November 6, 2016 Special Dispatch No. 6667

Member Of The State Duma International Committee Milonov: 'Clinton Is A Cursed Witch! That's Why Even A Funny Guy Like Donald Trump Looks More Normal'

November 6, 2016
Russia | Special Dispatch No. 6667

Ahead of the US elections, a member of the State Duma's International Committee, Vitaly Valentinovich Milonov was interviewed by Komsomolskaya Pravda's live radio broadcast on Russia-US relations and on his vision of Russian society. Milonov, known for his campaigning against 'gay propaganda', is a former member of St. Petersburg legislative assembly and author of the St. Petersburg law banning the "propagandizing of homosexuality and pedophilia among minors". He became a member of the State Duma for United Russia in the 18 September elections.  

Below are excerpts from Milonov's interview published in Komsomolskaya Pravda on October 22, 2016.:

Vitaly Milonov (Source:

'We Need To Prove Our Right To Be One Of The Leaders Of World Politics'

Q: "...You have been appointed a member of the new State Duma's international committee. Why [particularly] the international committee? Will you exorcise demons throughout the world now?"

Milonov: "We have already scored a series of victories in Russia and now we will strike the enemy on his territory. We do not practice self-restraint in the committee. The Russian world and building normal relationship with our European and other partners - these are subjects very close to my heart." 

Q: "But so far, our relationships with our partners are not that great. And we have gotten entangled in Syria. And there is less and less money in the country..."

Milonov: "If we do not defend ourselves everywhere, our internal problems will cease to exist - together with us. In Syria, we are protecting our national interests. We are a superpower. Otherwise, we will turn into a small state that will have pieces bitten off it, bit by bit." 

Q: "Will we be able to satisfy our appetites financially?"

Milonov: "War always means expenses. War is not a plate of pancakes. We are not Americans who can print millions of tons of dollar bills. But we need to prove our right to be one of the leaders of world politics. We must stand up against the total USA diktat. It has already ruined the lives of many states in the Middle East. So, either Russia will defend its strategic position, or we will be driven into a corner. And one mustn't drive a bear into a corner. That's why we will not leave Syria. We will drive these morons from ISIS...out. This will be our launching ground with our oil..." 

Q: "Where are we going to drive the morons?"

Milonov: "Underground." 

Q: "But the opposition to Assad is now being given a corridor out of Aleppo."

Milonov: "Terrorists always use civilians as a shield. We have provided the corridor in order to demonstrate our good will and openness to the world. Terrorists are in a terrible hysteria, they are squealing like the pigs from CNN what fascists and scoundrels the Russians are. We say - you are welcome to come out. We show that we are a great and kind-hearted country. But this does not stop the hysteria! While this cursed witch [i.e. Hillary Clinton] is trying to get elected as the US president, naturally, the emotions will be high. She knows she is cursed." 

'Boris Johnson Is The Most Horrible Minister'

Q: Vitaly Valentinovich, may I remind you, you are working in the State Duma international committee, you may still have to visit America on business, and you are calling the woman who may be the next US president a witch.

Milonov: So what?! (getting incensed) Can't the US president be a witch? She can. What, should I forget the tears of the Serbs [whom Bill Clinton bombed during his administration] for this? Should I forget the atrocities? I won't forget. We will not forget or forgive. God is not in the strength, but in the truth. They will eat their tears yet. Because what they did in Yugoslavia can't be forgiven. God is no fool, you can't play him for a patsy. They raped the country and now they seem to have forgotten. No, guys. We are like the Chinese - we sit by the river waiting for our enemy's body to float by. And I am saying officially - Clinton is a cursed witch! That's why even a funny guy like Donald Trump looks more normal. He's funny, to be sure, and he has weird hair, and his wife poses naked for photographs - I don't know why...But he says the right things. That America does not manufacture anything anymore. Everything is made in China...And if we only concentrate on our internal issues now, they will strangle us. They will suffocate us with sanctions, will cut us off from SWIFT, for example..." 

Q: "Won't they do it over the war in Syria and Ukraine?"

Milonov: "They won't! They are beginning to be afraid of us. American history is a punch fest: cowboys, sheriffs, etc. And when a country becomes pliable, they say: either you kiss my boots or we will simply not take you into account." 

Q: "In your position in the international committee you will, of course, fight against the world gays."

Milonov: We'll choke them, certainly. It is a very dangerous phenomenon. 

Q: "But how will you talk, for instance, to the British Foreign Secretary? Will you shake his hand? Well, you did shake [British comedian and gay rights activist] Stephen Fry's hand."[1]

Milonov: Boris Johnson is the most horrible minister. He managed to quarrel with everybody. And Fry is, of course, an unfortunate man. Very sick...You know, Christ did not come to the righteous people but to prostitutes, bandits, extortionists, beggars, etc...He came to those who needed to be saved. So do we - Russians - come to save Europe.  

'If You Ask Ukrainians Honestly, Without Propaganda, Most Of Them Would Like To Live In A Unified State With Russia'

Q: "You proposed that one of the patriotic schools should be named after [Russian citizen Arsen Pavlov, known by his nom de guerre] Motorola - the Donetsk commander who was killed. You said Motorola was 'the embodiment, the example of a Russian soldier'. But there are rumors that his shining image was not so shining after all."

Milonov: "Of course, no one is without sin. Motorola is, of course, a generalized character. We do not see him as an individual, with all the details, we see this orphan from Komi as the symbol of a Russian man who cares, who could not be a bystander, and as a result gave his life so that people could lead a more or less quiet life." 

Q: "People in another country."

Milonov: "Is it another country? How is Donetsk different from Rostov? It's not. Why are people in Donetsk considered to be second-rate? Because they were not lucky when three alcoholics gathered together in 1991 [date of the dissolution of the Soviet Union] and signed something? I honestly believe that the Belavezha Accords [the agreement that declared the Soviet Union effectively dissolved and established the Commonwealth of Independent States] are illegitimate. And this division is rubbish." 

Q: "In other words, you, a Duma member, do not acknowledge the current borders of the Russian Federation?"

Milonov: "I can say that if you ask Ukrainians honestly, without propaganda, most of them would like to live in a unified state with Russia. Because it seems they can't build their life in a unified state with other countries [i.e. in the EU]."  

Q: "Is Motorola a good educational example for the students of the school you want to name after him?"

Milonov: "And who is Marshal [Georgy] Zhukov?[2] Let's take any commander during the Great Patriotic War. Many things happened there. And the church says that there is no black and white. We must value what's good in a man and pray for God to forgive him his sins. That's why we mustn't enter into controversy concerning Stalin - whether he is a saint or a demon. He is neither. He committed horrible things. And every day, a true Orthodox believer, when reading the names of the saints, remembers at least one and maybe more holy martyrs who became so 'thanks' to Joseph Stalin's rule. But we also remember that he returned the Patriarch. And this is the essence of the enigmatic, mystical Russian soul that both sins and repents. First we demolish monuments, then put them up again. That's why my attitude to the Ivan Grozny [Ivan the Terrible] monument is also mixed. He is no saint either..."[3]  

'Equate All Debt Collectors To The Most Horrible Gays. It's A New Kind Of Sexual Deviance - Collection'

Q: "Soon you will have to approve the budget that cuts the financing for education and health."

Milonov: "We can spend as much as we want on education, but until we start actually guiding our youth rather than just transferring knowledge from paper to their brains, we might as well not spend any money at all because our system of child education has been destroyed. We have no educational ideology. We must bring up our children on our traditional moral values." 

Q: "What are they?"

Milonov: "Is there a great difference between the traditional moral values of an Orthodox Christian in Yaroslavl or Yekaterinburg, or those of a Muslim somewhere in Bashkiria, near Ufa? There is none. Because the basic values that unite us, those that keep our country from falling apart or from foreigners have existed for many years. And we must not be ashamed of it. But we are always ashamed now, we apologize..." 

Q: "We've heard you have ideas about tax legislation as well."

Milonov: "Do not believe all the leftist con games - they always talk about progressive scale...If we introduce progressive scale, we will lose big taxpayers - they will simply leave. We must make family business easier. Gigantic factories, where 100 thousand people go to work at 7 am, will disappear. The foundation for a megalopolis economy is small businesses. And what do we have? Large corporations. Family business - this is what we must develop now because it means that people will not come to the authorities for money, for free kindergartens - they will provide all this for themselves. And you can send all those tax auditors packing, those who have come to check and re-check, because you are clean, you have paid for the patent and you needn't be afraid that you have forgotten to add a ruble or two and guys from the Department of Economic Crimes will come to grill you..." 

Q: "So, what laws are taking shape in your head?"

Milonov: "First, equate all debt collectors to the most horrible gays. It's a new kind of sexual deviance - collection. It's an especially perverse kind of sadism. Next, deport all foreign prostitutes to Ukraine. Let them go to their Maidan...And it would be good to introduce a certificate of insurance for young girls that would guarantee payment for her childbirths. Because they come here to give birth and then immediately demand to be given an apartment..." 

'[Vice Police Is] 100% Necessary. Just Like Municipal Police'

Q: "Vice police?"

Milonov: "It is 100% necessary. Just like municipal police, it must be revived. Naturally, vice police should deal with moral crimes and it must hunt pedophiles. Possessing child pornography with no intent of distributing it should also become a criminal offence." 

Q: "Why are you so irritated by prostitutes?"

Milonov: "Prostitutes are the scum of society, they are an abomination. Prostitution - it's not only prostitutes but also all those lecherous losers, who are such losers that they are incapable of charming a girl and making her love them, they can only do it for money, you understand?" 

Q: "I understand. They say the same about politicians..."

Milonov: "I agree. I don't want to be spoken about like that, so I try not to do things like that. Moreover, if a Duma member was caught with a prostitute - get out of parliament! Out of civil service! Prostitution, drug addiction - these things should be outlawed!" 

Q: "What will distinguish this Duma from the previous ones?"

Milonov: "This Duma will be different in the most important thing - it cannot sit on the fence. Otherwise, it will become the last Russian Duma. We are on the threshold of great changes - either we will keep ahead of them, use them for the greater good. Or we will be swept away." 

Q: "The State Duma used to be called 'a mad printer'"

Milonov: "Yes, it used to adopt too many laws. Even now, we have 50 draft laws during one session. It is a lot. You cannot adopt 50 laws per day! It's impossible to study them all during this time. And it demonstrates how unsystematic this work is. The Duma should not react as a goalkeeper to draft laws thrown from above. We must not adopt chaotically issued laws (maybe each of them, on its own, is not bad), but entire codes. So that a small business owner could take the relevant code of laws, and that's it. He doesn't have to know anything else."




[1] In 2013, Fry called for a boycott of the Sochi Winter Olympics, because of homophobic prejudice in Russia., August 7, 2013.

[2] Georgy Zhukov was the most successful Soviet general in WW II. He commanded the defense of Moscow and the conquest of Berlin.

[3] In October 2016, the city of Oryol erected Russia's first monument to Ivan IV, known as Ivan the Terrible., October 14, 2016.

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