May 9, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 4715

Hizbut Tahrir Urges Bangladeshi Military Officers To Overthrow Country's Secular Government, Says: 'America Has a Design To Prevent the Return of the Islamic Khilafah in This Region (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia) and To Contain the Rise of China'

May 9, 2012
Bangladesh | Special Dispatch No. 4715

In recent months, the Bangladeshi branch of the global Islamist organization Hizbut Tahrir has been campaigning to oust the country's prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, whose secular government has launched a series of policy measures to curb extremist religious organizations and purge Islamic extremist elements from the military.

Hizbut Tahrir, which seeks to establish Islamic caliphate in Muslim countries, works to foment rebellion in the armed forces in order to overthrow secular and democratic governments. Its messages and public activities in Bangladesh have also been aimed at overthrowing the government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina by recruiting the country's Muslim soldiers to its ideological cause.

In statements, below, Hizbut Tahrir urges the officers of Bangladesh Army to seize power and hand over authority to Islamist politicians, who will in turn establish an Islamic caliphate in order to thwart the Hasina government's efforts to forge good economic and military relations with India and the U.S. ...

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