May 15, 2009 Special Dispatch No. 2357

Library Named After Palestinian Suicide Bomber Wafa Idris Inaugurated at a Yemen Children's Hospital

May 15, 2009
Yemen, Palestine | Special Dispatch No. 2357

According to the Yemeni news website, a library and conference hall named after Palestinian suicide bomber Wafa Idris have been inaugurated at a children's hospital in the province of Ibb in southern Yemen. [1] The inauguration ceremony was attended by Yemeni officials, and launched by Samir Al-Kuntar, of the Palestinian Liberation Front, who carried out a deadly attack in Nahariyya in 1974, and was recently released from Israeli prison.

At the ceremony, speakers extolled the resistance and the perpetrators of suicide bombings, and little girls read out texts and poems.

Following are excerpts from the report: [2]

Samir Al-Kuntar: "The Enemy Is Weaker than Cobwebs"

"Freed prisoner Samir Al-Kuntar launched [the inauguration ceremony] of the hall and library named after Palestinian martyr Wafa Idris at the Mother and Child Hospital in Ibb. [The ceremony was] attended by the province's governor, Judge Ahmad Al-Hajri; by Dr. Balqis Abu Isba' of the Kan'an Association for Palestine, which sponsored the event; and by other politicians, prominent figures, and representatives of the health sector. They [all] stood up in honor of the heroine Wafa Idris, a volunteer nurse in the Palestinian Red Crescent, who blew herself up in an act of martyrdom in January 2002, killing one Israeli and wounding some 100 [others]."

Samir Al-Kuntar said at the ceremony: "The Yemenis embody the [ideal] of united resistance, which takes place [everywhere], from Palestine to Yemen, and which emphasizes that the way is long and requires numerous sacrifices like those that have been made in the past. The Yemeni people are expressing their pride in [Wafa Idris] by opening a hall named after her.

"We, the resistance fighters in Palestine and Lebanon, have embarked on a new era, which we call the Era of Victories, since we learned that the [supposed] strength of the oppressive enemy is [merely] a myth that stemmed from the Arabs' weakness and not from the enemy's [actual] strength. The enemy is weaker than cobwebs.

"We await the next battle, which will surely take place, because this enemy cannot admit even for a moment that he has been defeated. Therefore, he will foolishly attack our country again, but I tell you that the mujahideen of the Islamic resistance are well prepared [to meet him], which will gladden your hearts and the hearts of all who support the resistance.

"The Islamic resistance has [so far] been right in everything it has said, so when [Hizbullah secretary-general] Hassan Nasrallah says that the 2006 war was a walk in the park compared to the next battle, he is [probably] right, as usual."

Al-Kuntar thanked the Yemenis, and called on them to stand united, "because, for us, Yemen is the shield of the resistance, and in order to remain strong, it must unite."

Ibb Province Governor Ahmad Al-Hajri said that he was proud "that the Arab nation has stalwart resistance [fighters] like Samir Al-Kuntar, who embodies the [ideal of persisting in] resistance until the goals are achieved." He added, "The large Arab states were defeated and remain defeated, [while] the resistance in the [Palestinian] territories, which have not [even] become a state yet, has become a thorn in the side of the enemy. After the resistance defeated the enemy in Lebanon, with Allah's help and with [the aid of] its martyrs and prisoners, and liberated the Lebanese territories [in 2000], the enemy [also] withdrew from Gaza thanks to the resistance."

IbbProvince Governor: "The Resistance Has a Very Strong Presence Worldwide; Israel Is the One Under Siege"

Ibb Governor Al-Hajri accused Israel of assassinating PLO leader Yasser Arafat and of destroying the Palestinian infrastructures, but stated that "despite this, the resistance and martyrdom have continued, and [Israel's] racist separation fence has failed [to achieve its goals]. That is, the resistance did not surrender but breached the fence and kidnapped [Israeli] soldier Gilad Shalit. The resistance has a very strong presence worldwide, while Israel is the one under siege. Had the Arab states held their heads up and taken advantage of the resistance in Gaza, they would have [been able to] change [the situation created by] the Camp David Accords, among other things."

Dr. Balqis Abu Isba': "A True and Just Peace in the Middle East Will Come Only with the Disappearance of the Oppressive Zionist Entity"

Dr. Balqis Abu Isba' praised Samir Al-Kuntar and Wafa Idris, calling them "emblems of Arab steadfastness," and said: "It is these emblems of martyrdom and courageous steadfastness who will restore to us our occupied lands. What has been taken by force will be restored only by force. It is this approach that will enable the Arabs to hold their heads up [in pride].

"The Palestinian cause was and continues to be the primary Arab cause. A true and just peace in the Middle East will come only with the disappearance of the oppressive Zionist entity, which has violated the sacred and perpetrated the most heinous crimes, and with the restoration of the stolen Arab lands [to their rightful owners]."


[1] Wafa Idris, the first Palestinian female suicide bomber, blew herself up in central Jerusalem on January 27, 2002.

[2], February 23, 2009.

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