January 16, 2013 Special Dispatch No. 5139

Lebanese Liberal: Hatred Of Jews A Basic Principle In Muslim Brotherhood Philosophy

January 16, 2013
Lebanon | Special Dispatch No. 5139

In an article posted January 9, 2013 on, Lebanese liberal Joseph Bishara wrote that hatred of Jews is a basic principle in the philosophy of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). The article came in response to statements by Egyptian senior MB official 'Issam Al-'Aryan, who, on December 27, 2012, urged Jews who had been driven out of Egypt during the rule of Egyptian president Gamal 'Abd Al-Nasser to return to the country in order to make room for the Palestinians.[1] Bishara claimed that this statement, seemingly welcoming the return of Jews to Egypt, was no more than a public relations gimmick.

Following are excerpts from his article:[2]

The MB Is Racist And Antisemitic

"The statements by [Egyptian] MB official 'Issam Al-'Aryan regarding the Jews' return to Egypt must be treated as nothing more than an impulsive remark. Five reasons lead me to claim that his statements were empty words and merely a television spectacle meant to serve [the MB's interests], and do not reflect a change in the MB's hostile position towards the Jews.

"First, the MB's hatred for the Jews is a matter of religious principle, which lies at the heart of its creed and cannot be changed, revoked, or disregarded. Second, the MB, which rose to power under obscure circumstances, is attempting to hide its angry, cold, and extremist face behind a smiling, friendly, and tolerant [mask]. Third, the statements were meant to ease the international pressure on the MB... because of the one-sided and immoral positions it had taken in the drafting and ratification of the constitution, and because of its regrettable positions regarding the justice system. Fourth, [the MB wants] revenge on the Nasserist stream, the philosophical mainstay of the opposition, and wants to shift the legal and moral responsibility for the expulsion of the Jews from Egypt to the driving force behind this stream – the late president Gamal 'Abd Al-Nasser. Fifth, [it wants to] distract public opinion with a secondary issue.

"Needless to say, tolerance toward the other has no place in the MB's agenda. Therefore, how can certain people assume that the MB is tolerant of Jews? The MB is racist and hates the Jews and anyone who believes in Judaism. This is an uncontestable part of its creed and is reflected in extremist directives that appear in the writings of its greatest thinkers.

"This hatred did not emerge in the 20th century or [after] Israel's establishment or the occupation of Arab and Palestinian lands by Israel. This hatred is historic, with roots going back to the inception of Islam. The MB bases its hatred of Jews on the Koranic verse: 'You will surely find that the most intense of people in animosity towards the believers are the Jews and the polytheists... ' [Koran 5:82].

"The MB's position on the Jews is evident in the interpretation of this verse by Sayyid Qutb, who said that the Koran placed the Jews before the polytheists because they had been more hostile to the Muslims throughout history. Qutb also stated that contrary to what moderate Muslims claim, the Koranic description of the Jews is unchangeable and is not dependent upon [circumstances] of time and place.

"As far as the MB is concerned, the text is absolute and fits any time and place; hence, the animosity between Jews and Muslims is eternal, and will never end, whatever the circumstances."

MB Founder Hassan Al-Banna Blamed The Jews For The Holocaust

"The MB's position on the Egyptian Jews is no different than its position on Jews in general; it is the same animosity and hatred. A document titled 'The MB and the Jews,' penned by 'Abdo Mustafa Dsoky for the MB's Wiki [],[3] claims that MB founder Hassan Al-Banna gained fame due to his essays on the character and hidden traits of the Jews.

"[Al-Banna] wrote: 'The Jews of today are the descendants of their warmongering, troublemaking, rabble-rousing, and scheming ancestors. There is no civil war or popular rebellion that does not have the fingerprints of Jews behind it. [The Jews] stoke [wars and rebellions] and work to magnify their effect. It is as though this people wants vengeance upon the entire world for the power it lost due to its stubbornness and the honor it lost due to its materialism. No wrongs have been done them – it is they who do wrong.'

"Al-Banna went so far as to claim that it was [the Jews'] fault that the Nazis burned them in the crematoria during the first half of the 20th century. He said: 'When we examine modern history, we see that Russia, Poland, Germany, the U.S. and other countries were outraged by the plots of the Jews and their games of deception in the politics of these countries – so much so that the Germans took a bizarre stand vis-à-vis the Jewish race.'

"Continuing his hostility to all Jews, without exception, Hassan Al-Banna said: 'Evil gradually grew in the Jewish character. [The Jew] does not value virtue. His only concern is to accumulate wealth in any way possible, even at the expense of virtue, honor, and the principles of exalted morality. That is why [the Jews] grew rich, leading others to impoverishment. They accumulate gold, enabling them to realize their goals and cravings, [to play] deceptive games on rulers, and to thwart the efforts of those who wish to amend things.'

"Al-Banna advised the Jews: 'You wronged the entire world and harmed all peoples. I call upon you to repent so that we do not treat you in ways that run counter to the Torah. Repent before your Maker, kill yourselves, and free the world of the catastrophes that you cause.'"

The Egyptian MB Intimidated the Jews of Egypt

"...It is important to mention here that if there was ever a movement that contributed to terrorizing the Egyptian Jews before they left [the country], it was the MB. The document titled 'The MB and the Jews,' posted on the MB's Wiki, states that the MB newspapers had denounced the actions of the Jews in Egypt, [which included] 'spreading corrupt values in Egyptian society.' The document also states that the MB had monitored 'actions of the Jews in Egypt that indicated their distance from Egyptian society... such as aiding Zionist organizations; selecting the Zionist flag as their symbol; preferring Hebrew over Arabic; wearing hats sporting the Zionist flag instead of wearing the Egyptian turban; publishing foreign-language newspapers that were mouthpieces of Zionism; joining independent clubs with Jewish names, and striking deals with Egyptian newspapers [according to which the Jews would] publish ads [in these papers] in return for [the papers'] stopping their attacks on Zionism.'

"The document further states that the MB believed that any group (even non-Muslim) that failed to fulfill its duty towards the [Palestinian] cause was relinquishing both Islamic and pan-Arab principles. Therefore, the MB believed that the Egyptian Jews had proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were not part of the Egyptian nation, due to their position on the Palestinian issue, which the MB considered one of its most crucial causes.

"This indicates that the MB played a key role in turning Egypt into a nightmare and an unfit environment for its Jewish citizens. [It did this] by indiscriminately leveling accusations [against them], by denying their patriotism, by depicting them as conspirators and traitors, and by demanding an economic boycott against them.

"Given all this, can anyone really imagine that an MB official like 'Issam Al-'Aryan truly believes in the return of the Jews to Egypt? Can an MB official who speaks of the return of Egyptian Jews be trusted, especially when a recording of Muhammad Mursi... has recently surfaced in which he describes the Jews as descendants of apes and pigs?"[4]

"The MB Position On The Jews Has Not Changed; Hatred Is The Linchpin Of Their Position On The Jews"

"Of course not. Under no circumstances can one believe the MB leadership. 'Issam Al-'Aryan did not [in fact] express sympathy for the Egyptian Jews, as it appeared at first glance. He spewed words without showing a shred of proof of his sincerity. The MB position on the Jews has not changed. Hatred is the linchpin of their position on the Jews, despite the statements by Al-'Aryan, despite what Mursi wrote to Israeli President [Shimon Peres], and despite claims by the MB regime that the peace agreements with Israel would be upheld.

"There would have been no reason to rebuke the MB if it had declared its objection to Israel's policies in the occupied territories or its objection to the extremism of several Israeli politicians. After all, everyone objects to occupation and extremism. It should, however, be rebuked for hating the entire Jewish race.

"Here it should be pointed out that the purpose of this article is not to discuss the problem of Egyptian Jews, but rather to expose the shameful position of the MB regarding the Jews in general and the Egyptian Jews in particular, and to expose the true [face] of the MB, which is as racist as other extremist Muslims whose religious lexicon does not contain the word 'tolerance.' Tolerance is a [badge of] honor for the civilized world, but tolerance toward the Jews is a [badge of] honor that the MB, unfortunately, does not merit."


[1] In an interview with the Egyptian Dream TV channel, Al-'Aryan said: "I wish the Jews would return to Egypt in order to make room for the Palestinians. The Palestinians would return to their country, and the Arab Jews would return to their countries [of origin]... The Jews deported by 'Abd Al-Nasser should return... Any Egyptian who left his country has the right to return to it." See MEMRI TV Clip No. 3696, Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Official Issam Al-'Aryan Calls upon Egyptian Jews to Return to Egypt "to Make Room for the Palestinians, December 27, 2012. Al-'Aryan's statement caused a stir in Egypt, and he was accused of serving the interests of the U.S. and Israel. Following these reactions, Al-'Aryan stressed that his call to Jews to return to Egypt was meant to promote the Palestinians' right of return to their country. In one interview he even said that Israel was doomed to disappear within 10 years. About a week after Al-'Aryan's controversial statements, Yasser 'Ali, a spokesman for President Mursi, announced that the president had accepted Al-'Aryan's resignation. According to some reports, however, Al-'Aryan did not resign, but was fired by Mursi., December 31, 2012; Al-Sharq Al-Awsat (London), January 1, 2013; Al-Masri Al-Yawm (Egypt), January 7-8, 2013; Al-Quds Al-Arabi (London), January 8, 2013.

[2], January 9, 2013.

[3] Dosky is an MB activist and writes on the movement's website. For his article on, go here. The second part of the article appears here.

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