December 16, 2000 Special Dispatch No. 166

'The Jewish Personality and the Israeli Actions'

December 16, 2000
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 166

With the renewed violence between Israel and the Palestinians, and following the withdrawal of Egypt's ambassador to Israel, anti-Semitic articles have recently increased in the government-sponsored Egyptian press.

A recent example is the two-part series in the weekly October titled "The Jewish personality and the Israeli Action.," The author, Gen. (Res.) Hassan Sweilem discusses at length the "Jewish personality." Following are excerpts from the series:

"Historians, race-studies professors and sociologists agree that humanity, throughout its long history, has never known a race such as the Jewish race in which so many bad qualities -- base and loathsome -- have been gathered."

"The Jews had a quality which distinguished them from others: whenever they gathered in a particular place and felt comfortable there, they turned the place into a den of evil, corruption, incitement to internal strife and the spreading of wars. The Jews took advantage of the lack of attention by the people and rulers to the plots and traps designed by the Jews."

Ancient History

"When the peoples felt endangered by the Jews' plots and traps, they took revenge and punished them in different ways, like annihilation, expulsion, captivity and exile. The situation came to a point where Diaspora became a characteristic of Jewish history to this very day. This can be clearly seen in ancient history from the punishments meted out to the Jews by the Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Ancient Egyptians, the Romans, the Greeks and the Persians since the 8th century BC, let alone what came to be known as 'the Babylonian Exile,' which lasted one hundred years."

The Middle Ages

"In the Middle Ages this phenomenon reoccurred, when the Jews tried to control the Byzantine State, and in the year of 483, Caesar Justinianus committed many massacres of Jews throughout the Empire."

The Modern Age

"The phenomenon reoccurred in Europe: the king of France expelled the Jews to England in 1253, when he discovered their dangerous plots against France. In England, the Jews built an immense financial empire that controlled the British economy, but when King Edward I understood the danger in this situation, he enacted 'special laws' for the Jews in order to limit their influence. They rebelled against these rules and he had to expel them. In 1306 all European countries, without exception, followed suit. This came to be known as 'The great exile of the Jews of Europe.' In 1492, Spanish courts of Inquisition were established to try the Jews."

"When the Jews returned to Europe in the fifteenth century, they resumed their plots and attempts to take control of these countries' economies. In 1744, a decision was made to expel them once again. They gathered in the Baltic region-- As for the Jews who remained in the European states, the local authorities gathered them into special ghettos to protect themselves from the Jews' bad conduct."

"A reexamination of the Crusades reveals that the crusader-armies that advanced along the basin of the Rhine River, searched for Jewish communities and exterminated them (to become closer to God). When they entered Jerusalem on July 14, 1099, the first thing they did was to gather the Jews of Jerusalem in one of the churches and burn them. When the Muslims, headed by Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, conquered Jerusalem in 636, the Patriarch Sofronius asked only one thing from our master Ibn Al-Khattab: that no Jews remain in Jerusalem and that none enter the city. The Caliph Omar fulfilled this request, and it entered history as 'The Pact of Omar.'"

US Jewry

"The first American presidents warned against the danger of Jewish hegemony over American life. First and foremost was President George Washington who warned in 1788: 'It is troubling that the [American] nation has not purified its land from these pests. The Jews are the enemies of America's well-being and the corrupters of its prosperity.' Further, [President] Washington writes about the Jews: 'They operate against us in a way much more effective than the enemy's armies. They endanger our liberty and our interests one hundred times more than the enemy. It is most troubling that the states have not begun long ago to follow them, because they are a plague [threatening] society.'"

"American President Benjamin Franklin [sic], said in his speech to the 1789 Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia: 'A great danger threatens the United States -- the Jewish danger. When the Jews settle down [in the US), we will discover that they are weakening the determination of the people, shaking up the ethics of trade and establishing a government within a government-- When they meet resistance, they will suffocate the nation economically.'"

"Thus, Franklin pointed to the attempts by the Jewish money-lenders to subjugate the Bank of America to the Bank of England, that was directed by Meir Rothschild. Later, Franklin continued his warnings to members of the Convention: 'If constitutional law does not deny the Jews the right to immigrate to the US, they will, in less than one hundred years, pour into the nation in immense numbers, like locusts. They will take control and destroy us-- In less than 200 years, our sons will be made field-workers in order to provide food for the Jews, who will sit in their mansions and rub their hands with glee.' Franklin recalled an important fact, that the Jews' morals and character cannot be changed: 'Their mentality will continue to be different from ours even if they live among us for ten generations. A leopard cannot change its spots. They are a danger to this country, and they must be removed through this Constitutional Convention.'"[1]

Colonialist Judaism

In the second part of the series, Sweilem wrote: "Many are the bad and loathsome traits in the Jewish personality. There is no difference between yesterday's Jew and those of today, or between the Jewish and the Israeli personality, as some claim. This is because Israel, as a state, is nothing but a receiving vessel for all of the Jews in the world-- Zionism is the political and colonialist aspect of the Jewish faith. Therefore, an investigation of the traits of the Jewish personality, in order to defend ourselves from it, is a fundamental step in our war against it, in the defense of our existence, and for future generations--"

Jewish Holocaust Lies

Sweilem delineates in his articles a list of "Jewish characteristics," such as "violation of agreements," "constant paranoia" and more. When he gets to the characteristic of "reliance on lies as a means to achieving goals," for example, he writes: "One of the characteristics that is deeply-rooted in the Jewish personality is manifested in the rule 'lie, lie and lie again, until people believe you, and then you will believe it yourself.'"

"This characteristic is revealed in their lie regarding the Holocaust, which they claim was carried out by Nazi Germans during WWII against six million Jews. This is a huge lie which they managed to market around the world. Through this lie, they extorted most of the world's countries, even though many have proved that [the Holocaust] was not practically possible-- Today, nobody in Europe may doubt the Holocaust or accuse the Jews of extortion, without finding himself in jail, according to the law that was imposed by the Zionist organizations--"[2]

[1] October (Egypt), December 3, 2000.

[2] October (Egypt), December 10, 2000.

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