March 19, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 4588

Jordanian Daily: Jerusalem Is Being Defiled By the Prophet-Killers and New Nazis

March 19, 2012
Jordan | Special Dispatch No. 4588

An editorial in the Jordanian daily Al-Dustour claimed that while the Arab and Islamic countries are preoccupied with the Arab Spring and other current events in the region, they are ignoring the fact that "the prophet-killers and new Nazis" are attacking and defiling Jerusalem. Stating that the "Zionist enemy" is Judaizing Jerusalem, and planning to destroy the Al-Aqsa mosque in order to build its "false Temple," it says that this enemy intends to purge the city of its Arab residents by 2020. It then calls on the Arab and Muslim ummah to reassess the Palestinian cause and to suspend all agreements with Israel until "Jerusalem is restored, free and Arab, to its ummah."

Following are excerpts:[1]

"Whoever follows the declarations of the Zionist enemy's leaders and its aggressive expansionist plans will see that this enemy, which is armed from head to toe with fables, tall tales, and illusions, is determined to Judaize Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa and to substantiate the Talmudic account [of Jerusalem's history] by altering the city's Arab and Islamic features. [It is doing] this by destroying the waqf buildings that surround Al-Aqsa, encircling the latter with biblical gardens and Jewish synagogues, altering the features of the Al-Buraq Wall [i.e. the Western Wall], building biblical gardens in the [adjacent] courtyard, and continuing to dig tunnels, speeding the collapse of the mosque and the establishment of the false Temple.

"The Zionist enemy, which works around the clock to prove its Talmudic account of [the history of] Jerusalem and the 'Holy Basin' atop which it claims Al-Aqsa stands, is striving to actualize what the founder of the Zionist entity, David Ben-Gurion, said: 'There is no place for an Israel without Jerusalem, and no place for Jerusalem without building the Temple.' That is why the leaders of the Zionist entity refuse to halt the settlements in Jerusalem, and why they consider it Israel's united capital. Their pride, impudence, and arrogance have reached insane proportions, to the point that they have determined that in 2020, once it is emptied of its Arab residents, Jerusalem will be declared the capital of Jewish Israel.[2]

"The painful paradox is that the Zionist enemy does not conceal its objectives; yet, although the Arab and Islamic countries, and the world as a whole, are aware of these objectives, they have done nothing to curb this aggression, which violates international law and the [UN Universal Declaration of] Human Rights. They have been content to merely issue statements denouncing and condemning [Israel], which [only] encourage the enemy to step up the pace of its settlement[-building] and Judaization... knowing that [these condemnations] will not be acted upon.

"The enemy's [ongoing] Judaization of Jerusalem and defilement of Al-Aqsa implicates the entire ummah – which has turned its back on its holy places, has scattered to the four winds, and is being eroded by national, sectarian, and denominational struggles – and signifies its helplessness. While the worshippers garrisoned [at Al-Aqsa] defend, bare-chested, the enemy's army and the rabble of settlers who know no restraints, we find Cairo bogged down in its own problems, Homs being crushed by artillery, Baghdad rocked by terrorist bombings, and the Palestinians prisoners of the conflicts between Fatah and Hamas are still waiting for the reconciliation [between them]. The [Arab] capital cities have fallen silent in fear of the [Arab] Spring, and have forgotten or ignored [Jerusalem] and the attacks and defilement being perpetrated there by the prophet-killers and new Nazis.

"In conclusion, the ongoing Zionist aggression against Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa demands that the entire ummah undertake an honest reassessment that will reset the Arab-Israeli conflict to square one – now that there is proof that the enemy has no interest in peace, agreements, or negotiations, but only in perpetuating the status quo, stealing land, and Judaizing Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa. This necessitates a firm and decisive stance entailing a reexamination of the Palestinian cause and a declaration that all agreements and treaties with the enemy are to be suspended until it recants, and until Jerusalem is restored, free and Arab, to its ummah."


[1] Al-Dustour (Jordan), February 27, 2012.

[2] It should be noted that this can also be understood as "the Jewish capital of Israel."

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