November 19, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 5057

Iranian Blogger Who Told Supreme Leader Khamenei 'Your Judicial System... Is Nothing But A Slaughterhouse' Tortured To Death In Prison

November 19, 2012
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 5057

After posting on his blog an open letter to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei accusing him of operating a murder industry against the Iranian people in the name of Islam, Iranian blogger Sattar Beheshti, 35, was told by Iranian authorities that he had crossed the line. He was arrested, and 10 days later, on November 6, 2012, it was reported that he had died in prison under torture.[1]

As the news of Beheshti's death broke, and following international criticism of the Iranian regime, the regime was forced to announce that it was investigating the matter. On November 13, 2012, Majlis National Security Committee member Mohammad Hassan Asfari stated that Beheshti had died of "cardiac arrest" but acknowledged that "several bruises" had been found on his body and that these were being investigated by "forensic experts."[2] Majlis member Hamid Rasaei, on the other hand, denied that Beheshti had been killed by the security forces, and said that this claim was a conspiracy meant to lay the blame on the regime in order to spark unrest among the public that would lead to an uprising against the regime, and to prevent the security forces from acting against outlaws.[3]

From Beheshti's blog: Left, Beheshti; right, Khamenei; Judiciary head Ayatollah Sadeq Larijani, and victims of Iran's judicial system. Written across the images is "A Slaughterhouse in the Name of Islam."

The following are translated excerpts from Beheshti's letter to Khamenei, as posted on his blog on October 22, 2012:[4]

Beheshti To Khamenei: Your Judicial System "Is A Model For Bloodshed And Atrocities"

"Mr. Khamenei, the judicial system of the Islamic Republic is nothing but a slaughterhouse.

"Mr. Khamenei, 33 years ago the Islamic Republic regime was established. A celestial wonder descended upon Iran and upon the Iranian people! During this time, no [type of] oppression has been spared the Iranian people, from the terror and horror sown in society by your regime security forces by means of summonses and threats, to amputations of hands and feet and executions carried out by the judicial system. Wouldn't it be appropriate to call this judicial system a slaughterhouse?

"On October 22, 2012, it was reported that 10 people had been executed. This was shocking news! In a single day, the lives of 10 people were taken. Such a shameful disgrace is carried out only by cannibalistic dictatorial regimes – like the Islamic Republic regime! And under the dictatorial rule of your regime, which is a model for bloodshed and atrocities."

"I See You And Your Judicial System – Your Slaughterhouse – As Artists In The Art Of Murder"

"Mr. Khamenei, [in Iran] people are arrested, and are then subjected to a series of tortures until they confess to crimes they did not commit. Burning cigarettes are extinguished in their flesh; they are branded with hot irons, their heads are shoved into toilets full of excrement until they confess to a sin they never committed.

"After the passing of a sentence based on this confession, the laws of shari'a and of God's religion are implemented!... Is this [indeed] God's religion – or is it [merely] violent behavior in the name of God's religion, with the aim of remaining in power?

"Mr. Khamenei: As an Iranian, I see you and your judicial system – your slaughterhouse – as artists in the art of murder. Believe me [when I say] that I think you’re an artist."

From Beheshti's blog: "The Oppressors of the Iranian Nation" – on right, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei; top to bottom: Kayhan editor Hossein Shairatmadari, former IRGC official Saeed Qasemi, and Iranian Army chief of staff Hassan Firouzabadi.

"The families of prisoners have written several letters to you and have gathered at your palace gate, seeking to appeal their loved ones' sentences – and what have you said?

"You, who call yourself the leader of the believers and the legitimate representative of God, you, who see yourself as loving all creation –have you ever made the effort to talk with the families or to answer their letters?...

"Is this not art, that displays the torment and murder of the nation? Do you agree to the sentences and to [these methods for] extracting confessions? If you do, why not announce that you agree with such conduct... and if you do not, why not express regret?

"Mr. Khamenei: If all the sentences were correct, and the confessions of all the prisoners were given without torture, then not one of them would be guilty! Aren't the truly guilty ones none other but you and the unqualified heads of your regime?!..."

"You And The Fat-bellied Clerics... Say That With Prayer, All Problems Can Be Solved – But After 33 Years Of Everybody Praying, Why Is Iran In The Abyss?"

"You and the fat-bellied clerics... say that with prayer, all problems can be solved. But after 33 years of everybody praying, why is Iran in the abyss?

"For 33 years, you have forced the people to direct their requests to the [tombs] of the imams instead of to the regime! If the imams and God create jobs by prayer, then what need is there for the government and the regime? You have taken the nation's wealth for yourselves!

"If the regime is meant to meet the needs of the people, then why do you remain silent in light of your incompetence and inability? Why don't you just step down?"

"All The Sentences And All The Executions Carried Out By Your Slaughterhouse Regime Were Not Out Of A Desire For Justice – But Were Aimed At Terrorizing The People"

"All the sentences and all the executions carried out by your slaughterhouse regime were not out of a desire for justice – but were aimed at terrorizing the people! So that no one will complain! How long will the oppression continue?

"...After 33 years... the blood of the Iranian nation is pouring from your talons. This is the shame and the scheming that is now being exposed.

"And, finally, I want to say to all those within and without Iran: How long will you remain neutral and silent? ... How long will you [continue to] hope for reform? We must unite today – so that tomorrow we will have no regrets...

"My life is for Iran... "


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[2] Press TV (Iran), November 13, 2012.

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[4] In another post, dated October 4, 2012, Beheshti stated that the blame for Iran's degradation must be assigned to Khamenei, and not only Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, explaining that it is Khamenei who determines the regime's foreign policy, and therefore he who disburses "the expenses of the [IRGC] Qods Force, economic and logistical aid to Hizbullah forces in Lebanon, and, recently, $10 billion to Bashar Al-Assad for the slaughter of the Syrian people, while the Iranian people lives in teeming poverty."

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