May 7, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 4704

Jordanian Writer: The Jews Use Christian Blood To Make Matzas

May 7, 2012
Jordan | Special Dispatch No. 4704

On March 27, As'ad Al-'Azouni, a Jordanian writer of Palestinian origin, published an antisemitic article on the Gaza-based Palestinian website warning of the dangers of the Talmud, which he said was responsible for the Jews' hatred of Christianity and the Christians. Al-'Azouni accused the Jews of using Christian blood to bake Passover matzas and of instigating strife between the Muslims and Christians. He added that the Jews managed to crush anyone who opposed them thanks to their wide-reaching influence in Christian and Muslim societies.

The following are excerpts:[1]

"It is no secret that the Jewish hostility toward Jesus and the Christians is very deep. The Jews regard Jesus, peace be upon him, as an infidel and a rebel rather than as a prophet and messenger, and they [also] insult his mother, the Virgin [Mary], peace be upon her. Over time and with the help of several Jewish converts to Christianity who complained to the Church about the Jews' conduct, it became clear that the Talmud was behind their hatred for the Christians.

"Subsequently, the Fourth Council of the Lateran, which convened in November of 1215 at the behest of Pope Innocent III, called to take steps against the Jews, and demanded, among other things, that the Christians shun them socially and economically if they persisted in usury. It should be noted that the Christian leaders were against this because they profited from the Jews.

"The council also demanded that the Jews wear special clothing to distinguish them from the Christians and to prevent their integration amongst them. Additionally, it decreed that Jews were not to be appointed to public office, and demanded that Jewish converts [to Christianity] not perform the Jewish rites. These steps were taken after the Church exposed the danger of the Talmud. The Jews, [in turn], accused Pope Innocent III of reviving the Inquisition in the Christian West and of encouraging the Dominican Order to launch a campaign against all of the Church's opponents.

"Moreover, the 13th century was an era of polemic between Jews and Christians over controversial issues. The Jewish converts to Christianity exposed the defects of their former coreligionists, particularly the Talmud's hostile content vis-à-vis the Christians, and the Jews' prayers that insult Christianity, Jesus, and his mother...

"It says in the Talmud: '[Even] the best of Gentiles should be killed, and [even] the best of vipers should have its brains dashed out.' We have not forgotten that [the Jews] are commanded to kill Christian children and use their blood to bake matzas for the [Passover] holiday. They refer to the Christians as 'Jesus and Mary worshippers' and as idolaters, and forbid a Jew from bending down when a Christian wearing a cross passes by.

"The Jews are also forbidden from eating the flesh of an animal slaughtered by a Christian, and are obligated to burn and destroy the icons of the Christian Church.

"Rabbi Moshe Abu Al-'Afia [one of the Jews implicated in the 1840 Damascus blood libel] maintained that the Talmud permits shedding blood of two kinds: the blood of the [Passover] sacrifice and blood of circumcision. And if there is no Christian blood available [for baking the Passover matza], then Muslim blood may [be used], since many Christians converted to Islam.

"The Jews make great efforts to cause war between the Muslims and Christians, like what happened during the protest over the disappearance of a Christian boy in Damascus in 1890.

"In 1253, Martin Luther called to burn down their synagogues, destroy their homes, and ban their books, prayer books and Talmud, which are filled to the brim with lies, curses and blasphemies. He also forbade their rabbis from teaching Torah to the Jews.

"Despite the trials [that were held], and due to the great pressure exerted by influential people, the Jews were exonerated of the charge of [using] the blood of Christian children [in baking matzas], as well as in the 1882 Tiszaeszlár affair in Austro-Hungary, the victim of which was the young girl Eszter Solymosi. Professor [August] Rohling expressed his willingness to testify in court and present evidence that would prove the Jews' guilt, but the court rejected his offer.

"This proves only one thing, namely [the extent of] the Jews' influence on, and infiltration of, all circles in Christian societies and even Muslim ones, and their success in harming anyone who opposes them and exposes the secrets of their Talmudic hatred."


[1], March 27, 2012.

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