October 13, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10861

Hamas Calls On Residents Of Northern Gaza Strip Not To Evacuate, Says Israel's Warning Is 'Psychological Warfare'

October 13, 2023
Palestinian Authority | Special Dispatch No. 10861

Hamas is calling on the residents of the northern Gaza Strip to ignore the messages of the Israel Defense Forces instructing civilians in the area to evacuate, stating that this is "psychological warfare" on Israel's part aimed at sowing disunity in Gaza. This call by Hamas is part of the movement's ongoing effort to dissuade civilians from evacuating areas about to be targeted in Israeli military strikes, as noted in an October 10, 2023 MEMRI report.[1]

Logo of Hamas' Ministry of the Interior and National Security

The following are some of the messages conveyed by Hamas to the Gazans in this context:

Hamas Political Bureau Member: The Calls To Evacuate Are "Fake News"

In a notice he issued, Hamas Political Bureau member 'Izzat Al-Rishq dismissed Israel's warning to Gazan civilians to evacuate to the south of the Strip, calling it "psychological warfare" and "fake news," and urged the Gazans to ignore it.[2]

Hamas: Ignore Israel's Messages, They Are Just Psychological Warfare

On October 13, 2023 Hamas' media office rejected "the reports about the occupation's demands to relocate hundreds of thousands [of people] from the northern Gaza Strip to the south," calling this "psychological warfare" and "fake, baseless" information. According to the statement, "all parts of the Gaza Strip, both the north and the south, are under attack, and relocating or expelling [the population] from the north to the south is unreasonable and [in fact] jeopardizes the safety of the honorable citizens." It claimed that Israel is sending "random voice messages as part of its psychological warfare in order to undermine our internal unity."[3]

Hamas: These Are False Messages Aimed At Undermining Our Unity

Another statement by Hamas' media office in Gaza said: "The occupation is trying to send certain false propaganda messages [to the Gazans], in various ways and by various means, in order to sow confusion among the civilians and destabilize our home front. The statement added that some of these Israeli messages "are directed at some employees of the international organizations, whom [Israel] has ordered to relocate to the south," and advised the populace "not to heed them, since they are part of [Israel's] psychological warfare," and "it is known that the staffs of these organizations have stayed put."[4]  

Hamas Interior And National Security Ministry: In Case Of Attack, It Is Possible To Move To A Different House Or Take Cover In A Nearby Shelter

Similar messages were disseminated on the Telegram channels of Hamas' Interior and National Security Ministry, such the "Home Front" channel. One of them said: "If you feel you are in immediate danger due to the occupation's strikes, you can move to a different house or take cover in a nearby shelter until the danger has passed." The message also repeated the instruction to ignore Israel's warnings, which are aimed at "harming morale."[5] 

The post on the Hamas Interior Ministry's "Home Front" Telegram channel


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