May 19, 2018 Special Announcements No. 617

Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary

May 19, 2018
Special Announcements No. 617

The following are some of this week's reports from the MEMRI Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Project, which translates and analyzes content from sources monitored around the clock, among them the most important jihadi websites and blogs. (To view these reports in full, you must be a paying member of the JTTM; for membership information, send an email to with "Membership" in the subject line.)

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EXCLUSIVE: ISIS Commanders Captured In Iraqi-U.S. Operation Talk Of Internal Conflicts Within ISIS, Low Morale, Meetings With Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi

Interviews with the five senior ISIS militants captured by the Iraqi military following a sting operation involving U.S. forces were broadcast by Al-Iraqiya TV on May 9. Saddam Omar Hussein Al-Jamal, a top ISIS commander in Deir Ezzor, recounted how he had pledged allegiance to ISIS and handed over FSA weapons, and said that the organization was in a "bad way," with internal conflicts and bad decisions. Senior aide Abu Zaid Al-Iraqi, head of the organization's committee for rewriting the school curricula, recounted his meetings with Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the last of which was in mid-2017.

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EXCLUSIVE: Al-Qaeda Supporters In Syria: The Syrian Arm Of The Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP) Is Violating Its Leadership's Guidelines, And Is Loyal To Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS)

In the past two days, Al-Qaeda supporters have posted messages on Telegram harshly criticizing the conduct of the Syrian arm of the Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP) for its links to Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS).


EXCLUSIVE: Profile Of New Pro-ISIS Media Group Across Social Media Platforms

A new media group that propagates pro-Islamic State (ISIS) material is on Facebook and Telegram.


EXCLUSIVE: Al-Qaeda Media Outlet Threatens Former Editor Of French Satirical Magazine Charlie Hebdo

On May 17, 2018, an Al-Qaeda-affiliated media foundation distributed a "wanted poster" on Telegram calling for the murder of a well-known French journalist and writer.


EXCLUSIVE: Pro-ISIS Jihadists React On Social Media To Paris Stabbing: We Can Still Carry Out Operations In The Hearts Of Your Lands

On May 12, 2018, via its official news agency A'maq, the Islamic State (ISIS) claimed responsibility for that day's stabbing attack in Paris.


EXCLUSIVE: On The Occasion Of Ramadan, Al-Qaeda In The Islamic Maghrib (AQIM) Calls Upon Palestinians To Turn Jerusalem Into The 'Capital Of Jihad'

On May 16, 2018, Al-Qaeda In The Islamic Maghrib (AQIM) released a statement congratulating Muslims on the beginning of the month of Ramadan, which it called the "month of jihad."


EXCLUSIVE: Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP) Releases Photos Of ‎‎'Engineering Company' Dismantling IEDs In Al-Ghab Plain, Syria

On May 16, 2018, the Syrian branch of the Uyghur jihad group Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP) released several photos showing the group's military "engineering company" dismantling IEDs near the village of Qarqur in Al-Ghab Plain, northwest of Hama, Syria.


EXCLUSIVE: Al-Shabab Al-Mujahideen Video Features Its Al-Quds Brigade, Urges Fighters 'To Purify Al-Aqsa Of The Jews'

On May 15, 2018, Al-Katai'b, the media arm of Somalia-based pro-Al-Qaeda group Al-Shabab Al-Mujahideen, released a video featuring the daily routine of the fighters in its Al-Quds Brigade, who live in the Golis Mountains in northern Somalia.


Al-Shabaab Stones Woman In Somalia For Adultery

On May 9, 2018, a news agency affiliated with Al-Shabab Al-Mujahideen reported on its Telegram channel that the organization's religious court had stoned a thirty-year-old woman to death for adultery.


Pro-Al-Qaeda Media Group Releases Video Showing Fighters Undergoing Military Training And Urging Muslims To Join Their Ranks

On May 15, 2018, a pro-Al-Qaeda jihadi media group released a video showing dozens of fighters undergoing military training on different types of weapons and calling on Muslims to join their ranks to seek victory or martyrdom.


Head Of Libya-Based Jihadi Group Announces Founding Of 'Forces For The Protection Of Dernah'

On May 11, 2018, Atiyyah Saeed Al-Sha'iri, head of Libya-based jihadi group Shura Council Of The Mujahideen Of Dernah, announced the founding of a new group which includes all the organizations and factions in the city of Dernah.


Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham Announces Capture Of Three Cells Under Direct Command Of The Russian Khmeimim Air Base Which Were Involved In The Targeted Killings In The Idlib Region

In recent weeks, and even more so following the ceasefire between Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) and Jabhat Tahrir Syria (JTS,) on April 24, 2018, there have been targeted killings and attempted targeted killings of fighters and clerics from among the fighting factions around the Idlib region in northern Syria.


ISIS Claims Responsibility For Paris Knife Attack

On May 12, 2018, A'maq, the news agency of the Islamic State (ISIS), reported that the attacker who killed at least one person and wounded four others in Paris, France, was a "soldier of the Islamic State."


ISIS Releases Video Of Paris Knife Attacker Calling On ISIS Supporters In West Including France, Germany, And UK To Immigrate To Islamic State Or Carry Out Attacks Locally

On May 13, 2018, the Islamic State (ISIS) A'maq news agency posted a two-minute video message by Chechen-born French citizen Khamzat Azimov, the perpetrator of the previous day's knife attack in Paris in which one person was killed and four others wounded.

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Pro-ISIS Media Group Publishes Eulogy Of Belgian Operative Abu 'Ayyash Al-Beljiki

On May 10, 2018, a pro-Islamic State (ISIS) foundation published a eulogy for slain Belgian operative Abu 'Ayyash Al-Beljiki.


ISIS Claims Attacks On Churches In Indonesia

On May 13, 2018, the Islamic State (ISIS) A'maq news agency claimed three suicide attacks on churches in Surabaya, Indonesia, saying 11 were killed and at least 41 injured among the church guards and Christian worshippers.


ISIS Weekly Praises Jakarta Prison Riot, Urges Muslim Inmates To Emulate It And Attack 'Apostate And Crusader' Guards

The editorial in Issue 131 of the Islamic State (ISIS) weekly Al-Naba', which was released on May 11, 2018, praised the recent prison riot in the Mako Brimob Detention Center near Jakarta, Indonesia, in which Islamic State (ISIS)-aligned prisoners managed to arm themselves and attack and kill at least five guards.


ISIS Takes Responsibility For Explosion At Sufi Tomb In Dagestan

On May 9, 2018, the ISIS A'maq news agency reported that some of its fighters had detonated an explosion at a Sufi tomb in the town of Chirkei, located in the Russian Republic of Dagestan.


Pro-ISIS Group Warns Defectors They Will Be Pursued And Punished, Warns About Presence Of Spies Among ISIS Fighters

A pro-Islamic State (ISIS) media group active on Telegram whose focus is the production of material for foreign ISIS fighters, released four new infographic posters in English and Arabic that provide operational security warnings.


Pro-ISIS Media Outlets Call For Attacks On UEFA Champions League Final In Kiev And On World Cup

On May 15, 2018, a media foundation affiliated with the Islamic State (ISIS) released three posters threatening the upcoming final of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), to be held on May 26 at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev.


New Pro-ISIS Posters Promise Attacks On 2018 FIFA World Cup

Over the last week, several pro- Islamic State (ISIS) media outlets have released new posters threatening the 2018 FIFA World Cup, to be held in Russia this summer.


Pro-ISIS Media Group Posts Image Of Messi, Ronaldo Beheaded

On May 14 and 15, 2018, a pro-Islamic State (ISIS) media outlet distributed two new digitally-created posters threatening the 2018 FIFA World Cup.


Pro-ISIS Media Group Al-Muhajireen Foundation Announces New Website

On May 13, 2018, a pro-Islamic State (ISIS) media group announced on its Telegram group the opening of a new website to host its content.


Pro-ISIS Tech Group On Telegram Releases Updated Tutorial On Encrypted Messaging App Signal

On May 5, 2018, a pro-Islamic State (ISIS) technical group released an updated tutorial on the use of the encrypted messaging app Signal.


ISIS Claims Large Assault On Government Complex In Jalalabad, Afghanistan

On May 13, 2018, the Islamic State (ISIS) A'maq News Agency reported the killing and wounding of more than one hundred people in a series of attacks on a government building complex in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.


Afghan Taliban Condemn Opening Of U.S. Embassy In Jerusalem, Urge 'Islamic Countries... To Side With The Oppressed [Palestinians]'

In a statement posted to a Taliban website on May 14, 2018, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban organization) condemned the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem and called upon "Islamic countries and their rulers to side with the oppressed [Palestinians]." Given below is the statement.


Video Shows Afghan Taliban Fighters In Control Of Ghazni-Paktika Highway

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban organization) released a video showing that Taliban fighters have taken control of the Ghazni-Paktika highway. The video was released on Twitter by Zabihullah Mujahid, one of the spokesmen of the Islamic Emirate, on May 8, 2018.


Afghan Taliban Shoot Down Helicopter In Helmand Province

On May 13, 2018, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban organization) claimed to have shot down a helicopter in the Gerishk area of Nahri Saraj district in Afghanistan's Helmand province.


Afghan Taliban Release Video Of Militants Training At Abu Bakr Siddique Camp

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban organization) released a video showing jihadi militants training at the Abu Bakr Siddique Training Camp somewhere in Afghanistan.


Jihadi Group Launches Major Fundraising Campaign In Pakistani Towns

Pakistani jihad organization Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM) has launched a major fundraising campaign.


Pakistani Urdu Weekly Publishes Jihadi Group's Event Schedule

A Urdu-language weekly published by Pakistan-based jihadi group Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM), published a schedule of jihadi events called "Schedule For The Educational And Training Tours."


Pakistani Cleric Maulana Qamruzzaman Siddiqui: 'Kufr Is Recoiling Due To Jihadi Blitz'

According to the Urdu weekly Haftroza Al-Qalam, during a speech given to a women's gathering and a Friday sermon in the Pakistani town of Chakwal.


Lashkar-e-Taiba Responds To Indian Army Chief: 'India Will Never Be Able To React Against Such Fight If It Ever Reached... Delhi'

Jihadi organization Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) responded to Indian Army Chief Gen. Bipin Rawat's statement telling Kashmiris that "freedom was not possible" by resisting Indian security forces in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

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