June 12, 2018 Special Dispatch No. 7519

Kuwaiti Cleric Sheikh Jihad Al-'Ayesh Denies The Holocaust And The Existence Of Gas Chambers: How Big A Bakery Would You Need To Make 50,000 Loaves Of Bread?

June 12, 2018
The Gulf | Special Dispatch No. 7519

Kuwaiti cleric Sheikh Jihad Al-'Ayesh delivered a speech in which he said that the figure of six million Jews killed in the Holocaust was a "historical lie," but that Hitler "knew the truth about the Jews" and therefore began "tormenting and persecuting them." "The Jews were banished, tortured and annihilated because of their deeds. They were not banished for being Jews," he said. In an effort to dispute the existence of gas chambers at Auschwitz, Sheikh Al-'Ayesh, who heads the Bait Al-Maqdis Documentary Studies Center, which has a branch in the Gaza Strip, drew the following analogy: "Imagine that you want to build a bakery. What size of bakery would you need to make 10,000 loaves of bread?... What if you wanted to make 50,000 loaves of bread an hour? You would need a larger bakery. How many ovens would you need to burn six million human beings?" Sheikh Al-'Ayesh's posted his address on his personal YouTube channel on May 26. The video was also posted on the Facebook account of Bait Al-Maqdis Documentary Studies Center.

In the past, Al-'Ayesh has talked about the Rothschild family, which he said had taken an oath to "divide the world and rule it." Al-'Ayesh made the claims that the Rothschild family had introduced usury into Europe in the 17th century, had founded Nietzscheanism, Bolshevism, and Nazism, and now controlled Hollywood, the world's major news agencies, and the price of gold (see MEMRI TV clip no 6180 Kuwaiti Cleric Jihad Al-'Ayesh: The Rothschilds Control Hollywood and Price of Gold, Assassinated U.S. Presidents, Founded Usury and Nazism (Archival)).

To view the clip of Sheikh Jihad Al-'Ayesh on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

"First Of All, The Figure Of Six Million Is A Historical Lie"

Jihad Al-'Ayesh: "Some people have shown up with a new fashion. We used to think that fashion has to do with haircuts, clothes, or lifestyle, but the vogue today is to sympathize with the Jews and to shed crocodile tears about their sorrows, their heresy, and their historical lies. This is, indeed, a new fashion. Some esteemed people shed tears about what the Jews call 'the Holocaust.'


"Did the Nazi annihilation – the Holocaust – target only the Jews? Anybody? The Jews claim that it happened to them alone and that the number of Jews who died in that Holocaust was six million. What we have here are historical errors. First of all, the figure of six million is a historical lie. In addition, claiming that it happened to the Jews alone excludes the non-Jews who were tortured by Hitler. So was it annihilation? Yes, it was. Who did Hitler annihilate? He annihilated a group of races and people, some of whom were even German. Hitler annihilated 400,000 Germans who were handicapped or suffered from chronic diseases. Hitler did not annihilate the Jews only.


"Hitler was not the first in the West to perpetrate a genocide. Inhuman and criminal annihilation runs in the veins of many in the West. Hitler embodies one type of modern Western annihilation. When the Americans occupied the republics of the Indians, they annihilated millions of human beings. It is said that they annihilated 50-100 hundred million, but nobody ever mentions this."


"The Jews Were Banished, Tortured, And Annihilated Because Of Their Deeds – They Were Not Banished For Being Jews"

"Was there annihilation? Yes. Many races were annihilated. The Auschwitz camp, which is in southern Poland, was a major and exceptional camp for detention, torture, and forced labor. Many people were tortured and were starved to death there.


"The Jews were banished, tortured, and annihilated because of their deeds. They were not banished for being Jews. There were Jews in the Islamic countries and caliphates as well, but we never killed them just for being Jews. No, it never happened.

"Hitler and the Nazi state knew the truth about the Jews, and therefore, they began tormenting and persecuting them."


"How Could You Possibly Kill, Burn, Or Annihilate Six Million People In Gas Chambers? How Many Gas Chambers Would You Need? Imagine That You Want To Build A Bakery – What Size Bakery Would You Need To Make 10,000 Loaves Of Bread?"

"That is when the Final Solution began. The Nazis called it the 'Final Solution' of the Jews. When we say 'Final Solution,' we realize that many of the terms used by the Zionist state constitute Nazi terms, ideas, and notions. It is as if they are two faces of the same coin.


"Since Germany and Europe did not want the Jews, the Nazis came up with the idea of sending the Jews to another country. The Nazis suggested Madagascar, Ecuador, or an Arab country – Syria. But after a while, the Nazis discovered that there were groups of Jews calling for the establishment of a state. They were calling for a Zionist state. That is when the idea of deporting the Jews to Palestine arose.


"Many historians have rejected the historical lies, asking: How could you possibly kill, burn, or annihilate six million people in gas chambers? How many gas chambers would you need?

"Imagine that you want to build a bakery. What size bakery would you need to make 10,000 loaves of bread? You would need a bakery of a certain size, right? What if you wanted to make 50,000 loaves of bread an hour? You would need a larger bakery. How many ovens would you need to burn six million human beings? We are talking about only a few years. It didn’t last long. Where are those ovens? Where?"

"Many Of The People Who Investigated The Lie Of The Jews About Hitler Burning Six Million Of Them In Gas Chambers Said That... Gas Chambers Must Be Built Of A Certain Metal, With Special Ventilation And Hermetical Locking – All Those Things Did Not Exist"

"Many of the people who investigated the lie of the Jews about Hitler burning six million of them in gas chambers said that the gas supposedly used was Zyklon B, which requires advanced and costly technical precautions, and was not available to the Nazi state in the quantities claimed by the Jews.

"Gas chambers must be built of a certain metal, with special ventilation and hermetical locking. All those things did not exist.

"But the Jews wanted to cover up this lie of theirs – that the decline in their numbers was caused by the gas chambers and by the annihilation that occurred in Auschwitz. Anyone who follows such matters knows that the number of Jews is in decline. There is a 3% decline in the number of Jews in the world.


"The Holocaust has become an industry, like Jewish author Norman [Finkelstein] said. The Jews have manufactured the Holocaust. The Jews went even further, and in 1970, the Israeli minister of education introduced an authorized supplication for the Holocaust. It entered the Jewish book of supplications. It says: 'We call upon the Lord to avenge the blood of the victims before our very eyes.' What victims are they talking about? 'We call upon the Lord to avenge the blood of the victims before our very eyes.' They prayed for this and lit candles. Who are they cursing? The people they are cursing are all dead. That was in 1970. From 1940 to this day, it's been over 90 years. The people who burned the Jews – if they were 30 years old back then, they would be 120 today. We are talking about people who are dead. Nevertheless, the Jews make a special prayer for the Holocaust in their synagogues, and they light candles.

"The peculiar thing is that even the homosexuals in Tel Aviv held a Kaddish prayer at the Yad Vashem memorial. They commemorated the homosexuals and lesbians who were killed by Hitler in Germany. Were there [homosexuals] who died there? I don’t know. How do they know about them? It seems that their ancestors were homosexuals like them."

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