November 2, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 9003

Iran Responds To Bahrain And UAE Normalization With Israel: Israel's Destruction Is Near, The Gulf State Regimes Are In Danger

November 2, 2020
Bahrain, Iran, United Arab Emirates | Special Dispatch No. 9003

The normalization between Israel and the Sunni Arab Gulf states of Bahrain and the UAE is perceived by the Iranian leadership as a direct threat to it, and as trespassing in its backyard in the Gulf. The normalization agreements endanger Iran's hegemony in the Gulf – an exclusive hegemony that the Iranian regime has taken care to establish.[1] Furthermore, the Arab Gulf states' public joining up with and normalization with Israel deal a severe blow to Iran's narrative of Islamic unity and Islamic values, and to the ideological messages of the Islamic revolutionary regime in Iran that claims to be the standard-bearer of the defense of the pure and correct Islam.

Tehran called the UAE "a traitor to the Islamic ummah and to Palestine" and issued warnings and vague threats to it (see MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 8928, Iran Reacts To UAE-Israel Normalization: UAE Rulers Are 'Traitors'; The Agreement 'Heralds A Dangerous Future... Particularly For The Residents Of The UAE's Glass Palace,' September 11, 2020). However, Tehran's threats against the Bahraini royal Aal Khalifa family and its rule, after Bahrain announced that it too was normalizing with Israel, were much blunter and more and explicit.

Until 1971, as the Iranian regime mouthpiece Kayhan underlined on September 13, 2020, the Shi'ite-majority Bahrain was Iran's 14th province. On September 19, 2020 Kayhan claimed that Bahrain is "a province belonging of the Iranian people." Iranian officials regularly stress Iranians' sentimentality regarding Bahrain, and even reiterate Iran's demand for Iranian sovereignty over it.[2] Bahrain is perceived by Iran as the latter's strategic stronghold against its Sunni Arab rival Saudi Arabia, because of Bahrain's Shi'ite majority which Iran backs and cultivates. The Iranian regime has more than once been accused by Bahraini authorities of encouraging civil rebellion against Bahrain's Sunni regime.

Iranian spokesmen clarified to the Arab Gulf states that now, as they have openly stood alongside Israel, Tehran will treat them like an enemy, and warned them again that their move destabilizes their regimes. They also explicitly warned, on behalf of the resistance front and the Palestinians, of a decisive response and of the destruction of Israel.

This report will review Iranian officials' threats against the Gulf states and Israel in connection with the normalization agreements:

Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei: The Muslim Nations Will Not Tolerate Normalization With The Zionist Regime

In an October 20, 2020 tweet, Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei expressed his absolute opposition to normalization with Israel: "The Muslim nations will not tolerate any normalization with the Zionist regime. The Americans are wrong if they think they can solve the problem of the region in this manner. Any regime that negotiates with the usurping Zionist regime will compromise its standing in the eyes of its people."[3]

Khamenei's October 20, 2020 tweet

Iranian President Rohani To Gulf Rulers: "Where Is Your Arab Identity?"

In a September 16, 2020 government meeting, Iranian President Hassan Rohani lambasted the Arab Gulf states, saying: "Sadly, there are countries in the region whose citizens are observant and faithful Muslims, [but] whose rulers do not understand the religion, do not heed its directives and do not implement them, [including] with respect to the Palestinian people, who are their brothers and speak their language. They claim to be Arab… Where is your [Arab] identity? What has happened to it? [The Israelis] are committing more and more crimes in Palestine every day. How can you reach out to Israel, which will later [lead to] giving it a base in this region? All the grave outcomes [of this agreement] will be on your head. You are the ones who are violating the rules and [endangering] the security of this region."[4]

Iranian Armed Forces Chief-Of-Staff Mohammad Bagheri: The UAE And Bahrain Are Giving The Enemy A Base In The Region, And Will Be Treated Like An Enemy

In a September 26, 2020 televised interview Iranian Armed Forces Chief-Of-Staff Mohammad Bagheri issued warnings to the UAE and Bahrain, saying: "In the last year or two, the UAE conveyed some messages stating that they are not like Saudi Arabia and that they mean to be [our] friends and to help [us]. Not that we had any problem forming ties with Saudi Arabia, in contrast to what [the Saudi] King said. [Israel-Gulf] relations were previously based on the intelligence services, the killing of Palestinians, aid in the war against the people of Yemen, and more... When these things become public... When a public embassy is established, along with some bases for intelligence, operations, cyber warfare, and psychological warfare against the Iranian people... When all this happens, the situation will be different. This is what I meant, with regard to viewing [the UAE] differently. The way we view the UAE and Bahrain would be different if this takes place. The same is true for any other country that signs [a peace deal with Israel]. It will change because if the Zionists have a foothold here, and if even the smallest harm were to be caused to our national security and defense, we will view these countries as providing bases for the enemy, and we will respond the way we would respond towards any enemy." [5]

Mohammad Bagheri (Source: Fars, Iran)

To watch a MEMRI TV clip of Bagheri's statements, click below:

Khamemei's Advisor Velayati: The Enemies Of The Pure Islam Have Removed Their Mask And Declared Their Shame And Treason Throughout The World

On September 13 Ali Akbar Velayati, a Khamenei advisor and secretary-general of the Global Assembly of Islamic Awakening, called on the world's Muslim clerics to unite in the face of the Emirati and Bahraini leaders' betrayal of the Muslims and Palestinians. He said: "The enemies of the pure Islam and the hypocrites have once again removed the mask from their faces and evilly and deceptively declared their shame and their treason throughout the world. The American strategists, who in the recent years have experienced numerous and ongoing defeats in the international arena, and especially in the Middle East, have no goal but to employ propaganda so as to achieve normalization between the region's autocrats [and Israel] as a service to the Zionist lobby, in order to win [the Zionists'] votes in America's presidential elections and save the prime minister of the wretched Zionist regime, whose position in the occupied territories [i.e., in Israel] is now very weak…

"The shameful act of the Aal Khalifa [regime in Bahrain] and its insistence on implementing the Deal of the Century and on betraying the Palestinian cause reveal the lack of wisdom of the Bahraini and Emirati leaders. They have built a house on [a foundation of] water, based on an unfounded faith in the hollow promises of the Great Satan, the criminal America, whose hands are stained with the blood of thousands of innocent Muslims, both Arab and non-Arab. By exposing their true selves they have hurt the hearts of millions of free people and emboldened the enemies of the oppressed Palestinians.    

Ali Akbar Velayati (Source: ISNA, Iran)

"This despicable act will surely lead to new opportunities, for instance [an opportunity] to expose the hypocrisy of some reactionary leaders in the region, reveal the true intentions of [America's] puppets, awaken the Muslim nations, unite and unify Islamic groups and currents, weaken the process of reconciliation [with the Zionists] and strengthen the will and the resolve of the resistance.

"The Global Assembly of Islamic Awakening condemns this bold betrayal of the Palestinian cause, of the Arab states and of the Muslim nation, and calls on all the Muslim states and nations to spare no effort to achieve the final victory of the Palestinian cause, which is to topple the usurping Zionist government. The great and supportive clerics of the Muslim nation reject this shameful act with all their might. With God's help, Palestine will surely be liberated, from the River to the Sea, thanks to the solidarity of the aware nations, and that will be the final victory of the Palestinian nation."[6]

Defense Minister Hatami: The Normalization Agreement Is A Direct Threat To The Security Of The Persian Gulf Region

Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami said in an October 19 interview on Al-Jazeera: "The normalization of relations between the UAE, Bahrain and Israel is a direct threat to the security of the Persian Gulf region. Any Israeli threat to the region will be met with a clear and direct response."[7]

Assistant Majlis Speaker Amir-Abdollahian: "If Even The Smallest Harm Is Caused To The Islamic Republic Or Its Allies In The Region, Its Response Will Not Only Be Aimed At The Zionists"

Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, a special assistant and advisor to the Majlis speaker, said in a televised interview on October 16: "The UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain are giving the Zionist Israelis a foothold in the warm waters of the Persian Gulf. They must know that in this dangerous game, they are fanning the flames. The response of the Islamic Republic of Iran to maximally preserve its national security, and regional security... If even the smallest harm is caused to the Islamic Republic or its allies in the region, its response will not only be aimed at the Zionists. It will also be aimed at those who have given the Zionist regime a foothold in the region. The political and security arrangements in the region will not allow the Zionists to breathe a sigh of relief. This is a necessity for the maximal preservation of Iran's national security…

"For a few years, I held a diplomatic position in Bahrain. I am closely familiar with the Khalifa clan. They really need to make peace with their own people. Making peace with Israel will bring nothing but collapse to the Khalifa clan."

To watch a MEMRI TV clip of Amir-Abdollahian's statements, click below:

Expediency Council Secretary Rezaie: The Arab Leaders Won't Remain On The Throne By Betraying Islam And The Muslim Nation

Mohsen Rezaie, secretary of Iran's Expediency Council, tweeted on September 13: "The Bahraini regime, which has received no legitimacy from the Bahraini people, seeks to attain [this legitimacy] by gaining recognition from the most evil enemies of the Muslim nation, namely the Zionists, and bringing them [into the region]. This agreement with the Zionists was not made by the citizens of Bahrain but [only] by their regime.

"The regimes that are [now] exposing their relations with the Zionist regime already had ties with it [in the past], but they hypocritically denied and concealed this. History proves that they will not [manage to] remain on the throne by betraying Islam and the Muslim nation. That is the way of God."[8]  

Khamenei's Qods Force Representative Shirazi: "This Agreement, Which Allows The Zionist Forces To Establish A Presence In The Region, Brings Them Within Reach Of The Resistance Front"

In a September 8 statement on the issue of the Israel-UAE peace agreement, Ali Shirazi, Khamenei's representative in the Qods Force, wrote: "A look at history and a careful analysis of historical events from a long-term perspective, reveal the foolish secret of the enemies of Islam… God created our enemies stupid, as Khamenei said on December 6, 2017. Today we no longer need any philosophical proof of the stupidity of the American and Israeli leaders, [for] Netanyahu said: 'Peace with the UAE is an important step towards bilateral agreements with other countries in the region'…

"This agreement, which allows the Zionist forces to establish a presence in the region,  brings them within reach of the resistance front, so this action is a foolish attempt to bring the Israeli forces closer to certain death. Even stupider is [the fact that U.S. State Secretary Mike] Pompeo sees this effort as a step towards peace, and says that 'the children of Abraham - Muslims, Christians and Jews - are pleased with the prospect of peace.' [He] is unaware that the children of Abraham are waiting to restore peace to the region and the world by destroying the Zionists.

  "On October 11, 2018 Khamenei said that 'some of the American leaders are fools of the very first order.' Pompeo may be one of these. Netanyahu shouldn't worry, of course. He is even stupider than Pompeo. He thanked the U.S. for assassinating [Qods Force commander Qassem] Soleimani. They are unaware that expressing support for this assassination is like pouring petrol on fire, given that the [resistance forces] present in the area love Soleimani. [This agreement] is the next certificate [proving] the stupidity of Netanyahu, who is digging the grave of the Israeli forces with his own hands!!   

Ali Shirazi (Source: ISNA, Iran)

"It would be unfair to understand this stupidity separately from that of [President] Trump. There can be no doubt that the stupidity of Trump, Netanyahu and Pompeo ignited this fire so that the infidels will burn in its flames and the world will be rid of the Arrogance [i.e., the U.S.] and the Zionists. On that day, Pompeo's seat will be empty [and he will not be able] to see the joy of the children of Abraham at the prospect of peace. Finally, I find it necessary to warn Netanyahu… There is no need to come to [our] region. The missiles of the resistance axis reach Haifa and Tel Aviv. God awaits you in Israel (the occupied territories)."[9]

On September 13 Shirazi issued another statement, following the normalization between Israel and Bahrain: "The world is once again on the brink of an open [act of] oppression against human society [at large] and against the world's most oppressed Muslims, especially the dear and aware Palestinian nation. The normalization of Israel's relations with Islamic countries is a betrayal and a crime aimed at rejecting the religion, divesting Muslim society of freedom and denying the crime against the nation of [the Prophet] Muhammad and the oppression of humanity.

"The insult against the holy Prophet of Islam, the Prophet Muhammad, amid this great and inhuman betrayal,  paves the way to a larger betrayal in this arena of the Muslims worldwide… Everyone knows that America and Israel could perpetrate this great horror without the support of those ignorant fools [the leaders of Bahrain]. If the clerics and intellectuals of the Islamic countries do not oppose these crimes, it is unclear what fate awaits Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Tunisia, Libya, Sudan, Jordan, Turkey and Pakistan tomorrow…

"The only solution is for the Muslim nation to awaken its clerics from their slumber and force them to cry out against this shameful oppression, and [for the Muslim nation] to oppose the acts of betrayal [carried out] by the leaders of the Islamic states. The Muslim clerics must be the flagbearers of the struggle against oppression, usurpation, thievery and rebellion… Don't let the Muslim nation worldwide give up on you. Don't let your silence cost you your supporters. Don't let the infidel form of government take over the world of Islam…

"By staying alert, you must show the infidel rulers that all their decisions will be thwarted by the will of the Muslim world's clerics and of the Islamic nation. You must let the infidel rulers understand that if they oppose the Muslims' faith and lives, their entire world will be in danger… The Muslim peoples of the world must know that if they fail to oppose Israel's and America's ambition to expand and gain power, tomorrow the Muslim countries will share the political fate of beloved Palestine.

"The duty of all Muslims and of all clerics in the Muslim world today is to oppose the treason of the UAE and Bahrain, try them in the court of public opinion,  and shame them by accusing them of unprecedented treason and brutal cruelty. Today is the day we must mobilize the power of the Muslim world, of the Muslims worldwide and of the resistance front. Silence in the face of this great crime and in the face of the insult to Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, is a disgrace for anyone [who possesses] an alert and aware conscience.

"Let us avoid disgrace by crying out against this deadly arrogance, by remaining alert, and through the efforts of the jihad fighters. Let us show the infidel rulers that the Islamic nation is strong and enduring, and will destroy the platform of oppression and heresy."[10]  

Regime Mouthpiece Kayhan: "If The Zionists Approach Us, It Means That We Also Approach Them!"

The Iranian regime mouthpiece Kayhan referred to the "White-House-orchestrated Bahrain-Israel normalization," as a collaboration between two occupying regimes in an attempt to extricate themselves from the bitter fate that awaits them. On September 13, it reported on the "exposure of the relations between the Aal Khalifa regime in Bahrain and the Zionist regime." It stated:

"Indeed, the betrayal of the reactionary Arab [countries] is not strange or new, since according to the director of the Mossad, the Zionist regime has been conducting 'secret contacts' with the reactionary Arab countries for the past 50 years." The newspaper stressed that up until 1971, Bahrain had been part of Iran: "Bahrain was known as Iran's 14th province until 1971, and Mohammad Reza Shah transferred [Bahrain from Iran] as part of a scheme by the British, on the pretext that [Bahrain] had neither oil nor pearls. Aal Khalifa, as an occupier of this Iranian province, has been severely oppressing the people and the Shi'ites in the country for the past 49 years."[11]

On its September 17 front page, Kayhan described the ceremony of the signing of the Israel-Bahrain agreement as a "circus": "The exposure of the Bahrain and UAE relations with the Zionist regime took place at the White House, in a ceremony that appeared, in the mind [of the observer], more like a circus than an official ceremony. [President] Trump's main aim in exposing the UAE's and Bahrain's longtime relations with the Zionist regime is, in addition to saving himself in the election, to help extend the life of the false regime whose countdown [to its end] has already begun!...

"These two countries were not enemies of the Zionist regime, and now they have signed a peace treaty! This shows the circus-like nature of what took place at the White House on Tuesday night... It turned out that the Bahraini side, at least, never saw the document's content! The signing ceremony was more like a circus because not even Trump's European allies were in attendance...

"On the other hand, the Zionist regime, whose demise within 25 years the Supreme Leader of the Revolution [Khamenei] announced in 2015, is trying to use various means to escape the destruction. But they are not aware that the normalization of relations with some small and insignificant countries cannot extend the life of this regime. This is because the UAE and Bahrain have in fact been conducting secret contacts with the Zionists for the past two decades, and in the current situation these relations have merely become public. This deal is so ridiculous that even the big American newspapers did not welcome it, calling it only [one of] Trump's card[s that he is playing] for the election.

"Dr. Muhammad Al-Hindi, head of the political bureau of the [Palestinian] Islamic Jihad movement, stressed that the Gazan rockets are also a Palestinian message to the U.S. and to the Zionist regime that they will [eventually] shatter their arrogance. He emphasized that the next battle will take place in the heart of the Zionist project, in the West Bank."[12]

On September 19 Kayhan stated: "Some may argue that the agreement does represent an important achievement for America and Israel, in that it mobilized all the reactionary Arab states against Iran, so that Iran now faces a graver threat with the arrival of the Zionists in the Persian Gulf. The answer [to this argument] is first of all that, as already stated, the Zionists have maintained contacts with the rulers of these reactionary states, and have been present in their countries, for decades.  Second, if the Zionists approach us, this also means that we approach them! And if one of these [Gulf] countries makes a mistaken move vis-à-vis Iran, it will meet with an equivalent and commensurate response."[13]

Majlis Speaker Qalibaf: "Many Governments In The Region Are Ardently Kissing The Blood-Stained Hands Of The Zionist Oppressor"

Majlis Speaker Mohammad Baqr Qalibaf addressed the agreement in a September 17 statement, which said: "What is happening in the region, in television appearances and in election [campaigns] is not new to the people of the world, and especially not to the Muslim nation, the young Arabs and the oppressed Palestinian people. Many governments in the region have for years been ardently kissing the blood-stained hands of the Zionist oppressor and scratching the suffering and bereaved face of the oppressed Palestinian people.

"What happened is simply that the shameful and ugly hostility that the rulers of certain countries have been exhibiting for years towards the Palestinian people and the cause of Jerusalem has [now] been formalized in writing.  [These countries'] relations with the Zionist enemy have always been normal and friendly, and this is certainly a mark of shame that has been stamped their foreheads with a persuasive [Israeli] smile. The Zionist enemy and terrorist America have clad these leaders in a shameful and ugly cloak and paraded them around the streets and alleys in front of the world's Muslims, so that everyone will be convinced that friendship with the enemies of God ultimately leads only to humiliation and curses.

"O Arab rulers! Have you not heard what God said about befriending enemies who expel the Muslims from their homes and kill them?... Is there any clearer oppression than this and any bloodier hostility than this?

"The Supreme Leader of the [Islamic] Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei, has stressed time and time gain that there will be no solution without the Palestinian people, and this principle still holds. Palestine is the life-blood of the young Muslim [generation]. Palestine is part of the Muslim body. Palestine is the honor and devotion of young Arabs throughout the region, whereas those who oppress the Palestinians have neither Islam, honor, devotion nor humanity.

"They [the Arab rulers] have created the second Nakba, and they must know that, starting today, they are officially complicit in all the crimes of the criminal Zionist usurpers: from the Balfour [Declaration] to the [1948] Nakba, and from the Sabra and Shatila [massacre of September 1982] to the 22-day war [in Gaza in December 2008-January 2009]. You have never waged resistance, that you should now want to surrender. Know that God protects the believers.

"The defeat of God's enemies is certain, while victory belongs to the people of God. The Palestinian people and the Muslim nation will no doubt emerge victorious, according to the unshakable promise of God. They will triumph and you will [be doomed to] hell in heaven and on earth."[14]

Islamic Coalition Party Official Taraki: "The Zionists… Are Not Beyond Our Reach And The Reach Of Hamas And Hizbullah"

Hamid Reza Taraki, head of international affairs at the Islamic Coalition party, said on September 16: "America has not managed to protect Israel's security from [the attacks of] the resistance. Israel is still under the thumb of the resistance front and can be destroyed at any moment.

"America wanted to use the project of normalizing Israel's relations with Arab countries that are controlled by America in order to save Israel's public image and delay its destruction. The goal is to make up for Israel's and America's repeated defeats in the region using their propaganda in the world media and to appease the American Jews who vote for Trump.

"America simply wants to keep Israel from being demoralized by its defeats at the hands of the resistance and keep it from imploding. Therefore, these measures are temporary and have no impact on Israel's [prospects of] survival. Had Israel been able to oppose the [long] arms of the Islamic Republic of Iran, it would have defended itself from within its borders. Its desire to use a base in a country like Bahrain or the UAE against Iran seems ludicrous. The Zionists there will not be beyond our reach and the reach of Hamas and Hizbullah. 

"Moreover, the countries of the region will not allow the Israeli base to remain secure here. Any Israeli base in the region and in the region's countries will be treated as an enemy base, and the Islamic Republic will deal with it the same way it deals with [any] enemy…

"[The UAE and Bahrain] caused grave harm to the region by supporting the extremists, and today they have become a fifth column [serving] America and Zionism in the region."[15]

IRGC Statement On Israel-Bahrain Normalization: "The Hangman-Ruler of Bahrain Should Await The Bitter Revenge Of The Fighters Of Jerusalem, The Fighters Of  The Devout Islamic Nation, Against His Country"

A statement issued September 12 by Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) stated: "The hangman-ruler of Bahrain should await the bitter revenge of the fighters of Jerusalem, the fighters of the devout Islamic nation, against his country. The disgraceful act of [Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa] Aal Khalifa and of his regime, which is dependent [on America] - the establishment of relations with the Zionist regime, against the will and aspirations of [his] country's Muslim people - is an act of great stupidity that is entirely illegitimate and will meet with appropriate responses.

"The domino[-effect] of normalization between the Zionist regime and the leaders of certain Arab states, which is orchestrated by the White House and by the hated and stupid American president, who has disgraced the Muslim countries, looted their resources and wealth and emboldened the occupiers of Palestine and usurpers of Jerusalem [i.e., Israel], will not [just] end in disgrace for these [leaders]… but will promote and strengthen the overall resolve of the Islamic nation to expose the hidden abilities of the anti-Zionist resistance and bury the Israeli cancer [that has spread] in the Muslim world. 

"This statement, which warns Aal Khalifa, as well as other treasonous rulers and the Arrogance [the U.S.], against admitting the Zionist regime and its influence into the strategic region of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, emphasizes that the Satanic and longtime action of the oppressive regime in Bahrain, like other dirty and treasonous compromise plans [it has promoted], have achieved nothing for America and its Zionist supporters, [who behave like] children. On the contrary, [this agreement turns] the founders and perpetrators of this treason and evil into a target for the anger and bitter revenge of the Muslim nation, especially of the Shi'ite people of Bahrain, which is now raising the banner of 'we follow you, Hussein [bin 'Ali Talib]'… They will thwart the disgraceful doctrine of those who pose a constant threat to the security of the Middle East and the Islamic world by generating oppression, terror, violence, killing, war and lack of security."[16]

IRGC Posts Image Showing Gradual Demise Of Zionist Regime

On October 10, the IRGC posted on its Telegram channel the image below, with the following text: "When the Imam Khomeini promised that the Soviet Union would collapse and Marxism would end up in the ash-heaps of history, many laughed and mocked [this] divine promise made by [Khomeini], the deputy of the Hidden Imam. But the superpower called the Soviet Union did [indeed] collapse! Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of the promise that 'Israel will be destroyed within 25 years,' made by another deputy of the Hidden Imam, [Ali Khamenei]. So now only 19 years, 11 months and 30 days are left until the destruction of Israel and Zionism…"[17]

Head Of Tehran Municipality's Art And Culture Organization: "The Reactionary Arab Regimes Must Know That The Hand Of Divine Destiny Will Destroy Them"

A statement issued September 14 by Hojjat Al-Islam Emroudi, head of Tehran Municipality's Art and Culture Organization, said: "Jerusalem is the heart of the monotheist religions and Palestine is Muslim land. The jihad to liberate it from the control of the infidel Zionist occupiers is aimed at defending the integrity of Islam and is a duty incumbent upon the entire Islamic world. The action taken by some reactionary Arab rulers who have established ties with the false and criminal Israeli regime contravenes [the values of] freedom and humanity and the Islamic norms, and [is an action by which] they have placed themselves in the ranks of the infidels and the enemies of Islam.

"Today the disintegrating Zionist regime seems like a drowning man clutching at anything that might save him, and some treasonous Arab rulers seem to be drowning in their own quagmires due to their mistaken choices, such as their [decision to] support the takfiri terror and instigate crises in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya. Without a doubt, reaching out [to Israel] in order to save themselves will result only on both of them drowning.   


Hojjat Al-Islam Emroudi (Source: ISNA, Iran)


"The reactionary Arab regimes must therefore know that the hand of divine destiny will destroy them due to the rage of the Islamic nation, on the day when the victories of the resistance will spread throughout the region and the world and the Zionist regime will be vanquished by the righteous servants of God. The rage of the oppressed people will no doubt catch up with those who have betrayed the cause of Jerusalem and Palestine, and at that stage repentance will not avail them in the slightest.

"The Zionists and their American masters must know that the [Islamic] nation reckons differently from the treasonous Arab rulers, and will never accept the Zionists, and therefore [the Zionists] will take to the grave their desire to forge ties with the [Islamic] peoples and expand their control over them. That is God's immutable promise in the Quran: the Zionists will have no salvation and anyone who forms ties with them will share their fate."[18]   


Khomeini's Daughter Dr. Mostafavi, Head Of The Society For Defending The Palestinian Nation: "Do Not Forget What Happened To Sadat"

In a September 13 letter to the leaders of the Islamic countries, Khomeini's Daughter Dr. Zahra Mostafavi, head of the Society for Defending the Palestinian Nation, mentioned the assassination of Egyptian president Anwar Sadat for making peace with Israel, and warned the Gulf leaders of meeting a similar fate:

"The action of some leaders of the Islamic world who, disregarding the occupation of Palestine and the suffering, occupation and uprooting of the Palestinian people, have taken steps towards establishing political ties with the occupiers of Palestine, contravenes the doctrine of Islam and the clear text of the Holy Quran… [This is] a choice that goes against [their] Muslim brethren and against Islamic unity… Without a doubt, the duty of jihad is to liberate dar al-Islam [Islamic land] from occupation by dar al-kufr [the non-Muslim world].  The Zionist regime is based on the deviant doctrine of the Jews, whom God declared to be the worst enemies of the believers… The Quran also gives an explicit directive that nobody should befriend them, and stresses that any Muslim who disregards this directive excludes himself from the fold of the faith and belongs to the same camp [as the Jews]. Those who leave the camp of the believers and befriend the enemies are considered oppressors, and therefore God's grace never applies to them…

"Without a doubt, the choice of cooperating with Israel means accepting the occupation of Palestine and forming an alliance with the worst of the enemies of the Muslims, against the Muslims. This is a choice that hurts the Islamic nation and will cause the Muslim peoples to stage protests and to carry out harsher actions in the Muslim countries against the traitors and for the sake of liberating Palestine and Jerusalem. Those who have made this mistaken choice must pay a heavy price. Do not forget the bitter fate of Anwar Sadat. His  choice of betraying the great cause of the Islamic nation and normalizing [relations] with the Zionist enemy not only failed to bring political, economic or military prosperity to Egypt but also turned the beloved Egypt into a land without honor…

"The Society for Defending the Palestinian Nation and the NGO Union for Supporting the Palestinian Rights… which [represent] the will of the people… consider it their duty to warn all the Arab and Islamic governments against the bitter results of choosing to betray the Palestinian cause and cooperate with the Zionist enemy. Without a doubt, this choice will lead [only] to many widespread political, social, economic and security problems for your governments and people. [Gaining] a military and security presence in the entire Middle East and North Africa, and especially in the strategic region of the Persian Gulf, is the policy of the Zionist regime… As advisors, we warn all the Arab and Islamic governments to avoid falling into this trap."[19]



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