May 15, 2014 Special Dispatch No. 5743

Major French Islamic Website Joins Trend Of Denigrating Leaders By Calling Them Jewish: Claims Qadhafi Was A Jew

May 15, 2014
Libya, France | Special Dispatch No. 5743

Middle Eastern media often present Arab leaders as "Jews" in order to denigrating them.[1] Recently, this practice was also picked up by,[2] the leading Muslim website in France. On April 21, 2014, this website, which is close to the Muslim Brotherhood, published an article by its most prominent author, René Naba, on the "Jewish origins" of Mu'ammar Qadhafi. The article repeats an old rumor that circulated in the Arab media that the former Libyan dictator was a Jew.

The following are excerpts from the article, titled "Qadhafi: Confessions of his Chief of Protocol."

Qadhafi's Mother Was Jewish

"Qadhafi's mother was Jewish. This information circulated as a rumor, [but now] it has become fact, confirmed by... Nouri Al-Mismari, who served as Libya's chief of protocol in 1982-1990 and later in 1997-2010. Al-Mismari was one of the first top officials to defect, [for which] Qadhafi put a 50 million dollar prize on his head and promised to drown him in a "pool of burning kerosene." He [recently] told the Al-Hayat newspaper: 'Yes, Qadhafi's mother was Jewish.'

"Two members of the colonel's entourage died because they knew the truth... Ammar Daou, then Libya's ambassador to Italy, was assassinated by the Libyan secret services because he wanted to alert Qadhafi to the existence of documents circulating in Italy attesting to this fact. To deflect [the blame], as was his custom, Qadhafi accused the Libyan opposition, "mad dogs paid by foreigners", of being behind the assassination. Saleh Al Farouah – a member of the... team of twelve that was behind the September 1, 1969 coup that toppled the [Libyan] monarchy – suffered the same fate. He was killed in Romania and his murder was disguised as a hunting accident. His assassination took place in 1980 under Nicolas Ceausescu...

Gaddafi Used To Wash His Hands In The Blood Of Gazelles

"The man was eccentric, known for his peevish character, his tantrums and his antics. His sons [too] made headlines in Western newspapers for their escapades. Nouri Al-Mismari reveals an even darker [side of his] character. The man loved gazelles, literally and figuratively. He 'had gazelles killed in order to wash his hands in their warm blood, to which he attributed rejuvenating powers'..."




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