December 9, 2009 Special Dispatch No. 2677

From the JTTM Archives: Abu Basir Al-Tartusi Answers Questions on Jihad by Somali Mujahideen

December 9, 2009
Somalia, Africa | Special Dispatch No. 2677

Sheikh 'Abd Al-Mun'im Mustafa Halima, known as Abu Basir Al-Tartusi, is a Syrian who lives in London and is considered one of the Salafi-jihadi movement's religious authorities. In a document dated July 7, 2009 which was posted on Al-Tartusi's website, he answers five questions on jihad addressed to him by mujahideen in Somalia. The questions deal with the division of loot acquired in the course of jihad; the possibility of taxing Muslims in order to finance jihad; the fight against "reprehensible phenomena" such as the chewing of qat in times of jihad; the permissibility of using force in the interrogation of a Muslim suspected of spying; and the establishment of an Islamic emirate.


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