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Aug 18, 2016
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Kuwaiti Cleric Jihad Al-'Ayesh: The Rothschilds Control Hollywood and Price of Gold, Assassinated U.S. Presidents, Founded Usury and Nazism (Archival)

#6180 | 07:10
Source: Online Platforms - "YouTube channel of Bait Al-Maqdas Center for Documentary Studies"

In a YouTube video, Kuwaiti cleric Sheikh Jihad Al-'Ayesh talked about the Rothschild family, which he said had taken an oath to "divide the world and rule it." Al-'Ayesh made the claims that the Rothschild family had introduced usury into Europe in the 17th century, had founded Nietzscheanism, Bolshevism, and Nazism, and now controlled Hollywood, the world's major news agencies, and the price of gold. He then went on to declare that six U.S. presidents had been assassinated in the Hundred Years' War because they had warned of the Rothschild conspiracy. "One president after the other screamed: 'Save the U.S. from the usury of the Jews!' Whenever a president screamed, a bullet got him from behind," he said in the video, which was posted on August 18, 2016, on the YouTube channel of Bait Al-Maqdas Center for Documentary Studies, headed by Sheikh Al-'Ayesh.


Jihad Al-'Ayesh: "Before he died, [Mayer Rothschild] gathered his five sons – he had five sons and five daughters... He gathered his sons and said to them: 'Oh my sons, we, the Jews are the masters of the world, and we must rule the world. The goyim are worthless insects.' He made them take an oath right there, where he gathered them in Frankfurt, and swear that they would never disband. It was like a Rothschildian Oath taken as he lay dying. They swore to go to the different parts of the world in order to rule them. Mayer supervised this. He allocated Germany to his son Amschel, Austria to his son Solomon, Britain to Nathan, Italy to Carl, and France to James. It was said that he sent one of his grandsons to America. The division was made so that they would open banks in these countries. We are talking about the 17th century prior to the Monetary Renaissance.




"Before his death, Mayer established the League of the Illuminati. Initially, in consisted of fifteen of the greatest Jewish bankers. This league gave rise to something that is familiar to everybody: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Everybody knows it. If you’ve read that book, I don't need to go into details about it.




"In Europe back then, they did not know what usury was. They learned it from the Jews. [Benjamin] Franklin rang the alarm bells in America, warning about the usury of Jews and the Rothschild family. Henry Ford, the capitalist, the great feudal lord... He was not a Jew, but he rang the alarm bells, warning the world about the Jews. He even wrote a book, which is available on the market, called The International Jew. William Guy Carr, an officer in the U.S. Navy, also warned about them time and again... I advise you to read his book Pawns in the Game – a very, very, very important book. It was written decades ago, but what he wrote then has been implemented now. It is being implemented down to the most minute details. Some of what was written has not yet been implemented, but it is about to be implemented. I am talking about what is happening around us – the political battles, the wars, and the Western schemes to destroy the Arab and Islamic region.




"In the United Rothschild Foundation in Britain, five of the leading world bankers meet every morning and every evening, to determine the daily price of gold. Who controls the price of gold and the fluctuations on Wall Street? It is mostly Rothschild, Montefiore, and Morgan.




"The Rothschild founded Nietzscheanism in Germany, at a time when Germany was enjoying religious and racial cohesion. But they did not make do with the bad and immoral ideas of Nietzsche. From Nietzscheanism, they moved on to Bolshevism. Bolshevism emerged in Germany, and Nietzscheanism began to defend itself against it. From Bolshevism they leapt to Nazism. So there was Nietzscheanism, Bolshevism, and Nazism – the German people did not know all these terms. They drove the county into a conflict so that the star of Rothschild would shine.




"Rothschild rules Hollywood and controls it. He controls the biggest news agencies in the world. Once, a long time ago, before Rothschild bought Reuters, which is British, one of its journalists embarrassed Rothschild in an article he wrote about him. So Rothschild asked: 'Who is that boy who is fooling with me? I want to buy Reuters.' So he bought the company. Then he decided to buy all the biggest international news agencies in the world. CNN and all those channels were bought up by Rothschild. When I say 'Rothschild,' I am referring to the entire family. The Rothschilds are James, Armand, Mayer, and all those names that I cannot remember by heart... we are talking about a dynasty of demons who have inherited this mission.




"When consecutive governments realized that there is a conspiracy against the U.S., the American leaders began to scream... One president after the other screamed: 'Save the US from the usury of the Jews!' Whenever a president screamed, a bullet got him from behind. They called it the 'Hundred Years' War.' Six American presidents were assassinated one by one. They were assassinated because they warned of the Rothschild conspiracy."

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