April 5, 2016 Special Dispatch No. 6372

Kuwaiti Writer To Muslims: Stop Cursing Jews And Christians In The Friday Sermons

April 5, 2016
Kuwait, The Gulf | Special Dispatch No. 6372

In the Kuwaiti daily Al-Qabas, liberal Kuwaiti journalist Ahmad Al-Sarraf criticized imams who, in their Friday sermons in the mosques, curse their enemies, including the Jews and Christians. Al-Sarraf wondered why Muslims should yearn for Allah to help the mujahideen behead the Jews and Christians, when the Jews and Christians are behind inventions which benefit Muslims- such as cars, trains, planes, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and other vital things, and called on the Muslims to leave them alone and to recognize their superiority in many fields.

It should be mentioned that in another recent article, Al-Sarraf enumerated Israel's advantages over the Arabs in many areas, and called on the latter to learn from the former.[1]

Following are excerpts from Al-Sarraf's article:[2]

Ahmad Al-Sarraf (image:

"'Allah, punish the Shi'ites, the communists, the Jews, and the Christians. Allah, punish the tyrants. Allah, disperse them, weaken them, and bring disasters upon their heads. Allah, facilitate our mujahideen brothers and help them behead them.'

"This is part of a prayer to Allah delivered a few days ago during Friday worship that was attended by tens of thousands of prayer-goers, and took place before dozens of TV cameras.

"This curse leveled by this 'imam' at the Shi'ites is meaningless, because they are [cursed] enough, and I do not think anyone needs to curse the communists, who are already forgotten and dispersed. However, I do agree with this imam's cursing of tyrants - may Allah disperse them - because this is necessary and desirable. No one loves them or sympathizes with them, and may Allah enable our 'mujahideen brothers' to behead them.

"However, I am intrigued by his curse beseeching Allah to also enable our 'mujahideen brothers,' or more accurately, 'ISIS and Al-Qaeda,' to behead the Jews and Christians. It is [the Jews and the Christians] who gave this preacher the prayer mat on which he stands, who invented the microphone through which his curse is heard by hundreds and thousands of people, who provided him with the [heater] that warmed him so he could [stand there] and say what he said, who made the vehicle that drove him to the mosque and will drive him back home; who created his bed and his bathroom, the doors of his home and the locks on his safe, his bath soap, his shoes, his silk clothes, and his wives' jewelry. It was they who also invented and produced the most complex medical instruments and discovered the best serums and drugs, which have healed hundreds of millions of Muslims, and without which they could have died due to lack of care.

"It is these [Jews and Christians], whom [preachers] beseech Allah to enable our 'mujahideen brothers' to behead as one would behead a sheep, who discovered our oil and extracted it from the ground, transported it, refined it, and purchased it from us, paying us hundreds of trillions of dollars, so that we can then be condescending and arrogant, deluge them with horrible curses, and beseech Allah to enable our mujahideen brothers to behead them.

"But if their heads are cut off, who will produce our cars, our trains, and our planes, and who will produce spare parts for them? Who will provide our hospitals with beds and instruments, and with equipment for our various primitive industries? Who will fill our offices with chairs and computers, and our homes with carpets and furniture? Who will treat our patients and heal our eyes, which can no longer see [their] good deeds?

"This preacher is entitled to curse whomever he wants. But leave ...the Jews and Christians... alone. No one - not even the greatest misanthrope - can deny [the Jewish and Christian] advantage and superiority [over us], [or deny] their discoveries and inventions, and, more importantly, their humanism. It is they who, in the course of one single year, have treated and provided shelter for over one million Muslim refugees in their countries - while we refused to accept even a single refugee.

"After all this, how [can] we pray to Allah to enable our 'mujahideen brothers' to behead them?"




[1] See MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 6314, Kuwaiti Columnist: Israel Has Outdone Us In Everything - We Must Learn From It, February 18, 2016. For more articles and statements by Al-Sarraf, see: MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 2551, Kuwaiti Liberal: Persecution of Christians in the Middle East is Tantamount to Ethnic Cleansing, September 21, 2009; Special Dispatch No. 2373, Kuwaiti Liberal: No Hope for Reforms in Kuwait, May 27, 2009; and Special Dispatch No. 2553, Responses in Kuwait to U.S. State Department Report on Human Trafficking, September 21, 2009.

[2] Al-Qabas (Kuwait), February 3, 2016.

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