October 20, 2006 Special Dispatch No. 1330

Islamist Websites Monitor No. 11

October 20, 2006
Special Dispatch No. 1330

Islamist Website Calls to Disable German Websites Offensive to Islam

On October 19, 2006, Islamist websites posted a list of German sites which, according to the author, defame Islam and must therefore be shut down. The message that accompanies the list says: "[These websites] insult the God of glory and call Him the God of swine… they describe the Prophet as a rapist of young girls… and as a robber... Where are you, the lions of jihad [in] the media? Who is going to put this dog [i.e. the individual behind these websites] in his place? Who will destroy his website and [the other] websites through which he disseminates his filth?… Isn't there an Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi [to take care of] this dog? Isn't there a killer [who will kill] him, like the one who murdered the Dutch director [Theo Van Gogh]?... If you can't slaughter him and kill him, at least destroy these websites…"

The author concludes by urging the readers to circulate his list of websites, and adds: "Perhaps Allah will produce someone who will [punish] this depraved person as an example to others, and will demonstrate to the Crusaders and to the Jews that the Islamic youth will never keep quiet in the face of any insult to their religion and their Prophet..."

The following is the list of websites included in the post: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

Jihad Video Featuring American Soldiers Being Hit by Snipers

This five-minute video clip, posted October 5, 2006 on Islamist websites, is titled "The 100 Most Beautiful Sniper Shots," and is a short version of a 30-minute film titled Qans II ("Sniper Shots II"). [1] It shows a long series of sniper hits carried out by jihadist organizations against U.S. military personnel in various parts of western Iraq, including Baghdad, Fallujah, Al-Ramadi, Al-Anbar, Samaraa, Mosul, Tikrit and Haditha. The hits were carried out by organizations that do not belong to the Shura Council of Jihad Fighters in Iraq, such as Al-Jaysh Al-Islami, Jaysh Al-Mujahidin, and Jaysh Al-Rashidin. In the last part of the film, other types of operations are shown, including suicide attacks against the "Crusaders" in Saqlawiyah and a firefight on the Al-Naji road.

The video ends with the following Koranic verse, which appears on the screen to the sound of explosions and gunfire: "They will not cease fighting with you until they turn you back from your religion, if they can" (Koran 2:217). This is followed by a quote from a hadith: "But a group of pure [people] of my nation will continue to fight for Allah until the Day of Judgment."

The video is in MEMRI's archives, but will not be released due to its graphic content. Images from the video can be found below.

[1] Qans II is a sequel to a video titled Qunas Baghdad ("Baghdad Snipers"), previously posted on Islamist sites.

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