May 6, 2018 Special Dispatch No. 7456

ISIS Claims Killing Of Dozens In Multiple Attacks On Voting Centers, Rallies In Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Vows To Target Elected Officials, Voters, Democratic Institutions

May 6, 2018
Iraq, North Africa | Special Dispatch No. 7456

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In Issue 130 of Al-Naba', the weekly newspaper of the Islamic State (ISIS), the group claimed that its soldiers had killed and wounded nearly 40 people in multiple attacks targeting rallies and voting centers in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya in response to calls made by ISIS spokesman Abu Al-Hassan Al-Muhajir. In the same issue of Al-Naba', which was posted on multiple pro-ISIS Telegram channels and Twitter accounts, ISIS vowed to continue targeting elected officials, promoters of democracy, and those who participate in the democratic process.

According to an infographic published by Al-Naba', ISIS fighters had carried out eight operations, including a "martyrdom" mission targeting the higher election commission in Tripoli, Libya, blowing up two houses belonging to a candidate in Kirkuk and Baghdad, killing the organizers of a campaign event in Baghdad, and blowing up a motorcycle at a voting center in Afghanistan.

In the paper's editorial, titled "The Islamic State And The Religion Of Democracy," ISIS emphasized its position on democracy, stating that it considered democracy an expression of "unbelief" and described the legislators and elected officials as "tyrants" and voters as "polytheists."

ISIS condemned Salafi groups and jihadi factions whose declared positions on democracy are unclear and who sometimes approve of elections and say that they protect the interests of Muslims. ISIS noted that it put off the targeting of voters because it was hoping that they respond to the ongoing "calls to guidance and truth" on the ruling regarding elections and voting.

Vowing to stop "the polytheism of elections by all means," ISIS declared that it will target "the temples of the religion of democracy," such as voting centers, parliaments, and court houses. ISIS also threatened to kill "every polytheist" who promotes "the rituals of the religion of democracy," such as nominating candidates for positions, electing officials, implementing laws, and using a democratic judicial system.

ISIS then reiterated the recent speech of Abu Al-Hassan Al-Muhajir[1] in order to urge those who would like to repent and distance themselves from the "polytheists" and avoid their "temples" and meetings.

The editorial concluded by warning Muslims not to be deceived by the "corrupted scholars" and calling on the mujahideen to target voting centers and wage jihad on "the leaders of unbelief" and those promoting democracy.

Source: May 4, 2018.

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