April 16, 2014 Special Dispatch No. 5713

Iraqi Writer: The Jews Are Behind All Confrontations Worldwide

April 16, 2014
Iraq | Special Dispatch No. 5713

In an antisemitic article titled "Al Qaeda – a Zionist Product," Iraqi writer 'Amr Hadi Al-'Issawi argued that the Jews viewed other peoples with arrogance, following the directives of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and that they have deceived other peoples –the Arabs in particular – and fed them poison for decades. Al-'Issawi added that the Jews and the Hebrew state are responsible for stoking conflict in all the world's hotspots, and are behind all major events in the world, including the toppling of the constitutional monarchies and the deposing of Arab dictatorships – this, in a bid to transfer control to political Islam and set the entire region ablaze as a prelude to the establishment of Greater Israel.

Below are translated excerpts from the article:[1]

The Jews Poison Other Peoples

"To the Arabs' misfortune, Jews lived alongside them for lengthy historical periods. [This is unfortunate] because the Jews regard themselves as Allah's chosen people and view other peoples with contempt and derision. This matter is stated clearly in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, where non-Jews are called goyim. It is also unfortunate that the Jews always stock merchandise laced with poison, which they prepare quietly in their kitchens for decades and then dispense to other peoples, particularly to the Arabs, who assume they are taking medicine to cure all their diseases.

"If two goats were butting heads in some remote corner at the end of the world, and we looked into it, we would discover that some Jew hiding in the sand had caused them to butt heads by persuading one that the other had mocked her family's symbols. We must courageously concede that the Hebrew state's fingerprints can be discerned in all the major events that have occurred in the region since the very first days after the establishment of this mini-state, which is backed by the forces of global capital.

"Israel realized that the continued existence of constitutional monarchies in Egypt, Iraq and Syria threatened its very future, due to their excellent relations with the West and the calm and correct political course [they adopted]. Hence, it managed to compel Britain and other Western states to abandon these monarchies, depose them and transfer power to Arab nationalist forces, because it knew in advance that these forces were totally incapable of implementing their national program and building the united Arab state of their dreams, stretching from the ocean to the Gulf, due to the absence of an Arab middle class whose existence would have facilitated this plan."

"After the nationalists failed and led the ummah from defeat to defeat, their peoples became disgruntled and the [rulers'] thrones tottered. [Hence, the rulers] decided to rule with an iron fist, and to this end they aroused all the latent [enmities] within society – religious, sectarian and tribal, and tore their own peoples to shreds…

The Zionists Toppled The Arab Dictatorships As A Prelude To The Formation Of Greater Israel

"After the Arab rulers provided everything that was expected of them and could supply nothing more, the Zionists decided to topple the autocratic republics under the slogan of democracy and transfer power to the practitioners of political Islam. This, because the Elders of Zion know very well that these elites, who pretend to be Islamic, are [actually] incapable of implementing their slogans, just like their brethren in the past, because none of them represent genuine Islam. Instead they represent warped versions of Islam that serve this country or that. The Wahhabi version is perhaps the one that most closely resembles the Zionist project.

"Israel knows better than anyone that what is occurring today is a prelude to the disappearance of states, the breakup of states, and the appearance of new ones that will be headed by Greater Israel. The astute observer can discern that Al-Qaeda and similar organizations have done precisely what the forces of global capital desired of them – they managed to spark dissent between the Sunnis and Shi'ites and drive a wedge between them, as required, so their role is about to end. This explains the international and particularly the American enthusiasm for dismantling these organizations in Iraq, Syria and other countries. After this, the stage of deposing the Bashar Al-Assad regime will begin and Syria will be partitioned into four mini-states, and the entire region will burst into flames for the sake of Greater Israel."

[1], February 9, 2014.

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