December 1, 2010 Special Dispatch No. 3409

Iranian Neo-Nazi, Holocaust Denial Websites Operate with Official Government Approval

December 1, 2010
Special Dispatch No. 3409

The Iranian regime has in recent months officially approved and allowed neo-Nazi and Holocaust denial websites to operate under its auspices. In mid-November 2010, the website of the Association for the Study of Nazism in Iran,, which is on an official Iranian domain and states on the top of its front page that it "operates according to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and is under the supervision of the digital workgroup at the Ministry of Culture and Guidance of the Islamic Republic of Iran," came back online. The website had previously been blocked by order of the regime on September 9, 2010, after its launch on August 22. The Association for the Study of Nazism in Iran also claims on the website, whose users must register in order to view and post content, that its activity is academic, scientific, and historic; however, circles in Iran critical of the regime claim that it encourages the spread of Nazi ideology and of the doctrine of Adolf Hitler.

On August 5, 2010, the Iranian news agency Fars reported the launch of a new Holocaust denial website, The site is operated by the Khakriz Cultural Institute, which is run by the Student Basij, part of the official paramilitary Basij organization, at the government-run Iran University of Science and Technology. features an illustrated e-book, available in English, Arabic, and Farsi, that offers an Iranian perspective on the Holocaust narrative, according to which the Zionists – depicted in cartoons as worms rewriting the annals of history to fit their schemes – invented the Holocaust in order to exploit the West and to steal the Palestinians' land.

The e-book claims that the Zionists manipulate the international political scene and the media, including the film industry, in order to instill their lies in the international consciousness and to prevent any debate that might challenge the veracity of their narrative. – The Website of the Association for the Study of Nazism in Iran

The Website's Declared Aims's banner – Third Reich soldiers, the heading "The Association for the Study of Nazism in Iran," the Nazi flag, and Hitler

A statement on attributed to a "Supreme Board on Nazism in Iran" read: "The help of God and the spirit of Adolf Hitler shall always be with us. We are all Nazi soldiers and the officials of this board are no exception to this." It continues, "All officials must be under the supreme management and execute their duties with full force. All officials have the duty to report all their activities to the management every 20 days."

An announcement on the website dated November 14 stated that the website's aim was "to expose the information and the rumors that the elements of global Zionism invented about World War II throughout the decades [and promulgated] by their media and Hollywood, and to publish and expose the lie of the 'Holocaust' that has been exploited for Zionist interests. This association declares its opposition to the rumors, including the Holocaust."

Apparently, after criticism of appeared in several Iranian media outlets, the website's administration stated in a November 20 message that the website was aimed at discussion and exchange of information about historic issues of WWII, Nazism, and Hitler. The administration added that any inciting material published on the website would be removed, and any user posting such material would be blocked.

The Website's Structure

A November 21, 2010 report on the website by, which operates outside Iran, noted that's 300 registered activists had published over 2,300 posts, and that the website has five forums.[1] One forum is dedicated to content about the activity of the Association for the Study of Nazism. A second forum, "The Third Reich," features chat rooms dealing with Nazism and content on Nazi ideology and Hitler's personality, ideas, and speeches, along with discussions about his will and his unique attributes, along with photos of him and of his family tree. Also on this forum are discussions on the history of the Third Reich and prominent figures from that period.

A third forum, "World War II," deals with the events of the war, Nazi Germany's armed forces, the Holocaust, and Zionism, and is dedicated to the struggle against Zionism and to refuting the Holocaust. A fourth forum includes discussions about ancient Iran, various arts and sciences, and philosophical and military thought, while a fifth forum, "Germany," focuses on German history, language, and culture.

Users' Posts on Forums

One member, "General Rommel," who joined in November 2010, wrote: "I, a Sassanian,[2] a supporter of the Social Nationalists in Iran, and a soldier of the Reich, hope for the victory of the Nazis in the conquest of the world." He received a response of support from "soldat nazi": "Greetings to you, our dear one, I am happy that a dear comrade like you is on this website; in hopes of further cooperation, yours, soldat nazi."

Member "i.n.s.p.m.," who joined in August 2010, wrote: "Greetings! On September 18 [2010], our brothers in the path of the Germans are to hold a large march in Berlin. This march could be one of the biggest by neo-Nazis since the end of the war [i.e. WWII]. Likewise, skirmishes between police and the extremist Zionists are expected..." i.n.s.p.m. added the following images to his post:

"Chrisredfield," a member since November 2010, posted a Farsi translation of Hitler's will, accompanied by the following images:

Member "Dariush" headed his posts with this image:

Site Administrators: Say "Zionists," Not "Jews," To Avoid Trouble

On November 18, the Iranian website Tabnak, which is critical of the Iranian government and is affiliated with Expediency Council secretary Mohsen Rezai, criticized the regime's approval of the "extremist" Tabnak stated that despite the website's claims that its activity is "academic, scientific, and historic... it acts to spread the Nazi ideology and culture, and brainwashes its users regarding the extremist and racist beliefs of Nazism and of Hitler."

Tabnak also reported that the Association for the Study of Nazism in Iran had said that the association's investigation of the blocking of was because it had insulted the Jewish minority in Iran. "Because the Jews always use their influence and their power everywhere for their own benefit," added the association, "we were no exception." The association urged users to "use the word 'Jews' as little as possible" and substitute the word "Zionists," to avoid future problems.

Tabnak noted: "This extremist website, which focuses solely on expanding Hitler's fascist ideology, was blocked once and [now] the block has been removed. Does this mean that the activity of this extremist group has the support of [regime] officials?"[3]

Who In The Iranian Regime Authorized

Rooz reported that the official who approved the removal of the block on was Mohammad-Ali Ramin, deputy minister for media supervision at the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance – who "is himself a person with clear pro-Nazi leanings." Rooz stated that Ramin "boasts to have had collaborated with neo-Nazi groups in Germany when he was a student there and afterwards," and added that in addition to being secretary-general of the World Holocaust Foundation, Ramin is also the "leading official advising [Iranian President] Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on issues related to the negation of the Holocaust, which the latter has been advancing."[4]

Ramin, a known Holocaust denier, once stated that Hitler was a Jew,[5] and recently even said that the Iranian regime should offer the Jews political asylum and should warn them that the existence of Israel is a British-American plot that endangers their existence.[6]

In response to Tabnak's criticism, the Iranian Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry denied any involvement in registering websites in Iran.[7]

Iranian E-Book: The Holocaust – A Zionist Lie to Occupy Palestine, Extort Arab World

The Cartoons in the E-Book

The cartoons included in the e-book portray the Jews according to Nazi stereotypes, and as worshipping a golden calf of deceit or a pig. Mocking the Holocaust narrative, it states, for example: "One day, when Hitler woke up, he decided to suffocate six million Jews. But unfortunately, there were just 5.4 million Jews all over Europe. Therefore, Hitler summoned the other 600,000 Jews, [inviting them] to Europe." The book adds that later, 12 million Jews claimed to be descendants of the victims.

Elsewhere, it says: "During the war, there was not enough fuel for the burning of the suffocated Jews. And [the] Nazis, therefore, made the Jews who had not yet suffocated blow on corpses all day long [so that they would] burn well."

The book includes a "forum" with questions and answers about the Holocaust, such as: "Did the Holocaust happen just during World War II? No. At first, six million Jews died because of hunger and poverty in World War I, but since no one noticed these six million Jews, they decided to [let] themselves be suffocated by Nazis during WWII."

The text states further: "Jew artists rebuilt a number of gas chambers and [crematoria] in other parts of the world by using their mental and imagination power..."

"Pink Panther" Theme Music

The book is accompanied by the theme from the Pink Panther cartoons, and is dedicated to "all those killed under the pretext of the Holocaust." It describes human history according to the Zionist perspective as divisible into three eras: pre-"Holo," "Holo," and post-"Holo."

The book's title page features a cartoon showing two Jews armed with knives, holding up a banner reading "Holocaust"; the banner's two poles are topped by Arab heads; also in the cartoon, another Jew draws chalk outlines of the bodies of purported Holocaust victims:

The book reiterates the Iranian regime's claim that the Zionists are not true Jews, and that by lying about the Holocaust "they justify their occupation of Palestine, and likewise many of the other crimes they have committed over the years."

Maziar Bijani, one of the book's illustrators, told the Iranian news agency Fars in an interview that the site is visited daily by 2,000 to 3,000 people in 50 countries, and that since its launch, [and as of this writing] it had received over 140,000 hits. He added that other Islamic websites have called a response to websites that insult the Prophet Muhammad, and which now have to pay the price for the cartoon war they started against Islam.[8]

The Zionists Extort the West with Lies about the Holocaust

The Holocaust – A Zionist Means of Reaping Profits

Filming Fake Holocaust Scenes

Exploiting the Media to Perpetuate the Myth of the Holocaust

The Zionists Gag Anyone Who Dares Question the Factuality of the Holocaust

The Holocaust Exploited to Occupy Palestine


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